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  1. here's one. J. R. R. Tolkien led C. S. Lewis to Christ. Must be something to do with having such lousy first names you go with your initials.
  2. "In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit."
  3. I just picked up a copy of “Johnny Tremain”, a book of a young boy during the American Revolution by Esther Forbes published in 1943. I remember this was a class reading assignment I had back in fifth grade. I’m sure I didn’t finish it then as I moved half way through the year; I thought I would finally finish the book. This time I actually read the forward by Gary D. Schmidt which I’m sure I didn’t read back in 1964. He said that it was most unlikely that this book was ever published as Esther was dyslectic, hardly ever spelling the same word twice the same way and punctuation to her was just
  4. @Rebecca I've searched and there seems to be no way to set Word up to add an extra line between paragraphs. I can't believe all the writers actual do that?
  5. Bingo @Rebecca! Word was set up to have extra space after the paragraph instead of an extra line. Do most people usually not have that extra space, but have that extra line? I thought I was just using the Word default.
  6. Whenever I paste my writing in from Word or Srivener, the lines between paragraphs seem to vanish. I usually go down my work and add an extra page-break between every paragraph and this works when I paste it in - looks more readable. Is there an easier way to do this?
  7. Should have known you would beat me on this. Thanks
  8. In all my books I know all the questions for the first few chapters and the last chapters. In fact, I write the first four chapters, then the last two chapters and then fill in. Maybe I should be asking more overall questions.
  9. I have always written strictly in word and outlined my stories in excel. Does anyone use Scrivener or any other writing software and what would you recommend?
  10. I was able to advertise with Amazon when with IS. Maybe because I had a KDP eBook? What other retailers do you list with?
  11. @Chris Brown If you have to do this to see your book on Amazon, what is the benefit of staying with Ingram?
  12. Zee, Here's another one from Hannah. Do you like it better?
  13. I received my first cover draft from Hannah Linder and I wanted to know what you all thought. I know, you don't like the title, but you're stuck with that! The first cover is my original and the second with the HL watermark is the draft.
  14. When I see a book I want on Amazon, I don't even see the publisher
  15. This is a fiction Christian Romance. Thanks
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