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  1. I've never seen them, but I'll keep that in mind if I ever get the chance. 😊
  2. Post while you were typing. LOL.
  3. I think you should get an editor based on wherever God leads you! That said Steve has a bit of a point. If you wish to reach others that are not yet Christians with your book, it would be good to have some outside thoughts on your book. You want to address this now and not after the book comes out. You'll want to know if they don't understand something because they don't know enough about the Bible. Then you could change the wording to something everyone can understand. I'm not saying it needs to be an editor. I'm only saying that outside thoughts on your book are not necessarily a bad thing. Of course, this should be done with lots of prayers!
  4. Alley

    Your Publishing History

    Traditional publishing is not for me, but I'd love to hear about everyone's experience! I know a few on this site have some amazing ups, and down stories of when they got published! They are always littered with advice on the dos and donts. WIth plenty of picking yourself up by the bootstraps advice and encouragement! I can't wait to hear about it! 😊
  5. I did know that. Clearly, I face planted with that joke. Sorry.
  6. You're never too old until you die. Therefore, I'm adopting you as an older sister! 😊 You know we have totally got off subject here. I'm sorry Phy ... I mean Johne. I don't know if I will ever get used to this name change.
  7. Aww! Thank you @carolinamtne I'm happy to help! In case I've not said so; I'm totally adopting you!
  8. Hey, I thought I was the smart alec around here. Are you stealing my job? 😱
  9. Alley

    Hi Everybody

  10. I did see that! @zx1ninja showed it to me, because my first draft chapters may have been around 10,000 words. I'd never given chapter-length any thought, but I'm glad you guys were here to point out my lack of thought. Thank you!
  11. Alley

    suggestion box Watch This Box?

    Ok, Thanks, Lynn.
  12. Alley

    suggestion box Watch This Box?

    I know you can leave a comment with the report. Still, it most likely is not what you guys would like. So to the heart of the question. What is the best way to report a thread that might need to be watched?
  13. Alley

    Prayers For Nicola

    Update: Nicola is holding up well. She is asking that we pray for safe travel on her long trip to see her mother.

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