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  1. Hi, Kells. It's nice to meet you. I'm glad you are enjoying ChristianWriters. Blessings on your writing!
  2. Hi, Howard. It's nice to meet you. Blessings on your writing!
  3. Hi, Uriel. Welcome to CW. Many blessings on all of your writing endeavors!
  4. Hi, Wesley! Welcome to CW. I hope you enjoy the site. Blessings on your writing adventures!
  5. Hi, Brenda. Welcome to CW! Many blessings on your writing adventures!
  6. Hi, Priscilla! Welcome to ChristianWriters. Best wishes on your writing endeavors!
  7. Hi, Vessel For Him. I am praying for you. Be encouraged that God loves you and is for, not against, you. Jesus' forgiveness cleanses us from all sin. Blessings to you.
  8. Thanks for helping out, Lynn! I knew you'd have my back!
  9. Hi, Bradley. It's great to meet you! I hope you enjoy and benefit from ChristianWriters. Blessings!
  10. This week my website and I celebrated our 3-year anniversary. I'd love for you to check out https://www.chuckkralikauthor.com! Blessings CW friends!
  11. Hi, Mary. Welcome to CW. Blessings on your writing ministry!
  12. Hi, Dobbin. Welcome to CW! Many blessings on your writing endeavors!
  13. Hi, Nicola. Congratulations on your book and website. I checked out the book website, and I think it looks great! Keep up the good work!
  14. Hi, Sandy. Welcome to CW! Many blessings on your writing endeavors!
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