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  1. I'm a big Robert Heinlein fan and he never had any trouble killing off a character. Made his writing more real to me!
  2. Taylor Caldwell, Ayn Rand, and Francine Rivers - my favorite of hers is the Mark of the Lion series. That's the women, for men, Heinlein, Joel Rosenberg, Vince Flynn and Tom Clancy
  3. Took me a while to reply - I actually had to think! I've always enjoyed teaching people; high school/college tutor, pilot instructor, high school teacher, college professor. I hope my books are a way to teach people. My first book, The Losing Attitude for Dieters, taught people that losing weight was simple - burn off more calories than you eat. It also taught that dieting was really hard because it was a mental game - basically, it didn't matter what diet you tried, you had to get mentally ready to lose - the Losing Attitude. My second book, Conquer the Losing Attitude of Job Hunters, prepared people to find and get a job. I have helped a lot of people to find jobs. My next three books in my Hating God Trilogy will hopefully help at least one person to set aside their hate for God and allow this person to be Saved! I write to teach.
  4. I finally figured it out. If you hover over the attachment a delete icon appears!
  5. I started by self-publishing. It requires a huge outlay in software (Adobe products), and set-up fees. If I was to start again I would publish as an e-book which you can do at little to no cost; then you spend all your time marketing!
  6. I recently made a post to the critique section and added the wrong jpg. I was able to add the correct one but unable to remove the incorrect one through the"edit" feature. Any thoughts?
  7. I just sent the final draft of my book to my editor/proof reader. Now I have to design the cover and get ready to market it. I only write on one project at a time, but other/possible future projects always pop into my mind, so I write them down in a notebook.
  8. That looks just about how I feel
  9. I have self published four books. Self publishing is a doubled edged sword as you have all the control but don't have a big company backing you. From what I've heard, even if you have a big company publish your first work, you still have to do most of the marketing. That is why I chose self-publishing. When I was a professor i could require my students to buy and read my books. Now I am retired and no longer have that avenue. I soon will publish the last book in my Hating God Trilogy and I will have to become a full-time marketer.
  10. So, maybe I can rewrite the quote, "Try to be the Godly man your dog thinks you are"?
  11. Quote by J.W. Stephens: “Be the person your dog thinks you are!” Can I use this quote on my back book cover as long as I site J.W. Stephens or do I have to get permission?
  12. Any thoughts on Amazon KDP Select? My wife just joined and seems to think it is worth the $9.99 per month. Is it worth it to enroll our e-books in the program? Anyone had any success?
  13. If we could all write as well as David Eddings. Fantastic that your fan could describe your book better then you could; my wife usually has an entire different take on my books than I did! Where can I get "Blessings and Trials" next week?
  14. Retirement seemed great at first; realms of possibilities! If nothing else, I didn’t have to worry about staying up late for Monday night football as I can always sleep in. Tomorrow always seemed like a great time to finish something because I knew I would be free then. I published the first two books of my Hating God Trilogy (Hating God and Ignoring God) in 2014 and 2015 while I was working a full time job and two part time jobs. When I retired, I thought, no problem – I will finish the last book in the series right away. Here it is 2020 and I am not done yet. I’m getting real close. Please pray for me that I will finish Loving God soon!
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