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  1. When love touched my heart, it was wholesome and clean Reaching the places that no-one had been Melting the wall that had kept me secure Protecting emotions I’d suffered before. When love touched my heart, I was no more condemned But offered forgiveness ~ given a Friend To comfort and guide me, to show me the way To give me assurance that helped me to pray When Love touched my heart ~ Hope said “Arise I never will leave you; open your eyes For I’ll be your everything ~ no need to fear Just call My Name ~ you’ll find I am near
  2. Hi Cathy7 Your poem is beautifully written!
  3. Fantastic poem!! Perfect for the season I especially liked..... "But still we’re on the doorstep of tomorrowstill a hope, still a reason why,still a light beyond our darknessan answer to the prayers we cry." Great imagery, sense of hope and anticipation!
  4. Thanks so much Dadcard2 for your kind words and for spotting that error. Will amend. God bless!
  5. I'm glad I can always come to You Lord Thank You for being my Friend Thank You for being right there at the start And still being there at the end Thank You for every trial and storm When I couldn’t see my way In the darkest hour, there You were Faithful, each night and each day Light of my life, my Father, my God Jesus, my Saviour and Lord Sweet Holy Spirit ~ my Comfort, my Guide How precious, O Lord, is Your word Hope for the hopeless, merciful King Rich in co
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