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  1. I'm not a morning person. I also want to get the needs done, so I dont have to stress over them. For me, writing is my favorite thing. I would rather write than watch tv. It's how I relax and unwind. Personally, my writing is done at night after kids go to bed. It gives me a couple of hours to relax and do what I enjoy. Although, if I get a chance to write while they play outside, or while everyone is watching a movie, I will take it! 😁
  2. I feel like someone needs this tonight. And if it's you, you know where my PM box is. 




  3. I think we all do this at some point in our lives. I'm glad He guilded you where you needed to be. Congratulations!! 🙂🥳🥳
  4. Congratulations! 🥳🥳🥳 And that was cute.
  5. Purely as a reader, I don't think that's a problem. If I love your books, I want to read them all, and if I like you/your content, I want to read everything you write. Most readers love to read. I know I love finding someone with great books that I can binge read! 😁 However, I completely understand limited time and resources. You have to think about where they are best spent for you and your books. That can't be based on anything by you, your situation, and (most importantly) what God tells you to spend it on.
  6. I'm trying to think of a good one for my current one... 😳 😬 😱 She has amnesia; he has survivors guilt. Together they must heal the clans rifts, with a little help from a banshee. 🤔 Maybe? 🤨
  7. Maybe. I just have a soft spot for kids. 🙂 And I hurt for grieving parents! That's the truth!!
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