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  1. MS.Serena.Fox

    Uc - Chapter 2 - Kenzer Waulden

    @RADerdeyn Thank you for all the wonderful feedback. You pointed out some places that I always seem to struggle with. However, being the one who struggles with them, they are usually difficult for me to spot. THANK YOU! I want to provide the best product I can, and feedback like yours is absolutely crucial and precious to me. Little details like this can kill a stories flow, so I absolutely need as many eyes on it as I can get. Thank you for the encouragement as well. I actually did find a wonderful lady to help me with this entire manuscript. She helped me in many of my weak spots. I have since reworked the whole piece and sent it to an agent. As a matter of fact, I am scheduled to hear back from in just a few more weeks. If it is not accepted, I will certainly know where to look to refine it even more thanks to you. God bless, and have a wonderful day!!
  2. MS.Serena.Fox

    Looking For Advise From The Published

    @lynnmosher I use editing software (Grammarly & Word) , and I have it (non-professionally) checked before I submit. The larger projects I have them checked by avid readers.
  3. MS.Serena.Fox

    Need Help Deciding Which One Is Best For Me.

    I'm way late to chime in dear, but I would have to ask, why use these types of pictures at all for your overall platform? I would suggest, using a nice clean head shot of yourself, or in my case, I created a logo I use for ALL of my profiles. That way no matter where they are looking for me, they can find me. I chose a logo because it is easy to pick out in a google search. Platform is all about branding yourself as far as I understand it. These are cute photo's but they are more blog post images in my opinion. If you plan on writing books, and doing speaking engagements, or attending conferences, then use your head shot so your followers can associate and recognize you when they see you. That's just my opinion love. I'm an old lady, what do I know? No matter what you choose, God bless.
  4. Hello again friends. I miss you guys! It's been a minute since I was able to post and fellowship. I do love the moments I manage to steal for myself to come and read a few posts. I am praying for Suspense Writer. I have been since I first saw his post about the stroke. I do hope he is able to return. He is so full of great advice and comforting encouragement. His online presence is most definitely missed! Anyway, my post, as titled, is about looking for advise from those of you who have been extensively published. I have a few poems and small pieces that I have submitted to several different places. I am not getting responses at all. I have submitted them using Submittable, and on Prose.com, Biopage and to various magazines and contest opportunities. Other than the standard email to let me know they have received my submissions, I am getting NOTHING. My Submittable submissions are "accepted", but then nothing else is ever done or said. When I asked Bio page about a monthly essay contest entry that was well past response time, they said they would let me know when the winners were chosen. I haven't heard another word in almost 3 months. Surely they have chosen winners for a monthly contest considering the new contest deadlines are already posted and gone. One magazine acknowledged acceptance, and NEVER responded back to me again. I am trying to remain positive because I am not getting any negative feedback, but no feedback at all is so frustrating. Even negative feedback would let me know that I need to work on them, or something. I wait longer than is suggested because I am certainly patient. If they were merely contemplating and still needed more time I could totally appreciate and understand. I am experiencing radio silence in some avenues! Does anyone have any advise or ideas on what I should do or try. Is this just standard for the industry? Should I just keep doing what I am doing until something finally happens? I have managed to get one digital publication for my articles, 2 more are accepted, and another is being contemplated. I have a 2 children's books awaiting acceptance, and a full length MG chapter book is sitting on an agent's desk right now. I am keeping busy despite also having a regular day job that I am possibly about to be promoted at. I was just concerned about the lack of communication in the writing industry. Thank you for any information, ideas, encouragement or advise you are willing to share with me. Also, thank you in advance for petting my sulking ego. 😊
  5. MS.Serena.Fox

    8 Lists Of Publishers

    Thank you @lynnmosher There is some really good information in these links.
  6. MS.Serena.Fox

    Can You Tell Me When I Could Come Out Of Writers Jail ?

    As an aspiring author, I appreciate that the administrators do this. There is a lot of critique "radio silence" out there. So thank you @Rebecca and @lynnmosher.
  7. MS.Serena.Fox

    Hello To All!

    Of course not ... we are all writers, First please forgive me for taking so long to get back to you. I have suffered with some medical issues lately. What I thought were passing kidney stones now appears to be damage to one of my back muscles, and I have inadvertently aggravated it. It's possible I have torn it, but I am praying it is only a nasty sprain. I am supposed to be on bed rest right now, but my husband ran to town to get some things, so I snuck in here to the big computer ... LOL I didn't take any meds this morning because I was scheduled to read one of my poems at church, and I didn't want to be groggy. He is a little bit mad at me about that right now. You have made some interesting points and arguments. Some I agree with, some were thought provoking, so I will deeply consider those, and some we disagree on. That makes for delicious (loving and friendly) debate though. I too LOVE talking about God and HIS word. If you will permit me a few more days to heal (hopefully), I will be more than happy to discuss this in depth. God Bless, and I'm so happy you have come to join us here.
  8. Thanks for the information.
  9. MS.Serena.Fox

    What Scripture Changed Your Life?

