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  1. That might be true. Still, family Bible studies would be great for people to do, and I've not heard anyone talk about that.
  2. Love it!!! I've been wondering why no one has done small at home church services.
  3. How are you and your congregation holding up? 

    1. Chuck Kralik

      Chuck Kralik

      Hi, Alley. It's so nice of you to ask. We have recorded an abbreviated worship service the last two weeks. Our congregation seems to like it just fine, although I still feel somewhat uncomfortable in front of a camera. The more difficult thing is providing pastoral care without physically being with people. I make a lot of phone calls, emails, and texts to check up on folks. Thanks again for asking! Blessings!

    2. Alley


      It sounds like you have been doing well. I know some of my writing (not the fiction ones) do best when I pretend there is someone I'm writing to, as in a single person. Maybe that would help you when talking to a camera. (Which I know is a little weird.) Praying for you guys! 

    3. Chuck Kralik

      Chuck Kralik

      Thanks! I appreciate it so much!

  4. c35d1645027e82b276238f40c55302df.jpg.7818f6f76e81cb1bc6085a0424114882.jpg

    1. Bob Leone

      Bob Leone

      Oh, no, not you I hope. :(

    2. Alley


      Unfortunately, yes. 😔 

  5. 3607e81dad09b9d1a4780784c0146c2b.jpg.12459e864a5deba4ecc4a2590f57e9d1.jpg

    1. HK1


      That's so true! Maps at the beginning aren't helpful...

    2. PenName




      That book is The Silmarillion by JRR Tolkien! The pop-out map in the back is a stroke of genius, you can pull it out as you read to reference and not lose your place!

    3. Bob Leone

      Bob Leone

      Great idea! 

  6. 19e6dffed7aa53debd7e3202b8926447.thumb.jpg.d0193954f0ec8c1c4502e2513410397b.jpg

    1. Bob Leone

      Bob Leone

      I am tired of being part of a major historical event!


      Think I'll read a book and escape!

    2. Sarah Daffy

      Sarah Daffy

      Well, I did just read an almost 200 page book the other day...

  7. a958c76d574802ab40f9bcf696b42a9b.jpg.5bb194e9ef2a80e3c035aacf733d403f.jpg

    1. zx1ninja


      Spaghetti won't work, cooked or not. Won't matter. 

    2. Bob Leone

      Bob Leone

      most things! lol, except wet food.

  8. No. We get it. Here it is community and support, and not marketing. 🤔 Which makes me think of another question... 😁
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