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  1. Use of Pixabay pictures
    Use of Pixabay pictures

    When you download a Pixabay picture, a box appears at the bottom of the image. It says something to the effect of "give so-and-so credit for this image"--then it lists how you should attribute the photo. I always copy and paste that into my working Word document (e.g., a blog I'm writing). When I upload the photo to my Media folder in Wordpress, I paste the attribution into the caption field. That way it automatically appears directly below the image when I use it in my blog.

  2. Use of Pixabay pictures
    Use of Pixabay pictures

    Don't forget you can always use tineye.com to search. Select oldest and you'll find the uses of it starting with the first time. And you'll find out if you need to pay for it or not.

  3. List of clipart sites
    List of clipart sites

    This is a short list. There are tons of sites out there. Since I don't know what your use would be, you need to check each site for their license.



    favpng.com / personal use unless otherwise stated

    kindpng.com / non-commercial use

    mycutegraphics.com / my favorite for cute kids

    kissclipart.com / read license on each image

    freepik.com / also premium / attribution is required

    vecteezy.com / also premium / attribution required







    vectorportal.com / attribution

    pikpng.com / educational and non-commercial use

    pngtree.com / also premium / personal

    dlpng.com / read license on each image


  4. New Book on Marketing
    New Book on Marketing

    I've learned the hard way that if you're going to be a successful writer, you've got to be an effective marketer. I recently completed a book for authors entitled, "The Next Bestseller: Book Marketing for Success"  I released it the week America shut down from Coronavirus, which is not the best time to release a book. As a pastor, my world went a little crazy for a while. This book represents my study and journey as an author struggling to learn how to market my books for the last six years. Though any author can benefit from it, I have an obvious Christian slant. I hope it's a blessing: https://amzn.to/2TuZ0aJ


  5. Book Promotion Websites
    Book Promotion Websites

    These sites don't necessarily actively promote your book, but you can get your book listed in their databases for free by simply registering your title. And some of these sites are where people can directly order your book, too:

    Fiction Finder
    Best Reads
    Fiction Database (fictiondb.com)

    Fantastic Fiction


    The Book Depository (an international listing; they ship them anywhere for free)

  6. Book Promotion Websites
    Book Promotion Websites

    After extended research, I've created a list of websites that promote new books for free (though some do have paid promotion options as well.) Because the promotions are free, it's not guaranteed your book will be chosen to be featured, but it can't hurt to try!


    Armadillo eBooks

    GoodeBooks.net (This is a specifically Christian site)
    The Awesome Gang

    Bargain Booksy

     Book Bongo

    Book Brag

     The Book Circle

    Book Ninjas

     Discount Book Man

     Indies Unlimited (.99 cent/free promos only)



    Book Goodies

     Reading Deals (book must have at least 5 reviews)

     DailyCheapReads (book must have at least 5 reviews)
     eBooksHabit ( book must have at least 5 reviews)

     Digital Book Today (book must have at least 25 reviews)






  7. 18 worthy websites for authors
    18 worthy websites for authors

    18 great resources from C S Lakin (former member) and one is, once again, K M Weiland (another former member). :D

  8. 33 writing podcasts to subscribe to
    33 writing podcasts to subscribe to

    The Writing Life: 33 Inspiring Writing Podcasts to Subscribe to Right Now


    1. Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing

    Every writer looking to improve their knowledge of the English language should bookmark this podcast. With helpful and insightful tips on grammar and storytelling, Mignon Fogarty’s widely popular podcast is sure to help you improve your writing skills.


    A great place to start: A popular episode from this podcast is “Top Ten Grammar Myths” Take a listen to an intriguing recent podcast titled “4 Tips for Staying Motivated on Long Writing Assignments.” 


    2. The Writer Files

    Hosted by Kelton Reid, The Writer Files is a long-running podcast that delves deep into habits and habitats of famed writers. Reid interviews writers from a broad spectrum, giving each listener a chance to see into the mind of an accomplished wordsmith within their genre or interest.


    A great place to start: Learn the secret to how to land your pitch meeting and more with Emmy-nominated TV writer and professor Sandy Fries in  “How Emmy Nominated TV Writer Sandy Fries Writes.” ” Take a listen to Reid’s recent and helpful podcast episode titled  “Productivity Secrets from NY Times Bestselling Author John Zeratsky.”

