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  1. These are all very true things. And as someone who spent a lot of time focusing on each and every one of those tasks, I can tell you they certainly pay off. But...it's tiring. Authors should be prepared to pace themselves. I burnt myself out and, ultimately, withdrew from what I had worked so hard to achieve. Remember that in everything, we should be ready to take a step back. Go slowly if you must. It's the tortoise who won the race, after all.
  2. I guess my themes tend to be: "You're being used for a greater purpose without even knowing it" or "All that good you thought you were doing is actually what is destroying the thing you love most." If those can be fit into themes. LOL!
  3. I think the key, for me, is to write as descriptively as possible in as few words as possible. I teach writing at a homeschool group and I'm always telling my students to pick trigger words (i.e. words that carry with them a whole landscape of meaning).
  4. Hey! I was just wondering how much longer I had to wait for my inactive status to go away. I thought I'd heard that certain things opened up for new members after 10 or so comments, and that would probably be the case for people who have been inactive in the past, but I've had well over 10 comments and my status remains the same. I have to admit that it's making me feel a little discouraged, since I'd like to enjoy this site to its fullest. Any help or advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
  5. I've used both Ingram Spark and CreateSpace, and Ingram Spark is greatly superior. They cost more, but their products are much more professional. Also, they send free samples if you request them, so you can see the quality and size before you decide.
  6. To be fair to those who use wattpad, there are plenty of famous and professional authors who use it as well. They tend to use it for the reasons I stated earlier--post a short story and then link to a book you've had traditionally or self-published. Those authors will only post polished and edited material. The point is to advertise their abilities in the hopes of reaching new readers. It tends to be more effective than exclusively publishing your short stories to online magazines and anthologies (which pay small amounts, regardless). I've known many authors who have attempted to sell single short stories on kindle without much success. Since many authors are now offering full length novels for $0.99, few readers are willing to purchase a short story for that amount.
  7. Ha! I didn't even think of doing that! That's a good idea!
  8. I got 7 out of 10. I call foul, though! I know for a fact there was no 8 anywhere. *Pouts like my 4 year old* Ha! I don't know if you could call this a proper test of photographic memory, though. The idea is that your brain takes a "picture" of what it sees. However, this test varied the spacing between the numbers so that our brains are spending most of the time trying to figure out if that's a 1 and a 7 or if that's 17. You can't take a mental picture of something like that. Instead, I'd say it's more a test of remembering sequencing, since the numbers did get progressively higher.
  9. I've used scrivener in the past--it's great for keeping all your information in one place. But more recently, I've been using Word, with many, MANY hard to decipher notes on random pieces of paper I found closest to me when I had my "brilliant" thoughts.
  10. This is precisely why I have used it. I usually write companion short stories to my books. I have made extra sales because of this, and reached readers I never would have found otherwise.
  11. I, personally, don't know anyone who has used wattpad to acquire feedback. It may very well be true. All of my experience has been with writers who have completed works they are willing to share in order to boost their readership for other books they are selling. With that being the case, the work is typically complete and considered published. If anyone IS using wattpad for feedback, then I would definitely recommend not using it because you are absolutely right. I would never post any work online that you intend to sell. 1. No publisher would take it (unless you have millions of views and ratings) and 2. No one would ever buy it (unless you, again, had millions of views and ratings and you produce a second addition). Wattpad should be seen as a place to give your work away for free in the hopes of growing a readership. Any writer should be willing to consider their work a loss in terms of ever making money off of it.
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