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  1. Hey I love your profile pic. My capital one card has Starry Night on it 😃 

  2. Norway, 1837 A distorted orange light bobbed up and down, shining behind the waters that winter had frozen in place. Carefully, she made her way up the slick slope, skirt in one hand and lantern in the other. Setting the lantern down, she wrapped her cloak tighter around herself and waited in the frigid air. Moments later, another lantern came into view, carried by the dark-haired young man that grinned at her. He set the lantern down and spread his arms out, which she happily ran into. The smell of pine and sweat still linge
  3. If serenity could be captured in a picture, the scene of snow falling gently onto the ground would be a good candidate. If only their lives had been that calm these past two months. Waking up in a hospital room not knowing who he was, watching the woman who called herself his wife burst into tears when he’d said he didn’t know her, and the kids’ faces when they were told their daddy couldn’t remember them . . . Oliver, as he’d been told was his name, peeked inside the baby’s room, where he spotted Natalie rocking . . .Lily? Laila? He frowned. He’d remembere
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