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  1. When I was at summer camp I did a backwards flip off the diving board and hit my head on the way down. I can unequivocally say that you can dream while unconscious as I had a half-hour dream in the 1 second it took for me to hit the water. You can guess that the dream ended with me drowning which made me a little disorientated in the water!
  2. "A lot" was my high school and college students' favorite phrase. The only thing is that most of them thought it was one word. I don't think I have ever used the word "atop" in a conversation in my life. I can't remember ever using it in any of my writings in high school or college. Over the last ten years I have noticed that the authors of almost every fictional work I read are enamored with the word "atop". Is there some secret writing society that requires you to use the word "atop" to join? I lay atop the grassy knoll atop the windswept hill atop the highest peak atop the wide mountain atop mother earth. There, I should be good for a couple of years!
  3. There are many types of villains. J.R.R. Tolkien tended to have villains that were pure evil with no redeemable characteristics. On the other hand, George R. R. Martin tends to blur the lines between hero and villain. I think that is more realistic when dealing with humans. Saying that, in my "Ignoring God" book, I had to write the part of a rapist. It was one of the hardest things I have ever written and I'm afraid I didn't give him any redeemable traits at all!
  4. Better than being shot in the back at the side of the hotel!
  5. I'm offended for all of us jellyfish. What makes you think we are not strong.
  6. You never come up with the title half way through?
  7. @suspensewriter and many others didn't think much of my Hating God Trilogy titles. He hasn't even seen my non-fiction "Losing Attitude" series! I know that I came up with "The Losing Attitude for Dieters" before I ever wrote the book. I was Just wondering how other people go about picking their titles.
  8. Let him wear a MAGA hat - that shows courage in this day and age!
  9. My book "Hating God" ended with a bomb blast. I guess I missed my chance.
  10. One of my main characters, Carl Spenser, went to West Point. Way different from me (I went to the Air Force Academy).
  11. Thank God my mom hasn't made it into any of my books ..yet.
  12. I didn't think I did, but when my wife read my last book she said, "There is so much of you in the book." I hope she wasn't talking about the rapist! This is probably why I haven't killed off any of my characters. I'll have to include @Zee in my next book; maybe I can kill her off.
  13. Zee, I'd be honored to have you read my book. Would you like a .pdf or a .mobi (Kindle) file? How would I get it to you?
  14. The works that are memorable to me are the ones I can relate to. When I see a main character about to make a mistake that I have made in my life, I can't put it down even as I'm yelling, "Don't do it!"
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