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  1. Yeah, to those of you who haven’t watched GOT, never try, it’s awful. And I’m actually glad the Star Wars franchise will end after this, they’ve ruined it.
  2. We think God is telling us to stay together, and we will have a beautiful family together. It will be hard for us to be apart, but if we continue to stay true to eachother, everything will work for us.
  3. This is pretty cool. I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited
  4. I’m excited SW. I like the idea of a life with this girl, no matter how hard it may be at times.
  5. This girl I have been dating has been having the same dreams as me. We have been dating for a year or so, and she is a good Christian girl. We have been praying to God about what we are going to do when I join the military. Recently we have had similar dreams of having a family. They are in the exact same setting, and there is beautiful light and music. I prayed a little more, and I have kept having those dreams. I understand that I am young, but if these dreams are visions of my future with this girl then I am excited. I would love to teach the gospel with her at my side. If you have any wisdom to impart on this matter please do tell.
  6. My mom normally breaths fine. Every once in awhile she has episodes where she breaths less. We are thinking this is aftermath from the trauma her brain has suffered (3 seizures and 1 stroke). For some reason her brain does not communicate to her body that she needs oxygen, and only extremely loud noise triggers her to breathe. We have gotten her a Sleep Apnea machine, and she has since begun to recover. It’s all just very strange.
  7. My mom is back home and fine. For some reason she isn’t getting enough oxygen when she sleeps.
  8. I ask for prayers a lot but I really need more. My mom just had a seizure like episode. She wont respond to touch or our voices, and she is barely breathing. We need some prayers. I’m sorry I ask so much.
  9. Thank you all. I’m thinking more along the lines of Navy SEAL. I just need to have some extra strength to get there.
  10. So I’m really struggling with a decision right now. I want to join the military and have the honor of serving my country, and honoring the sacrifices of my predecessors. I know to some it may seem like I could achieve this in any branch, but I am struggling. I want to be the best. I can’t decide to be a Marine who’s discipline is above average, or a SEAL who has rode out the toughest storms. Can you guys pray for me in this decision?
  11. Thank you guys. I love writing, and I love when you guys read it all, and critique it. You guys are great and I just wanna stay on here.
  12. Not quite yet I still have a few weeks left and then I’m moving. It will be lots of work, but I’ll have a writing office.
  13. Hi it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here. I try to stay on and continue fellowship with my fellow Christian authors. I get distracted and struggle to stay on here. You guys have been some of the most helpful people. If you guys could help me find ways to stay on and stay active I would appreciate it. I write better when you guys help me out.
  14. Sorry I haven’t replied in so long I appreciate all the help. I have been really busy lately. I will try really hard to reply. I appreciate your help so so much.
  15. Thank you I appreciate the help. I have just had a book I’ve been trying to get published for a few months. I hate how hard it is to get anything on the market.
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