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  1. Hi Shirley, I love your beautiful and tender song lyrics, written straight from the heart. It's such a wonderful reflection of the precious love of our Lord, Who carries us during those difficult times. God bless you!
  2. Thank you so much Nikki for your kind words. God bless ❤️
  3. Thank you so much Nikki for your kind words. God bless ❤️
  4. I enjoyed your poem Nikki ... beautiful, heartfelt and tender words! God bless x
  5. Hi MaryKaithe, I really enjoyed your poem, beautifully written with wonderful imagery! God bless!
  6. Aww... thank you so much Rivka ... bless you! Glad you enjoyed this. I have not actually been very active for some time in the Club, due to personal circumstances which prevented this from being possible. (So sorry for the really late reply). God bless, Christine
  7. Thank you so much dadcard2. Apologies for this really late reply. I have not actually been very active for some time in the Club, due to personal circumstances which prevented this from being possible. I can see your point ... yes, no need for the " " around tied. Thanks!
  8. In a stormy time, when I felt alone Your face I couldn’t see I walked through a valley, so dark and deep But Lord, You were there with me I struggled and cried, my hands were “tied” “Just when would this trial end?” In the midst of it all, in weakness I called Your Name ~ O Jesus my Friend You lifted me up when my eyes looked down At the problems I faced each day You reminded me, Lord – again and again I ONLY needed to pray I only needed to lean on You more To trust in Your faithful word To know that this valley was just for a time To know that my prayers were heard Although I had done the best I could My faith was truly tried Sometimes I felt I’d failed the test But yet ~ deep down inside Your mercy and grace propelled me on Upholding me night and day Your beams of love kept shining through I ONLY needed to pray ~ Thank You Jesus! © 2017 Christine V Mitchell All Rights Reserved
  9. When love touched my heart, it was wholesome and clean Reaching the places that no-one had been Melting the wall that had kept me secure Protecting emotions I’d suffered before. When love touched my heart, I was no more condemned But offered forgiveness ~ given a Friend To comfort and guide me, to show me the way To give me assurance that helped me to pray When Love touched my heart ~ Hope said “Arise I never will leave you; open your eyes For I’ll be your everything ~ no need to fear Just call My Name ~ you’ll find I am near.” Though dreams had been shattered and life re-arranged When Love shone its light ~ everything changed This Love was Jesus ~ my heart was won Just knowing that, for me, God gave His Son. My heart then responded and this is my story Christ ~ my Captain, my Saviour, my glory I opened the door ~ and Jesus came in. All-perfect is the love that I found in Him. ---o0o-- © 2015 Christine V Mitchell Thank You Lord
  10. Hi Cathy7 Your poem is beautifully written!
  11. Fantastic poem!! Perfect for the season I especially liked..... "But still we’re on the doorstep of tomorrowstill a hope, still a reason why,still a light beyond our darknessan answer to the prayers we cry." Great imagery, sense of hope and anticipation!
  12. Thanks so much Dadcard2 for your kind words and for spotting that error. Will amend. God bless!
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