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  1. Behold, The Lord raises His voice Within the hearts of the elect!... Yet His silence bears witness Against those who refuse to hear. Pride is a veil held fast Over the heads of the arrogant; It shall cover them in the day of darkness... Yet the way of the elect is a crown of glory, And grace covers them!
  2. Let those who do wickedly Walk in the way they have chosen, Until their foot becomes ensnared... And let those who are Mine seek Righteousness apart from the wicked, Until they are lifted up, High upon healing wings!... Says The Lord.
  3. It is the man who endures through the pain, And perseveres through every obstacle, Who finishes the race... Yet the man who surrenders all to The Lord Will fly with eagle’s wings.
  4. The hard of heart have no knowledge; Even all revelation is hidden from their eyes... Yet one who shares in My cup, Weeping heavily upon My chest, Has touched the heart of God... For sincere tears open the door to My fullness, Yet a hard heart is a locked door... Says The Lord.
  5. The wailing of the penitent Brings forth healing; Yet the words of the wicked Cause only pain... Love flows outward from The hearts of the righteous; Yet the love of the wicked Grows cold, as hate enters in.
  6. Beloved, by serving others in love, Putting their needs before your own... By sacrificing yourself, Your desires, your wants, your will, Your body, even your very life... Will you learn what it truly means To wash each other’s feet... Says The Lord.
  7. The first stitch, to mend any rent, Are the words “I’m sorry”... Says The Lord.
  8. The love of God is His crowning glory... And that love is revealed in the glory of The Son, By which His beloved are also crowned.
  9. My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19 Dear Father, I’m thankful that all our needs don’t begin to exhaust your resources .
  10. Hello William, The Holy Spirit brought that scripture to mind when I read your reply. i think your response came from a lack of understanding about the subject. Please check out Geoengineering Watch . it’s about exposing the climate engineering coverup. God bless you!
  11. Hos 4:6 - My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for Me; Because you have forgotten the law ofyour God, I also will forget your children.
  12. 8/23/05 From The Lord, Our God and Savior The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear WOE TO THOSE WHO HARM THE LITTLE ONES! WOE TO THOSE WHO SLAUGHTER MY GIFTS! AND WOE TO ALL WHO STAND IN AGREEMENT! Says The Lord. For they are and were created, sculpted delicately in fragile flesh, attached to The Vine before their very conception. For it is the fool who says in her heart, “There is no God,” believing she answers only to herself, as she testifies aloud, saying, “It is my body, my choice.” YOU CHOOSE DEATH! Says The Lord. For the child within you is Mine, even as you are Mine also; your body is not your own! ALL BELONG TO THE LORD, ALL ANSWER TO ME! Therefore, thus says The Lord: The murder of the innocent leads to the death of the guilty, who carry the innocent within them; take no part in their sin. For all who do wear equally the guilt of the mother, all seek the penalty of death; from the lawmakers to the voters, to the building owner to the workers to the suppliers, and finally to the father, if he does not take a stand to protect the unborn who are without blame. Behold, they have brought the wrath of God upon their nation, upon their state and upon their cities, calamity upon calamity until I have laid them waste! Fierce is My anger, hot is My countenance! My little ones perish in all the earth! WHOLE GENERATIONS SLAUGHTERED! MULTITUDES OF CHILDREN MURDERED DAY AND NIGHT, WITHOUT CEASING!... Therefore have I brought forth and appointed Many days of sorrow for THIS generation!... JUDGMENT!... THE GREAT AND TERRIBLE DAY OF THE LORD!
  13. What Was Propelling Hurricane Michael? According to Dane Wigington of GeoengineeringWatch.org, the worst hurricane to hit the Florida panhandle coast, according to radio weather forecasters, was propelled by high intensity microwave energies apparently emanating from Eglin Air Force Base in “western Florida, located about three miles (5 km) southwest of Valparaiso in Okaloosa County.” [Wikipedia] Dane documents his statements in a composite weather map video showing microwave manipulations. Coincidentally, he inserts the weather map of microwave energies that kept Hurricane Florence in place over the Carolinas. Shouldn’t those weather geoengineering strategies be considered a crime and prosecuted no matter who is involved? It seems that “climate change” is a deliberate act of man, not an Act of God! Continues
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