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  1. Claire Tucker

    Wave Watching

    Welcome, Beachwalker! It's great to meet you
  2. Claire Tucker

    Day-timers - What's Your Opinion?

    I use them, if only to help me think and plan in all that I need to during a day or week. Work, studies, writing and chores get listed, with a rough time-table for that day. Also, if I have a lot of changes to my standard schedule that crop up, it helps me remember.
  3. Claire Tucker

    The Villain Never Changes

    Absolutely love Disney stories! One of my all time favorite Disney villains is Scar ... When I come to writing villains, I like to include a couple of aspects - One, the villain must have a deep-set motive for why he does what he does. I almost spend more time developing the backstory for my antagonists than the protagonists. Two, I like my villain to be an embodiment of the theme. The protagonist must overcome whatever in his emotional/spiritual/personal life before he can defeat the villain. One excellent redemptive story I read during last year was book 2 in the Brides of Alba series by Linda Windsor. The protagonist of book 2 was the villain of book 1 ... and in book 1 he didn't change. Except to get worse. And more evil. Out of the entire trilogy, he's my favorite character.
  4. Claire Tucker

    New Member

    Welcome! Nice to meet you
  5. Claire Tucker


    Welcome! It's nice to meet you
  6. Claire Tucker

    Happy New Year!

    Welcome, Kim! Glad you joined us
  7. Claire Tucker

    New Christian Author

    Welcome, Kat!
  8. Claire Tucker

    Howdy, Y'all!

    Welcome! Nice to meet you
  9. Claire Tucker

    Writing & Publishing In The New Year - 2019

    Please don't stop! I have found your advice to be good and solid. And generally leaves me with a smile. So please don't stop. At least not here.
  10. Claire Tucker

    Writing & Publishing In The New Year - 2019

    I want to set up a website for a non-fiction project of mine, and use that to experiment with websites, building a following, marketing, and all the other important stuff that goes with writing. Oh, and actually finish the non-fiction book. That might be important.
  11. Claire Tucker

    Hello From Croatia

    Welcome, Nikola! Its great to meet you
  12. Claire Tucker

    Life Of An Endurer

    Welcome Brian!
  13. Claire Tucker


    Welcome Courtney! Make yourself at home
  14. Claire Tucker

    Family Just Doesn't Get It!

    Lol I love this! Wish it worked with me ...
  15. Claire Tucker

    Before Spitting, Be Prepared

    Welcome, Steve. Thank you for introducing yourself and sharing your family's history.

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