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  1. Alley

    Red Pill? Or Blue Pill?

    After I finish writing about them and they can live happy lives What she said!
  2. Alley

    Red Pill? Or Blue Pill?

    You know us so well!
  3. Alley

    Red Pill? Or Blue Pill?

    Only to reality!
  4. Alley

    Red Pill? Or Blue Pill?

    The end of the world as we know it. I'm not sure if that is a bad thing or a good thing. 🤔
  5. Both sound nice, but I'm going to go with the blue pill. I happen to like my world! 😊
  6. Alley

    Cumulative Sentences

    You could ask someone to read the sentence out loud. If they struggle, it needs to be changed.
  7. Alley

    Workshops/conferences Jan-march

    Thanks, Lynn.
  8. Yes, Johne turned to the dark side! 🤪
  9. It means you write by the seat of your pants. As in you have no plotting, or outline ready when they start writing. You just sit and write your story until it is done. 😊
  10. Alley

    Day-timers - What's Your Opinion?

    From one homeschooling mama to another, thank you!
  11. Alley


    Welcome to the site! It's great to meet you!
  12. Alley

    Wave Watching

    No one will laugh! We all have to start somewhere, and asking questions is the only way you will find the answers you are looking for. So ask away, and we will help any way we can!
  13. Alley

    Looking For Some Male Pov

    Thank you for your offer @Blaine1948 to help. I have finished this book, but at a later time when I start revisions would love some extra input! @John Sellers My character is a victim of human trafficking, and some of the men that rescue them. Thank you so much for the resource! I hope that this book will point light on this very hard topic and will be an opportunity to help those going through this, and those who help them.
  14. Alley

    Wave Watching

    Welcome! It's nice to meet you!
  15. All first drafts are terrible! The good news is that you have something to revise and edit. You can't do that with a blank page. 😊 By the way, congratulations on finishing your book!

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