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  1. Thanks, Joshua. That's the approach I've been taking, too. Glad to hear it doesn't have to be an overwhelming introduction.
  2. Alley, Well, that explains it. I like the Gaelic names, too. I like 'Buttons'. The characters are male.
  3. Alley, one character is purely ambition driven. Another main character is quite the opposite - unmotivated and aloof.
  4. Alley, I didn't realize Blake, Duff, Hal, etc. were medieval names. Interesting method. I try to use different first letters for characters also, but maybe don't worry about it enough.
  5. Thanks, Nicola, for the imagination boost. It's probably what I need more than anything. Images that express their inner conflict tied to their names? Any examples?
  6. I agree, I have a lot of fun with it. The keyboard idea for speculative fiction is a new one for me. Great idea. I'm writing what might be called speculative fiction. My setting is in the not too distant future. So names I like are not that unusual - Torin, Julya, Nathan. No Rigibaps, I'm sorry to say.
  7. Does anyone else spend an inordinate amount of time creating character names or is this strictly a novice writer problem?
  8. How do you like to introduce your readers to your fantasy world? Do you drop them in and let them figure it out or do you present a description of it at the outset? Or some other technique?
  9. Hello, I'm fairly new to the writing journey. Right now, I'm most interested in world-building and character development especially the psychological aspects. Look forward to meeting you all.
  10. Would like to find someone interested in swapping brief bits of writing for feedback and ideas.
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