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  1. Kip

    Posting Blogs? Where?

    Thanks Rebecca! Blessings, Kip...
  2. Kip

    Posting Blogs? Where?

    I wouldn't care to do that. I don't want my data shared on different sites. Can I remove the post in that case or can you? Thanks, Kip...
  3. Kip

    Posting Blogs? Where?

    Think I got it right... thanks!
  4. Kip

    Posting Blogs? Where?

    Okay .. follow up question... 'Stories and Articles' or 'Member Blogs'??
  5. Kip

    Posting Blogs? Where?

    Let me go see if I can pull this off... Thanks Lynn!
  6. I'm a scripture blogger, and wondered if there is a place here on the side to announce new articles on my site? I saw the user blog area but it doesn't allow you to add articles to it from what I can tell. I usually publish between 2 and 3 blogs per week. Blessings, Kip...
  7. Kip

    Introduction... Hi!

    I’d be more than happy to see!!! However, understand, that some of the way the blog site is setup, is due to LOF (Lack of funds), and I have much more I want to do but don’t have either time or money to accomplish. As my job is going away soon, that could be God’s way of ‘making time’ for me to do some improvements. I’m just too busy working for a living and writing for my loving. Blessings, Kip...
  8. Kip

    Introduction... Hi!

    Hello everyone! I just joined the site today, and thought that I should write a little introduction. It appears that the site has a great deal of information, that I will likely take some time to go though and figure out what are the things I need to trigger on. I’m a blogger and a new author. My blog is Selah Musings. If you get to the site just select the blog from the menu. It is a scripture blog. So it has a collection of my thoughts on various topics and utilizes scripture and comment to fill in the content. I’m nearing the publication of my first book (independent of the blog). This is something I was directed to do by the Lord some time back and had been avoiding. It feels, so much better doing what God calls us to do than trying to modify His calling to us. (Lesson learned) I’m from the area of Birmingham, Alabama. A northern transplant (Michigan), and I spent part of my youth living with my folks in Sierra Leone West Africa. Looking forward to meeting folks and sharing information and our hearts. Kip...

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