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  1. StAndrewsX21

    New Member Seeking Writing Ideas

    Thank you for the encouragement!
  2. StAndrewsX21

    New Member Seeking Writing Ideas

    Hi! I'm Drew. I live in Indianapolis and have lived in many different places in the US. I'm 55, an attorney, divorced, have three beautiful daughters (currently all estranged), and I liek to think of myself as an avid seeker of truth. I joined this forum to share thoughts and get ideas of writing. I would like to write 1-2 books every year for the rest of my life. I have several ideas and would love input on where to go with them and which to prioritize. So I'm curious about others thoughts on which ideas will likely be most read and have the greatest impact. My current ideas are: 1. "...Keep Walking" Taken from a phrase given to me by another Christian man in a Bible study I was in years ago, "If you're going through hell, keep walking" - it would be a book meant for encouragement to anyone else who has gone through substantial difficulty and ultimately meant to encourage others to reflect on the grace they have in their own lives as they navigate their way through painful times. 2. Memoirs re My Kids I've been through a lot in the loss of active relationship with my children. When I've shared pieces of the story, I've been encouraged to share it with others. 3. "Above the La..." Fictionalized story of the loss of relationship with my kids. I've already written about 15000 words of this story. 4. Second Reformation I wrote a post about this on the forum topics. I really enjoy apologetics. 5. Christianity and American Law How should Christianity affect the law of our land, and how should the law affect our actions as Christians? Any and all thoughts are welcome and appreciated! Good to be part of the group. Blessings, Drew
  3. StAndrewsX21

    A New Reformation

  4. StAndrewsX21

    A New Reformation

    By Andrew J Thompson I have my own thoughts, and I'm also curious about what others see and think should change in Christianity today. Here are a few of my many thoughts and I would love to hear yours: 1. More humble submission to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I believe Martin Luther's humility up through 1521 catalyzed the early reformation, and a lack of humility thereafter on the part of many of the reformers, including Luther, stagnated reformation in the years that followed. So many Christian voices and leaders of today, are filled with self-certainty and have little humility toward different opinions. There is more fragmentation in the church today than ever before. IF there is to be unity, growth and purpose, it must come through the leading of the Spirit and not of man - no matter how long his reputation has been built. 2. Understanding the difference between true essentials of faith, and the non-essentials. In my time as a follower of Christ, I have heard and witnessed so much emphasis within the church on financial success, political victory, community recognition, and self-improvement, I would expect an unbeliever to think the Christian message is that the resurrection of Christ (if even mentioned) begets wealth, power, prestige and good health, but has little to do with eternal life, or the coming of the kingdom of Christ here on earth, as it is in heaven. I pray our focus, as Christians, moves back to our risen savior - in the end, that is what it is all about. 3. Restoring personal piety to its place serving Christ's kingdom rather than self. The church has always had this battle. The gift of identity means we are always tempted to care only for that which we are given to care for first - ourselves. But Christ's example, more than anything else, teaches us we can rely on God to care for all of our needs. The self is given to us as a vehicle to gain understanding of the greater whole of humanity and creation - not to serve ourselves. We grow the most when we realize that it is God who takes care of us, we are here to take care of that which is around us. Rightly understood, we all have a mission, and a purpose. Collectively, it is to be part of ushering in Christ's kingdom. Individually, it is to do our part to with that which God puts us in touch with. Our greatest reward is communion with Christ - we experience that most in communion with all those we touch. I'm happy to discuss the many nuances of these ideals and others, in the context of church reformation. I hope this becomes a lively and helpful discussion. "Never grow weary..."

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