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    Hello From The Ozarks

    Hi everyone! Just joined ChristianWriters. It has been a long adventure to this point in my life, filled with plenty of ups and downs and course corrections. I am an English Education Major, although I don't know if I will ever finish that degree. I spend my days attempting to pound some education into the mind of a stubborn eight-year-old, wrangling a marker wielding two-year-old, and endeavoring to satisfy a constantly hungry nine-month-old. Oh, and in my free moments, I work as a general transcriptionist. I've been writing stories, poems, and journals since I first learned to pick up a pencil, but I have rarely shared my writing with others. About four years ago, I was blessed to carry an angel baby to term, spend two precious hours of life with him, and hold him as his soul passed to heaven. In the weeks before Riley was born, I started pouring my heart out in a blog, more a journal really, hosted on CaringBridge. This was my first real attempt at sharing my writing. It was difficult but beautiful and fulfilling. I'm in the process of editing and moving those posts to my (first real) blog, which I am still fleshing out. I am also in the planning stages of a devotional for other mothers who are carrying a child to term, something I was desperate for when I was carrying Riley, but couldn't find. Writing for myself is easy. Writing to share with others, not so much. But I believe this is where God is calling, and where He leads, I will follow. Excited to be here and learn from fellow Christian writers. Heather Exhausted SuperMom sustained by purposeful grace

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