    This is an easy one 1 Cor. 15:10a (ESV) "But by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace toward me was not in vain." I'm an unusual bird for sure. So what this scripture said to me was that I am this way for HIS purposes. HE made me this way to accomplish HIS will. It is ok to be the way I am. And HE did not do it in vain, because I will embrace my weirdness and use it to work for HIS glory. Fun post!! Thanks
  10. MS.Serena.Fox

    Hello To All!

    FIRST OF ALL - WELCOME My name is Serena, and I want to extend a proverbial right hand of fellowship to you. I am by no means a veteran writer, or an expert in any field, but I will be happy to address some of your questions and comments from my own point of view to get the party started. Congratulations on the publication of your first book. I see you decided to go the self-publish route as opposed to the traditional route, to each his or her own. I love to read the various reasons why some lean one direction and some lean to the other. I applaud you for this, but urge you to tread carefully. Controversy is a treacherous sea. As someone who also tends to take controversial stands from time to time, let me say that you have to be more prepared than others, and be ready to defend your beliefs with strong biblical reasoning. I have seen many who profess to be "controversial" who end up undermined by something so simple as the original language studies. Feedback from other viewpoints is crucial in this endeavor. You have to look at every angle before you present your evidence. You also have to consider the tone of your presentation. If you are perceived as "snobby" or some other unsavory characteristic by your audience, then they will not read your work. If you are a strong researcher, and you have given your theories considerable prayer and substantial study, then press on and let the blessings flow. Originally I was going to take the self-publishing route myself, but figured out quickly that I was out of my league. My situation may be vastly different than yours though. I am more than willing to work hard, but sometimes working hard is not enough. If you have the financial means, and the publishing connections, self publishing is probably the way to go. However, Harper Collins for example requires an agent since they do not accept unsolicited projects. If you are new to the market, you may not know these things yet. I am new and learning as I go as well. This is a question with a lot of potential. Since you are one who deals in "controversial" doctrinal ideas, I think you and I can have a delightful discussion. As I stated you have to be extra prepared, so we can learn from each other. So let's break your question down. According to Google Dictionary born again is defined as : "converted to a personal faith in Christ" Also according to Google Dictionary one definition for Pentecost is: "the Christian festival celebrating the descent of the Holy Spirit on the disciples of Jesus after his Ascension, held on the seventh Sunday after Easter." Jesus was not born as the Christ. He was born with the potential for being the Christ. He did not physically become Christ until His baptism when the Holy Spirit descended on Him, and thus "anointed Him". It was then that God approved Him. That is what Christ and Messiah mean, the anointed one. Prior to this event, people hoped on and waited for the Christ, They did not "covert to personal faith in Him". (THAT DOESN'T MEAN they didn't have salvation options though, which is not the same thing.) Jesus became the Christ at his baptism which kicked off His earthly ministry. "Pentecost" happened after Jesus's ascension. You asked if men could be "born again" prior to Pentecost. The simplest answer is yes, of course. In John chapter 3, (after the baptism, but prior to the ascension) Jesus even told Nicodemus that he would have to be "born again". I feel like you may be asking a more in depth question though. If that is the case, I would be more than happy to have a discussion with you. Hopefully more will join in and we will have a wonderful time of community fellowship together. Again, WELCOME new friend!!
  11. MS.Serena.Fox

    The Littlest Star's Prayer

    @Mario William Vitale Thank you.
  12. MS.Serena.Fox

    Locked Files

    What happens when you lock a file. and why would you do it?
  13. MS.Serena.Fox

    How To Find Amazing Grace Somewhere Under A Rainbow

    I think this made a good devotional piece. I appreciated your imagery and conversational speech. I don't personally care for "preachy" devotionals, so it was refreshing that yours read like it was written with the warmth of a loving brother. I enjoyed it, I read the published piece, and see you have already changed several things that caught my attention. So a critique now seems silly, but it never hurts to hear opinions so that you could consider them for later uses. I would have considered removing this line. It feels like it interrupted the intended emotional direction. I would have removed "many years ago". Beautiful. Should this have said and LIFE "for" Noah? Was "posted" the best word? The meaning behind this word has changed for most readers, so it disrupted the flow for me. My mind flashed to Moses with a Smart phone "posting" a message. I don't think Jesus SAID "now and forever". Should you use the word "sometimes?" Thank you for sharing your piece.
  14. MS.Serena.Fox

