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  1. That's so funny! Thanks, @Accord64!
  2. Happy father's day, all you dads!
  3. Thank you, @Becky Bradley!
  4. Well said, @Scribewriter!
  5. Because the cow volunteered to become a hamburger??? 🤨
  6. I don't know, caffeine at five in the morning when I have an excellent idea and must write it done, right now, sounds kind of nice. (That is a joke! Robots are creepy!)
  7. I'm not sure what I touched, but it's back! 🙂 Actually, I don't think I did this... So thank you, Rebecca!
  8. Thanks. Maybe Rebecca could be awesome and put in a, "did you mean to hit this button, " button? 😃
  9. Help me! I accidentally disabled my messenger, and I can't figure out how to turn it back on. 😱😭 (Save the tech dumb lady!)
  10. Excuse me! Do you have any hay? I. Need. Hay!
  11. The little white sheep that stalker Mary.
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