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  1. Welcome back! You must know us because we will definitely be doing this! While you were sleeping. Ok, bad joke, but I couldn't resist. About six(ish) months ago.
  2. Here is a fun writing prompt. What will he find?
  3. I assume... *Deep breath before calling* @Leah_Donavan, you set the club up. What's the rules?
  4. Since they are not the only family with that number or experience, I would think not. However, I defer to @suspensewriter @Accord64 @EBraten or @lynnmosher on this one. They seem to know more about this subject than me. Since I don't know anyone that wields a sword or are citizens of a fantasy country, this hasn't applied to me. But yes, disclaimers are still good because, as we all know, coffee is hot.
  5. A good critique should be given with both honesty and kindness, pointing out what is wrong with your work, what needs to be fixed, and what they are doing right. That way, we can not only edit it to get rid of the flaws, fix what doesn't work, but strengthen what works best in the story. Sugarcoating and attaboys help no one. Is silence considered a critique?
  6. Here, this seems like a fun one. What will he find? (Disclaimer, it is off my website.)
  7. Because Lynn is the only one who doesn't try to sell you something, and she doesn't spam you.
  8. @suspensewriter has a good point. I guess I was thinking character traits. Grumpy old men and overprotective mamas are stereotypes for a reason. However, using real events is a lawsuit waiting to happen. What kind of similarities are you talking about?
  9. Maybe poll your readers? Also, how will you draw people to your newsletter if you stop blogging? Where will they learn about you and your content?
  10. Basically, it is a historical setting, but the book is a fantasy. Hence the word mash.
  11. Depends. Do you need the information before this point? Also, is there a good time within the story before the information is needed to place it? Also, another option, if you write the prolong the same way you do the story, you could get away with making it chapter one, and chapter two starts with "10 years later..." Or something to that effect. If done correctly, I don't mind it. If done badly, it is a rough switch that risks your reader putting down your book. So use it cautiously, and get lots of feedback before publishing.
  12. I second this. We shouldn't be upset but praying for their souls.
  13. I don't personally have this problem, but I'm a smart alec. I would likely tell them something along the lines of "I didn't write it about you, but if the shoe fits, feel free to lace it up and wear it." Then I would make some jokes about something the charter did that they would never do, or was something funny. Maybe the character loved monkey. I'd crake some jokes about getting them a monkey from the zoo or a stuffed King Kong for Christmas. Something so we can all laugh it off, and no one has their feelings hurt.
  14. Welcome, it's nice to meet you.
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