    The Littlest Star's Prayer

    @Rebecca What happens when you "lock" a post, and why would you?
  15. MS.Serena.Fox


    @Ragamuffin_John I have better pieces on my computer at home of course, but this a raw piece I recently wrote. This is in no way edited, it was just slopped on to get my thoughts down. Please, tell what you think of the content. If you can imagine a polished piece, would you think a book full of this stuff would be interesting? Rhesa “… the son of Rhesa, the son of Zerubbabel, the son of Shealtiel, the son of Neri” (NKJV) “… ben Reisha, ben Zerubavel, ben Shealtiel, ben Neri,” (OJB) Luke 3:27 This genealogical link is a great example of why it is so important to look to the original language. OJB stands for the Orthodox Jewish Bible. This version of the bible offers the Jewish words in English – ish. I like to use this version when I am considering the original wording. You can see firsthand that “son of” and “ben” mean the same thing. If the Jewish word used was “bat”, that would mean “the singular daughter of”. As we discussed in the introduction to this chapter, “ben” can, and usually is, considered to be plural. I am of course no expert, but this is what I discovered when I asked the question: Why was “ben” used here instead of “bar”? “And after they were brought to Babylon, Jeconiah begot Shealtiel, and Shealtiel begot Zerubbabel. 13 Zerubbabel begot Abiud, Abiud begot Eliakim, and Eliakim begot Azor.” (NKJV) “12 After Ykhanyahu (Jeconiah), then Shaltiel (Shealtiel), then Zrubavel (Zerubbabel), 13 then Avichud (Abiud), then Elyakim (Eliakim), then Azur (Azor)” (OJB) Here we read a similar excerpt from the genealogy found in Matthew 1:12-13. “Begot”, as we already know, means “fathered”, and is, like “ben”, a loosely used term. I have never figured out why it is exactly, that one account goes from oldest to youngest, and the other account goes from youngest to oldest. Like always, I have my suspicions, but that is a story for another day. Either way, we have the same understanding: from one generation to the next may not be the exact biological “son” of the previous one. So far, what we know for sure is that according to Matthew, Zerubbabel “fathered” Abiud (Chapter 8), and according to Luke, another one of Zerubbabel’s “children” was named Rhesa. Is that a valid statement? Research it, make sure for yourselves, never just take mine or ANYONE else’s word for it. Assuming you agree, we will move on. No “women” are mentioned in the Lucan account, however, looking to the last link for one more piece of the puzzle, we see that Joseph is the listed son, but that he is simply the “husband of” Mary who is the actual genealogical bloodline ancestor from. Now that we have an established foundation let’s look to our genealogical link. What does Rhesa mean, and does his name fit? According to Abarim Publications one understood meaning for the name is “relieved of social burdens”. A social burden is defined as “an individual or group that causes additional suffering or cost to society-at-large without contributing to offset those costs.” After their 70 years in captivity, Zerubbabel was heading up the reconstruction of the temple in Jerusalem. Once that was finished, things could get back to whatever the new normal was for the Israelites. They were just coming out of an extended turbulent political unrest. In the span of 70 years, a single lifetime, they had gone from being kings, to being captured and carried away as slaves of Babylon. Then Babylon fell meaning that the reigning world power shifted to a Medo-Persian way of living. Then they returned to their devastated and desolate land that was in dire need of rebuilding, and began settling back in. Being relieved of social burdens, to me, just means that they were free to be themselves, Jewish worshipers of the One True God again, instead of having to do and act certain ways in foreign lands. You can go to the homes of friends and family and be perfectly welcomed. You will most likely hear that age-old phrase, “make yourselves at home”, but there is nothing quite like coming home to your own space where you can let your hair down so to speak and just be yourselves. Means Affectionate: https://www.biblestudytools.com/dictionary/rhesa/ http://www.abarim-publications.com/Meaning/Rhesa.html#.WpgUuFuPKCg http://www.biblical-baby-names.com/meaning-of-rhesa.html (both gender name) https://www.babynamespedia.com/query (NO BOY NAMES FOR RHESA) “RARE BIBLICAL GIRL NAME” http://www.familyberry.com/babynames/index.cfm?q=29D756AF402E360025987B1BCB27797F (Biblical boy name - Biblical baby name) http://www.sheknows.com/baby-names/name/rhesa http://mrf.org/library2/index.php/mrf-white-papers/white-vol7/more-on-the-social-burden-fallacy/

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