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  1. Thank you, everyone, for your comments! It was exciting and encouraging to hear from you!
  2. Hi! I wanted to share my exciting news: my second short article that I wrote during the summer got published in The Christian Journal! September's theme was on Romans 8:28. There's a lot of good articles to read if you can spend the time. They have both a print and digital version, so I can share it with you. My article is called "God's Faithful Refining" and it includes a picture of a teen girl sitting next to her school back pack. http://thechristianjournal.org/the-chrisitan-journal-september-2020/ I hope folks will enjoy this!
  3. Thank you! You all made my special day even happier!
  4. Hi everyone! Sorry to take so long to write back. I did sent that gentle letter to the silent magazine publisher. And, there was no reply. I concluded, after studying this magazine's website, that their magazine is not a good fit for my article anyway. So, right now I'm trying to find the right magazine for my article. I'm hopeful that I'll find it soon, after reading some samples of another one. Thanks for your comments!
  5. Hello folks, Thanks for replying. Carol, there was nothing said in their guidelines on how long to wait. Thanks SW and Lynn for your advice and encouraging words. Now I'll try that inquiry!
  6. Thank you everyone! What a nice surprise! Yes, I had a wonderful Birthday. It was made exciting because I found that one of my articles will be published! It was the last one I posted here.
  7. Dear CWG, I've submitted an article to a magazine in June and never heard from them. Nothing at all. It has been 3 months now. Should I conclude that the editor doesn't want my article and send it out again? I want to share what I wrote, but it seems to be stuck. What is the best thing to do? Thanks for any advise you all have.
  8. Hi Lynn! Thanks so much for replying! (I knew you would ) But I'm surprised to learn that you no longer have a website. I hope that all is going well for you.
  9. Hi Jared, Thanks for replying, and for recommending Weebly. I realize that I need to clarify what I was saying. After spending a lot of time and effort creating websites on different web-builder websites, I found that I enjoyed creating them, but the work involved in having one with a blog was too stressful for me. Part of the work is advertising, and I didn't learn to do that. That part is stressful and bewildering. (Most didn't know my site existed.) I didn't master writing blog articles; and I made a lot of mistakes. I concluded that right now, it wouldn't be a good choice to have
  10. Dear CWG folks, I found out last year that I'm unable to have a website with a blog--as least not now. I had wanted to share on the site a testimonial gospel tract I had made. This is still true. I want to find a way to share it via the Internet, but no publishers are looking for my type of tract. It's more like a card when printed out and folded. Would any of you, who have your own website, be willing to take mine and post it on your site? And, could you report the response? It would mean so much. If anyone is interested, I could post the text of it here to you to
  11. Thanks Lynn! I'm sure that A LOT of other folks are glad too!
  12. Hi Lynn, I checked the critique forum again today. I was able to click on and look at posts this time. But I can't read the critique rules post. I get an error message. Sorry, forgot to mention that before. From what I've read here, others have trouble reading those rules too. Thanks for your help!
  13. I know for sure that I'm a member and I am signed in right now. I went to the critique forum to read a few stories, and got an error message like this: Error code: 2F173/H What is wrong? Whatever is happening, I hope it will work better next time. Thanks for making this site so fun to spend time in.
  14. When I arrived at work one June morning, my legs trembled, my heart raced, and I fought tears. My work had to be done, somehow. Sleep had eluded me again. After I waded through the morning, lunch break came. I stood in line and ordered my meal, collapsed into a chair, and cried. Sarah* joined me, an older woman who had become a dear to me. She asked me what was wrong. I struggled to describe my turmoil, asking her why it was happening. Then Sarah opened her Bible and read a verse aloud that astounded me: “But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his
  15. Dear Michael, I'm a Christian writer interested in this opportunity too. Is it still open? I have had articles published in e-zines, and one poem published in a print magazine. I have a website now with a blog, so I have learned to write them as well. This sounds like a wonderful way to get involved in a ministry. Please contact me here or at the contact page of my website: https://www.help-from-above.jimdofree.com/about/ Looking forward to hearing from you!
  16. Your Striving Can End Today I knew a man who pursued Christian knowledge. He strove to live for God. Great light flooded his mind on many subjects, and he delighted to share this treasure. But, he encountered Bible verses that he couldn't penetrate. Peace eluded him. He works for God's smile so that He will be welcomed home later. After searching, I found some Bible passages that may have burdened him. I want to remove the fears of others like him. When any of us doubts that Jesus' sacrifice was enough to save us, we struggle for salvation assurance. This
  17. I had dreaded my 50th birthday. Success in my life was hard to see, compared to others. I longed to know that I could make a difference in other lives through writing. Then I considered creating a website to reach this goal. Using website-builder websites, I pursued this project. However, I kept starting over, making it take more than a year. After my third attempt, I liked what I saw. Excitement gripped me as I poured myself into designing this website. It grew to fill my whole vision. Hours flowed by as I worked. I found myself mulling over more changes to make while sitting in church.
  18. In college, Campus Crusade for Christ was everything to me. Their teachings drew me, and influenced me for years, until I was able to turn from them.
  19. I discovered that my Jesus pictures were idols. Shocked, I quickly researched this, and found that it is true. But dealing with it was a difficult struggle.
  20. The Bible teaches that an eternal perspective gives direction and hope. Through a study in 1 Timothy, I share what that means and how to apply it right now.
  21. In the years that followed, I became obsessed with a TV show, and then later, my health. As a result, I suffered great loss until I turned back to God.
  22. God sent a troubling dream that I wanted to forget. While in college, my life revolved around Campus Crusade for Christ. But, after graduation, I learned that they had deceived me.
  23. Beverly Waller

    Pearls for You

    We don't choose God, but he chooses us. In the gospel of John, I found that Jesus shares with us how God saves souls. What God does and what it means for us gives joy.
  24. A story of how a Christian woman named Evelyn inspired me by her example. I share what I learned from her, and from the Bible, about this subject; a study that ends with joyful hope.
  25. A short article contrasting Campus Crusade for Christ's general teachings of self-esteem, that snared me while I was in college, with the Bible's teachings that I learned later on.
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