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  1. He is the love interest throughout the series. Thought he should show up.
  2. It took a while, but I finally got my new covers up on Amazon: http://ow.ly/Q9Jq50C46MN
  3. With KDP, you don't need an ISBN. If you use Scrivener, there is a nice feature that let's you compile your work as an .epub file. It took me about 30 minutes to get the settings straight. When I first started self-publishing, I set up a Lightning Source account because when I published a book there it immediately was listed with Ingram, the biggest distributer in the world. I am moving away from them fast as their prices have doubled this year and they are in some sort of peeing contest with Amazon; in the past all my Ingram entries showed up on Amazon - not so much anymore.
  4. If you don't mind going with the dreaded Amazon, publishing with KDP is relatively easy. If your cover and inside is in the correct format, then I can set up and publish a 6" x 9" book in about 5 minutes. Because I'm a control freak, I still create my epub books in HTML using Calibre which upload to KDP fast.
  5. My question is what is the age of the characters because love triangles between teenagers are always cheesy. I love the android angle especially if in the end she/he chooses the android.
  6. I asked Hannah Linder to try again for the final cover of my Hating God Trilogy. I've ditched the dog and asked for another woman that matches the first two covers better. Here is what she came up with, one with the other main character Carl and one alone. I'm interested to see what @Zee thinks of the portrayal of Carl as she has actually read the book.
  7. Just me, whenever I open a book and see a prologue, I think, "Oh boy, some background I have to slug through to get to the good stuff." Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad prologues out there. I would skip it if you can.
  8. Self publishing is a double edged sword. On the positive side, if you are handy with photoshop and can self-edit your work, you can publish your works and have it up on Amazon in a matter of days. The downside is that you don't have an editor to talk sense to you, a professional artist to design your cover or an organization to help advertise your book. When I was a college professor, I self-published several books. During the summer, when I could spend 8 hours a day marketing my books, I could clear $1,000 per month per book. Once the school year started,
  9. It seems that my dog will get voted off the island for my Loving God cover. My question is, how much must the blurb on the back relate to the cover? Here is what I had on the back cover. Do I need to change it drastically? “Does your dog think you are a Godly person?" T.A. Laurie Sgt. Timms is a huge German Shepard and an Iraqi war veteran. Carl Spenser is an Afghanistan war veteran double amputee. Both suffer from PTSD. They are a match made in heaven and are best friends; who takes
  10. The dog, a retired bomb dog, lives with an Afghanistan veteran who plays a major part in all three books. @Zeethought the final book should have all three. Would the dog make more sense if Carl was included in the cover?
  11. The dog, Sgt. Timms, is a retired military dog who is the partner of one of the main characters and has a minor role in the last two books. Zee had thought that maybe all 3 should be on the last cover, but I think Hannah thought it might be too cluttered.
  12. I have received a proposed cover from Hannah Linder Creations for Loving God, the last book of my Trilogy. I would appreciate all comments and suggestions. Don't worry about the watermark, that goes away once I accept the proposed cover.
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