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  1. I've had oral surgery on my upper mouth once where I needed stitches that came out. I remember when they put them in they didn't numb the portion of the gum where the stitches were being tied, like mentioned before they are individual, not like actual sowing clothes, and mine were also black. I remember that it is a sharp pain when the needle enters, and I could feel a lot of tugging and more radiating pain around where the thread was being inserted. Now I have an extremely high pain tolerance (have broken bones and busted ribs and I don't think it hurts very much, usually swelling or bruising is how I know something is off) and I thought that the stitches hurt a bit. Not enough to cry or anything, just enough to note it didn't feel like a tickle. I don't know about in your arm, but I could feel the thread being pulled through my gums when they were taken out, that is more uncomfortable and unnerving than anything. I think that is more mental. My sister also had stitches in her lip when it got split, and she still has a tiny scar from it, but they actually had to re-cut her lip because we lived so far away and it was healing wrong by the time we got her to the doctors. My other friend was also bit by a dog and it took a hunk of her knee and after she healed, you could see where each individual stitch had been in her scarring, just if you are looking for the after effects of stitching!
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