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  1. We all make mistakes, and we all struggle with self-pity. Sometimes I struggle with my own self-pity when mistakes in my writing seem “unfixable” to me . Thank you so much for this great story Paul. It makes me realize that I'm not alone with this.
  2. I'm in! I've scratched the surface of my "why" in the "Is there really such a thing as children's stories?" thread, but I would like to go deeper.
  3. I love this example of a sculptor. I usually have a vague idea about what's going to happen from beginning to end, but it isn't until I write the story that I become aware of the obstacles that stand in the way of my character's problems getting resolved. It's like I'm learning with my characters.
  4. Oh! I just noticed that this is the "Monkees"!
  5. It would be like Cats the musical, only with apes!
  6. I should keep this in mind. I don't want to scare my readers. This made me chuckle!
  7. Thank you so much Celebrianne! Oh, I think I know the feeling that your talking about. I also felt like she grew up too quickly for me. She was still younger than me when I tried to read the later books, so I had this strange feeling like I couldn't keep up with the milestones she reached. I recognize that this isn't a healthy point-of-view for me to have. I just have to remember that age is just a number. Maybe your writing would help me to see things in a more positive light.
  8. Yes. It has wholes in is as if it's swiss cheese, but I would think that it would stick to the bottom of the pan. Maybe cheese would work on some waffles such as dinner or potato waffles, but the guy in the video put what I think is whipped cream on top of the cheese half which seems a little unusual to me.
  9. Thank you Claire. This message isn't going to be in a novel, (at least not yet), but right now its an undertone that's woven throughout my short stories.
  10. Hi Paulchernoch, does "egoism" work? I looked it up to see if this is a real word, and it is. However, I'm not sure if the word "ego" is connected closely enough to the "love of fame" or "love of glory" to work for what you are writing. Whew! Words are tricky.
  11. Haha, this is cute! Is the yellow stuff cheese or butter? Whatever it is I don't recall ever seeing it melted in a frying pan, and poured on top of a waffle before.
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