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  1. Hello I want to write for you. And I have sent an email to the email address you have given below. I have few ready assignments like on persecuted Christians. And I can write devotional pieces on different topics. So please tell me what should I send you? Thanks.
  2. Hello Can you please tell me the details? The writer will get paid too?
  3. I have sent you an e-mail and my e-mail address is shoaibjibran101@gmail.com
  4. ok please send me the topics so if i can write i will send you surely.
  5. actually i live in Pakiatan , Asia so we can not meet face to face but we can have video call. ok i will come to the link you have given me.
  6. ok. I use to write on real and burning topic with real stories. are you okay with that? do you pay for writing?
  7. yes sure. so please tell me the details. thank you.
  8. Hello I am a Christian Writer, I work as a freelancer and i am interested to write .
  9. Hello I am a Christian Writer and work as a freelancer so can you please tell me what kind of writings you want? Thank you.
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