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    I have “skin in the game” on this issue as I know what it is like to regret an abortion. But then I have found forgiveness from Christ for something I did many years ago. Forty-two years ago, my wife and I elected for that procedure as the Roe decision was just handed down 5 years earlier. The regional hospital close to where we were living, even advertised for the services. It was advertised as safe and gone were the back-alley abortion clinics, which were part of the reason for legalizing abortions. I do believe I convinced my wife to go this route as I rationali
  2. We can find this need in what Christ telling us of what to expect in these Last Days. Matthew 24:4- 5 4 And Jesus answered and said to them Take heed that no one deceives you. 5 For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ, and will deceive many. We have seen a rise of false prophets claiming to speak in the name of Christ--- leading many astray in deception. Notice that Christ first warns us of deception in what is called His Olivet Discourse. “ Take heed that no one decieves you”. Because, as He tells us in His the further descriptions of the Last D
  3. Matthew 24:12 And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold. This aspect of love that has been growing colder as one of Christ’s prophesies in His Sermon on the Mount listed in the 24th Chapter of Matthew, and I will explain. We can get something like Cancer that invades our society and people do not realize it is spreading. Satan likes to introduce things in a slow, but very subtle manner. Watching society go through these subtle changes for close to 70 years, has made me realize that the love of many is, in fact---- growing colder. And as
  4. Thank you for adding the Romans 2:14-15 reference to the conscience. It supports Romans 1:19-20 where it says "manifest in them" [NKJV] as more proof that we are each born with a conscience.
  5. 1 Corinthians 14:33 For God is not the author of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints. We live in a Nation in the world where there is much confusion and we try to lesson that aspect. We see a story on the News as Christians, and we like to have all our “ducks in a row” as to our opinions and move on. It seems like people rush too much to Judgement and do not think through things which are very rarely black versus white [literally]. But then, we are indoctrinated to form our opinions right now. Lately we have the blacks and a lot of
  6. As to whether you referenced John 8:,7, it is still in the text, is it not? And since it is gender specific in many Versions, including the KJ,, should we not Study it out more? My Concordance study indicates that it can be rendered in that fashion, especially since it is very obvious that the "test' they were giving to Christ did not include any responsibility to the men for their own adultery. But they caught only this woman and were demanding that ONLY she be stoned. Where was the man she had this adultery with,--- when they caught her? . And a baby is oftentimes a product
  7. Thank you for you comments, However, I am familiar with what all Jesus said to the woman caught in adultery. Most Versions of the Bible use the male rendering as in, --- "HE who is without sin among let HIM throw the stone at her first " --- NKJVBible Gateway. . By the way this response in John 8:7 was to them------ not to her in this verse. They were testing Him by their mis-applied rendering of the Law of Moses which calls for a stoning of BOTH the man and woman.. That is the point I tried to make. The Laws we are trying to apply in this case are hypocritical as the
  8. Certainly, the political climate in the Nation is partially guided by the abortion issue as Kavanaugh’s recent appointment was to get that 5th Vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. Ever since Roe was handed down in 1973 I have paid a lot of attention to the abortion debate as my deceased wife and I chose that route in 1978. She was to die in a car accident 9 years after that abortion that both of us agreed upon. Even though we both might have listened to our inner sense [Romans 1:19] that might have told us that abortion was wrong, we still made that decision. A regional hospit
  9. I am learning to keep that day of my first recognition of God;s Grace close to my heart. From Newton;s example. as I examined his biography.,He did remember that day he was saved for some 50 years until he died. That shows me to me that I also must remember. Thank for the comment,
  10. May 10, 1748 is a day that John Newton remembered for the rest of his life, until he died in 1807. It was the day of his conversion to Christianity---a day of humiliation where in which he subjected his will to a higher power. You see, as his biography notes, he was attempting to steer his ship, [which he believed to be lost], though a violent storm and cried out “Lord, have mercy on us!”. God answered his humble prayer and got he and his ship through that storm. He was a slave-trader and had given up on any religious convictions in his life thus far. His b
  11. “Jim, it looks like the blood work we did on you, indicates you have pancreatitis and likely Cancer”, said the technician from the Clinic on the phone to me. She also added---"you need to get to the Emergency Room of the Hospital immediately and we will send an ambulance if you need one” Not good news what you are sitting in a Walmart waiting for your prescriptions to be filled. I had what looked like a bad stomach flu that doubled me up with pain on a Friday. My wife came out to work to pick me up and took me to a Local Clinic where after ruling out a heart-attack, th
  12. Mormonism is definitely a cult. I was born into a family where the fact that my mother was deeply embedded in Mormonism and naturally she wanted all her children to be a part of that. As I was the only boy in my family, I was urged to receive both priesthoods in that Religion and I became a so-called Elder. Our genealogy indicates that we are descendants of Lot Smith, who was a Leader in Brigham Young’s Militia back in the 1850’s after the Mormons first migrated to the Utah territory. My family placed a lot of pride in being descendants of such a hero in the Church, who also had 8
  13. Rebellious Son of a Rancher and the power of Forgiveness I think early on in my childhood, I did not think the ranching life was from me. My dad has aspirations, [as I was his only son], of me eventually taking over the family ranch in N. Wyoming that had been part of our family for 4 generations. My great, great grandfather was the first white man to settle in the valley back in the 1860’s and he even married a Shoshone Indian squaw. I can remember having an actual picture of him in my bedroom, when I was at an early age and his picture used to scare me. Mean looking fellow wi
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