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  1. jonjovi


    Sometimes with sin it is easy to feel unapproved. Remembering this verse will forearm any doubt.
  2. jonjovi

    just published My Books Out Now!!

    Congratulations with your new book! I see you have one great review on Amazon, I hope there will be more on the way for you!
  3. This song is a reminder of how great our God is!
  4. jonjovi

    Prayers For Nicola

    I will be praying too.
  5. jonjovi

    Mark 11:24

    Amen! Believe God can and will, and he will deliver!
  6. I do not trust any of the tech companies, and seems like more and more places are wanting more information from you. Every time you go anywhere medical they ask for your ss number. I always tell them no.
  7. jonjovi

    For 2018, Thank You Lord!

    It is always wonderful to hear a praise report!
  8. I could not watch the second video. It comes up unavailable. I enjoyed the other two. Lindsey Stirling is awesome!
  9. jonjovi

    Nehemiah 8:10

    You could not be anymore spot on with this!
  10. Never heard of City Harbor, but they did a great job with this Christmas song.
  11. This is the first time I have seen this video. VeggieTales just brings back memories for me!
  12. jonjovi

    Be A Overcomer

    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! We need only to ask!
  13. Oh man, Veggie Tales! Classic for me!
  14. jonjovi

    “Fear of Giants”

    So true, unfortunately I believe too many people miss out on all God has for them because of this reason.
  15. Yes, that would be disappointing! Keep it going!

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