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  1. Hi, Matt. Can you give more specifics? What are some examples of topics you might want folks to write about? Is this a paid or volunteer gig? Are you looking for more than one author? Any info. you can give would be appreciated!

  2. Hey, everyone! About 1 1/2 years ago, I was looking for ideas for my devotional writing. I sent out a Facebook request to my friends to inquire about their favorite Bible verses and tried to include some of these verses in my writing. It was a good way to connect with some of my readers and also to get ideas to overcome writer's block. I thought I would ask this group of friends on Christian Writers about their favorite verses. Who's to say? (Me, I guess.) Your favorite verse might just be the topic of my next devotion! So, please share your favorite verse or passage in the comments to this post. Thanks!

    bible favorite verses.jpg

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  3. Hi, Zee. Maybe your niche is short stories. It can be a real gift to write concise works. I used to be bothered to by the fact that I had difficulty with writing longer works, but have now accepted that the shorter stuff can be good as well. I write a lot of devotions (about 350 words or so. You can always combine short stories or devotions into a compilation project. Don't be discouraged!

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