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  1. Welcome, it's nice to meet you!
  2. Welcome, it's nice to meet you.
  3. I went to the doctor's office a bit ago and found out I have strep throat. Which is not usually a big deal, but I have nerve damage to my throat and can't tell when things like this happen. I did not go, because I did not know, and now it is to the point I'm having problems swallowing. (Hence the doctor appointment) Thank you all for your prayers!
  4. Want the actually music video? (Not the lego version? 🧐 I don't know why it quoted you twice, or how to fix it. Sorry!
  5. Pinterest! Outside of that, you'd have to ask someone else about social media advice.
  6. You will need to speak with them about what system they have. (Word, Google doc, etc.) Then exchange email addresses and send it there. At least that is the way I've always done it. Although, I do advise getting to know that at least a little before sending them your work.
  7. Reading is subjective. My dad loves Moby Dick. I hated it! I like Charles Dickens; he hates his works. 😄 Go figure! 😋
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