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  1. It started in the garden when Adam and Eve lost their identity. When the enemy tempted them to doubt God’s Word, His Truth, and His Love for them. They believed the lies of the enemy. They fell. They covered their shame with fig leaves. But God provided a sacrifice an innocent one to cover their shame blood for blood. We will never be ok with our own propping up of our identity. We are crooked in every imperfect way. Perfection is not man made. Perfection is God. The Bible tells us that our identity in Christ is part of accepting His gift of eternal life through faith. Jesus gave His lif
  2. Hi Donna, thanks for dropping by my page and reading my content! Have a blessed day!

  3. So my friend shared with me what God placed in her heart, a heavy burden, a calling to take our place in God’s Kingdom in this last days church. All the more that she put heaven’s calling in the back burner, all the more it becomes heavier and seared into her heart.—She has to act upon God’s call. When God puts in a person’s heart revelation of heavenly things, it becomes a matter of obedience. It might not make sense, it might look difficult, and it might even look impossible when we look at ourselves with our unending lists of our buts and if’s. But when God’s calling is pushing through wher
  4. Lately, I find myself waking up with heaviness in my heart, a burden to speak up in a dimming and darkening world. But today, I come to you in boldness and in humility. I am not better than anyone else, in fact I am just an ordinary person very familiar with pain and hardships in life. It is easier to go with the crowd and or just to be in the sidelines being quiet and being “just safe” but Im starting today to be proactive to share Jesus and my testimony to people. Most especially in this difficult times we are in.  My prayer is for people to find the Way, the Truth and the Life in a person. And He has a name His name is Jesus. 


    I have found my self through out my life shackled in invisible chains ⛓ but time and again. What kept and keeps me moving forward and overcoming is that I have met someone that Loves me so perfectly and so deep that His Love continues to change me and help me to overcome. He is not of this world. I pray that you find Him as well in the midst of wherever you are, ready your heart and let Him in.

    I have been deeply humbled by God I dont like the process of it but I praise Him for being with me in and through it all for His glory and my good. This breaking is difficult but it is necessary.


    For true freedom I write, for God’s Glory I choose to stand. And for this I am called to. 

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