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  1. I had to take a 20 minutes bus drive. i never thought it would be a wild one. i bought my ticket as I get into the bus. But i lost it as I look for the change. I realized in the mid way that I don't have my ticket. Quick and careful check through my hang bag confirmed it. Panic mode sets in. Though I appeared to be calm my inside was in great turmoil. What will happen if the ticket checker comes? What a great shame it will be! Lord I bought the ticket but I missed it. I know it was my carelessness but help me. It was my prayer. You have lost just a bus ticket and you are in such agony. But many of my children lost their ticket to eternal life. How much great my agony will be! I heard His gentle voice filled with burden for the lost souls. My heart was rekindles with His burden and as i get down the bus i sent my thanks and decide to help as much as many I can to keep their ticket to eternal life. There are many who lost their ticket in mid way like me. They would have got the ticket as they started their journey with Jesus Christ but would have lost it mid way to the world. And there are many who haven't yet got their tickets. What are we going to do about them?
  2. "Granny!" Cathy rushed into her house calling her grandmother. "Kiddo! am in the garden", came her granny's voice. Cathy removed her school bag and run to the garden. "What is the matter Cathy?" "Granny, I have a question. What is a hobby? My upper class-men were talking about it in the bus." Grandma smiled ans said,"Hobby is something that one do in their leisure time for enjoyment. Gardening is my hobby. I love to plant and tend the trees. See it's something one likes to do." "Oh! What can be a hobby?" Cathy asked in a sing song thinking voice. "It can be anything. Some collect objects, some engage in drawing, writing, stitching, some prefer reading while it's sports for others." "Hmm! Then what hobby can I have?" wondered Cathy. "It's up to you kiddo. Pickup a hobby that you will enjoy. Now, go change your uniform and have some snacks". It's dinner time. Everyone was seated. "Mom, what is your hobby?" "Why! It's stitching." "Dad! What's yours". "Well! It's books for me. I love to read." "Oh!" "What's the matter Cath?" her father asked upon seeing her playing with the food absentmindedly. "It's about hobby. I am thinking of a hobby for me." "Well! Just choose an activity you are interested in" advised her mother. Two days went by. Yet she couldn't find one that interested her. The third day Cathy came squealing from the school, "Granny! I found mine." Astonished her grandma asked, "What do you find?" "I have find a hobby. I am going to collect stars", said Cathy with a big smile. "Stars?" "Yeah! Today my teacher gave me a star for finishing my work. And I thought of collecting stars". "OK?" told the grandma and waited for Cathy to continue. "So, from now on whenever I get answer for my prayer I am going to give a star for me", finished Cathy hoping up and down. Smile broke the confusion on the grandma's face. "Wow! It's a nice one Cathy. Let us see how much stars you collect in a year." "I am going to collect a lot. So i will pray daily to Jesus to answer my prayers. I will pray for my friends, teachers and classmates also. I am going to tell mom." "Thank you Jesus for giving her a desire to pray." Grandma prayed silently and smiled at Cathy as she went running to the kitchen..
  3. "Mama, Are we in fairy tale?" questioned a little girl to her mother, looking around awestruck. "I have seen this place in my book!'. Jea was happy as she heard the comment of the little girl, while waiting for the bridal march to begin. Jea, a vibrant perfectionist of 24 is getting married in couple of months. She was excited about the marriage planning. She wanted the best for her marriage. So she visited all the shops in her city to get a bridal gown. She tried every bakers to get the best cake. She met about 10 wedding planners. She planned every minute details. From her tiara to her shoes; from the guest list to the band she got everything as planned. It been a long couple of months for Jea. "Mom, Where is my tiara?" yelled Jea. "It's just here in the self where you have kept." answered her mom placing the tiara on Jea's head. "You look beautiful dear. Just calm down and relax. Everything is set and will go on as planned." "Mom! It's my wedding! How can I relax?" Yeah! It's finally her day of wedding. Jea was ready to show her perfect bridal look and to exchange the vows. She was so excited over the little girl's comment as she awaited the bridal march. She went to the altar with much excitement. She turned to look at the groom. But he was not there! Jea was confused a little and looked around searching for her groom. It was her perfectly planned wedding, everything was going as planned, it was the time to exchange vows but where did he go? He has to be at the altar as her plan. Questions engulfed her as everyone look for the groom. Finally a little boy came and hand Jea a letter. Jea read the letter and sat at the altar devastated. It said: "Jea, it's me Nick. You have planned the wedding well. Everyone liked the decorations and I really appreciate the effort you put for our wedding. But you haven't talked with me for these two months. You were so busy with your plans that you didn't have time for me. When i tried to talk with you, you were so busy to listen. I had lot of things to tell you before our wedding and i wanted to share the responsibilities in our wedding planning. But you were too busy to hear a word. Today, even today when I tried to speak, you were too busy preparing for our wedding. Sorry to say it Jea, but I can't take a bride who is too busy for her groom.." Jea was devastated as she was left alone at the altar and her carefully planned decorations and everything semmed to laugh at her. The same may happen to us if we are too busy for our groom Jesus Christ. Let us take time to be with him, to know his will. Let us not run around doing our own ideas and hear what the groom Jesus has to say.
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