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  1. Oops, I meant paragraphs, I don't know why I said that!
  2. Thank you! You mean like separating sentences?
  3. "Mary, it's time for Church!" My mother's voice came up the stairs. "Can't I stay at home? I have a headache." "No; you're coming along. Father and I have already discussed it. You've missed three weeks already for that excuse. Get down here, now." "But mother..." I started. "Now." I sighed. I guess I used that excuse too often. I didn't really have a headache, and I actually never had had one. Maybe Mother figured that out. I just didn't want to go to Church. Why, you ask? I just didn't feel like I had enough faith, enough love
  4. Hello!

    How wonderful to connect with you here too!  I need to update my notice about Hagovi's bridge to show your gorgeous cover.

    I hope you find this a helpful and friendly place, within the usual bounds of internet caution, of course.

    See you around!


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