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  1. Thank you I appreciate the help. I have just had a book I’ve been trying to get published for a few months. I hate how hard it is to get anything on the market.
  2. Hey it’s been quite some time since I have been on. I’m struggling to find a place for my book to get published, so any of you have an idea where I could get it published?
  3. Nicola, maybe. I think I will have life changing experiences, and maybe they will effect the lives of others (positively I hope) and be an example to those around me. I hope that through my future military experience, my faith in God will not waiver. After the military I hope to be a proffessor of theology at SAGU university in Texas.
  4. Nicola, I will never shun the grunt work, I assure you of that. I want to be a field officer in the military so that I can use not only my intelligence, but test my physical abilities.
  5. After 10 years of schooling, I was recognized for having an above average intellect. I am not trying to brag, I am just excited. I have a hole new life coming my way. I will gain new opportunities, and I may even be able to become an exchange student for once. I am much more likely to get scholarships to military institutions and then I can go into the military as a field officer.
  6. Lynn, I’m scared because my school has a bunch of law enforcement kids (me included) whose parents are prominent officials within our community. My best friend who goes to another school, is the child of a former New Mexican police officer. And some of the kids he trained graduated from schools near mine.
  7. Hey guys, I don’t know if any of you heard but a man arrested for training children to commit mass shootings at schools was recently released from prison. I live in the area around his compound, and I’m scared he will do something rash to enact his revenge on those who arrested him. Please pray that neither my school, nor any other school in this area becomes a target of his.
  8. I am sorry I've been gone so long, I probably missed a bunch of your inspiration.
  9. And in my heart I make the declaration that fear shall have no hold on me. Those shackles that once restricted my life shall be broken. The blindfold that covered my eyes shall be removed, and I will see the world with new eyes. I will turn my eyes up, I will no longer be blind, for Love has taken me away in His arms, and he has sent fear away and has broken its curse upon my life.
  10. EClayRowe, I have a suggestion. The RPs are generally just armed Chaplains. A regular Chaplain is a non-combatant, therefore because of the rules of war, they are not allowed to carry weapons of any sort, RPs are combatants, and because of this they can carry weapons and protect the Chaplain. Most commonly, RPs are petty officers. So use this information to create your characters. Also try to learn some military terms. When a vet is not active duty, and his branch calls for his service, he is reenlisted not reactivated.
  11. EClayRowe, RPs have existed since World War Two. You didn't get anything wrong as long as your character is from the Navy.
  12. Thank you so much Lynn. I haven't been compared to David since my friend got deployed. He always said (he always exaggerated) that people ought not mess with me because I was a lion. My teeth and claws are quite frightening to the enemy in the shadows. I fight with the word, and I live by it, but that does not mean I am great or good. Even Billy Graham was not great or good. He did good things, and his influence was great, but in reality it was God who was the Good King, and the Great creator. God is the only good being to exist. I am a man, therefore evil resides in my heart. All who draw breath on this Earth were created in the image of God, he has a piece of himself in each of us. That piece of God influenced me to find more of the father, and now I allow him to do his work through me. I urge you as Paul urged those in Corinth, do not praise me, a lowly man, but he who created this lowly man. I am not a man with the heart of David, but a man with a heart after God's.
  13. Lynnmosher, I need you to remember that I am imperfect. I fail just as much as anyone else. I do not want you to think so highly of me. I have let sin overtake me before, and I destroyed people's lives. I am the broken, I fall short so Christ bleeds for me. Please think of me as normal.
  14. Lynnmosher, my parents are very supportive. I am going in as a Religious Program Specialist. I would basically protect the Chaplain in combat situations. I will go to boot camp for 8 weeks, and then I will go to chaplain school for another 8 weeks and then I will go to Marine Corps combat training for another 5 weeks. I'm excited to serve my God, and my country.
  15. After a great amount of thought and prayer I have decided that I am being called to Join our great Navy. I have three years until that point in my life, but in that time I need to get in shape. Please pray that I stay committed to this path, it will take work on my part, but knowing that people are praying is encouraging.
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