  9. Writing Podcast Suggestions
    Writing Podcast Suggestions

    Hi! I listen to podcasts a lot, while cleaning house, cooking, going for a walk, etc. Here are my 3 favorites that I highly recommend if any of you are interested! If there are more that you enjoy, please share them! 


    Fiction Writing Made Easy by Savannah Gilbo


    Writing Excuses


    The Hope*Writers Podcast




  10. Painful Book Launch Lessons You Don’t Want to Learn the Hard Way
    Painful Book Launch Lessons You Don’t Want to Learn the Hard Way

  11. software to create e-book
    software to create e-book

  12. software to create e-book
    software to create e-book

    There is a free one I just downloaded and used the other day. Calibre converted my word file (docx) to epub. It seemed to work well, but I did it in anticipation of needing to provide the file to a reviewer. Here's the link. https://calibre-ebook.com/


    Just looked and I see that it will convert to mobi as well. I'll have to try it though. 

  13. A book cover designer to check out
    A book cover designer to check out

    Another good cover designer to check out is hannahlinderdesigns.com . She does excellent work, great communication, and her prices are really good. 

  14. A book cover designer to check out
    A book cover designer to check out

    I totally forgot about Yvonne. She's very good. She joined here but never participated. In fact, she did the cover of my now defunct book but I didn't know her until she joined here (long story). Anyway, since we've been talking cover designers, I thought I would add Yvonne Parks for you to check out. I'm sorry but I have no idea what her prices are. But she's really good! :D

  15. The Science of Pinterest Scheduling
    The Science of Pinterest Scheduling

  16. 8 parts of a perfect copyright page
    8 parts of a perfect copyright page

    8 Parts of a Perfect Copyright Page by Creative Law Center.

  17. Body language cheat sheet
    Body language cheat sheet

    Writers Write has a great cheat sheet list for writing body language.

  18. Sci-fi looking images free
    Sci-fi looking images free

    Pixabay has some sci-fi-ish looking images for free. But check their rules.

  19. How to copyright your book
    How to copyright your book

    This article is written by an intellectual property lawyer. How to Copyright Your Book



    In this article, I’m not only going to simplify the complex world of book copyrighting, I’ll also show you the most effective means of protecting your work and ensuring you’re covered.


  20. K.M. Weiland's Professional Writing Resources
    K.M. Weiland's Professional Writing Resources

    From our own K.M. Weiland: The Professional Writing Resources I Use for All Parts of the Writing and Publishing Processes.

  21. Has anyone heard of...
    Has anyone heard of...
    19 hours ago, Jeff Potts said:

    I'm doing an initial "polish pass" on my book, and I'm seriously considering paying out-of-pocket for copyediting before I try submitting to an agent.

    I'm not sure I'd call their prices affordable! They charge three more than three times what I paid my editor. She's been great to work with. Really fast and accurate. https://kristawagner.wixsite.com/author/editing-services

  22. Book Cover Elements
    Book Cover Elements

    This article is dealing with Fantasy Book Covers, but the key components would most likely cross genres.

  23. IF you have your own site...
    IF you have your own site...

    ...or will in the future, you need to subscribe to this site. Great help for sites. This is her Tuesday info.

  24. 7 tips for writing winning newsletters
    7 tips for writing winning newsletters

    7 tips for writing winning newsletters


    Here's the first one:


    Tip #1: Identify the Purpose of Your Newsletter


    The purpose of your newsletter is to stay in front of your readers with helpful content. (Note: your newsletter’s purpose is not outright promotion. But more on that in Tip #4).


    Let’s say a prospect connects with you as a customer … or through social media … or comes to your website through a search. She gets the information she needs and then clicks away from your site. Will you ever see her again?


    Maybe. But there’s a good chance she will forget about you.


    But what if you capture her email address? Then you have the opportunity to continue to send her helpful information. Valuable content makes the reader feel good and cultivates her interest. This way, when she needs a product or service or more information in your niche, who will she contact? 


    You. You’ve already proven that you’ll give her helpful, valuable content. Your newsletter is an excellent way to generate ongoing interest in your products and services and demonstrates that you are a leader in your niche.





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