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  1. Weary are we, of the long bitter nights Tired, dormant souls, beneath blankets Hidden from the winter wrapped world Dream we, of fragrant forest vales Silent, like cocooned caterpillars Painfully, ensconced within a swaddle We wait for a chance to change Dream we, of fragrant forest vales Quietly growing toward the sky Dawn, dressed in warm white linen Releases the softly rising sun, Dream we, of fragrant forest vales Down winds the human clock Rise we, from the cold dark sleep Resurrected, timeless, ch
  2. There is coming a day, when the harvest shall be gathered in the springtime, In the winter,in the summer and the fall, a forever feast and celebration, A resurrection of the garden, the body, the tree of life, instead of flaming swords Angel's welcoming arms, like wings, widely spread, As the Sun of righteousness rises And those that stand as stones, will find healing in His wings, a never-ending morning Ushered in by darkness, a cross, a cry, of a finished work, love buried behind a boulder Bursting forth, unleashed, unfettered, unstoppable...
  3. PROLOGUE The River There is history in all men's lives. ~William Shakespeare~ The newborn banks cut across the land like veins flowing with crystal clear water, nurturing the land and sustaining life, just as the blood in the veins of the “River People” coursed fiercely through their bodies. People who built fires on the river side sand and sang happy songs that morphed into screaming war cries as the new world sprouted a growth of white strangers, who battled their way onto the banks, as the “River People” faded away. Pioneers cleared land, buil
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