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  1. Z, I read your question several days ago, it has been on my mind repeatedly, and I have had difficulty answering it from my own perspective. At first I wondered if I sometimes treated God as an old friend, and that bothered me because I owe him much greater reverence, then I thought of the Lords prayer, how it begins giving him praise and worship, and I had to ask myself if I praise him enough for the love He has shown me. My prayer now is how does God want me to treat to Him. Great question Z, thank you.
  2. Will pray the the Lord gives her wisdom and direction.
  3. I live 45 miles from the nearest shopping center, and I do enjoy getting out and going to town for groceries, dinning out, movies, or visit friends. What I don't like is standing in long lines, waiting because someone ahead of me forgot to get something, or is chatting on their phone while attempting to make their purchases. The convenience of on line shopping is fantastic in my opinion, and frees up a great deal of my time to do things I enjoy.
  4. The book I've been working on is based on serial killers and human trafficking, it is based on known facts but written as fiction. I have seen a lot of violence in my 70 plus years, and I see no good purpose focusing on the acts themselves. In our world today if you say someone was tortured, you can let the readers imagination deal with the details.
  5. I bet we all have picked up a book that had a very appealing cover, then found out that the cover was the only good thing about the book. It is so true, the cover is the hook.
  6. Yes our Lord does answer prayers. I'm glad He's working in your life. Isn't it wonderful?
  7. I had a 69 Camaro, wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Today many times we can fix the body, but the mind and personality is sometimes impossible.
  8. I'm with Steven on #3, The book I'm writing first draft was terrible, I hadn't learned some of the skills. I spent over a year taking courses on writing and I'm still learning. I gave my first draft to a friends mother who is a English professor, she told me to start over after learning the writers craft, that was wonderful advice.
  9. I guess I'm not allowed to send messages, also can't get on certain forums. My email is blainem9@gmail. Have a great evening.
  10. Death is a fact of life, but we all hate to see someone go, but it is much easier when you know the departed one is a Christian, and truly sad when they are not. The Irish look at death differently, they cry when they are born, and rejoice when they die, believing they have moved on to a better place. One of my favorite songs is "Christians never die, they just move to their home on high." Praying for peace for the family.
  11. I would be willing to read it. As for foul language, I have been told that is a deal breaker with many Christian publishers. Personally I'm not offended by course language. I'm editing my first novel, it is fiction based on real world events, it deals with psychics, human trafficking, serial murders, and covers almost forty year period beginning in 1968. There is no foul language, orl explicit sexual content, but it definitely isn't a children's book. I have worked on this book for almost three years now.
  12. Thank all of you for your responses.
  13. Steve here is the two definitions. A cumulative sentence is an independent clause followed by a series of subordinate constructions (phrases or clauses) that gather details about a person, place, event, or idea. Contrast with periodic sentence. run-on sentence. A grammatically faulty sentence in which two or more main or independent clauses are joined without a word to connect them or a punctuation mark to separate them: “The fog was thick he could not find his way home.”
  14. The course I referred to is produced by The Great Courses and is actually twenty four lectures not twenty two. They are inexpensive and obviously non credited courses.
  15. I'm not referring to run on sentences. One of the course I took was building great sentences by professor Brooks Landon, University of Iowa. Basically when you create a sentence and add modifiers to it you create a cumulative sentence. The course is a series of twenty two lectures. As some of you mentioned, I think a hundred words sentence in dialog it a bit much, and not consistent with most conversations, unless your listening to a long winded preacher. That is a cumulative sentence.
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