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  1. Two things. Please look up "Audiblegate" https://www.thebookdesigner.com/2020/11/hear-ye-hear-ye-audiblegate-and-the-audiobook-return-fiasco/ https://theaharrison.com/audiblegate/ There are many posts by authoritative authors on the subject. Secondly, music is not generally included in audiobook production. We narrators are encouraged NOT to put it in. Other than those small things, well, one big thing and a small one, Matt Knight is right on the money!
  2. Poems happen to me. I don't try to write them, they just download and I have to write them down before they disappear. I think, SW, that you could sit quietly for a long time with just two words, allowing them to swirl around in your mind, following their rabbit trails. Like Carolina said, they have to have meaning before the rhyme.
  3. Well Done! Your launch video is uplifting! Your message is greatly needed in this world and I am intrigued!
  4. Hybrid is my way to publish. Community support. I have the skills to do it all myself, however, I do not have the time. I need to clone myself for other reasons than publishing! I have also learned the value of using someone else's skill to tap their community. That cover designer or editor knows people who are looking for good books and who trust them to deliver on quality products. They have "reach" that "boosts my signal" and we are all happier in the end!
  5. That is a powerful phrase! I would prefer not to describe my characters too fully because I want the reader to supply the details from their own experience. It is a delicate line to tread. The fact that he was willing to look foolish might have won them to the gospel! Thank you for that story!
  6. Congratulations to our brilliant novelists! And we're still cheering those still scribbling! Keep going! The end is in sight! I am inspired by the way your words flew and are flying onto the page. Also by this community that lifted its members to new heights. Well done everyone!
  7. Thanks for this article too! I hope this current issue gains them some traction to deal with the bigger issue of intellectual property theft. ACX does not check that the person putting a book up for production is actually the rights holder.
  8. Yes. Let's abandon a sinking dinosaur. ACX is not serving anyone anymore. Not even itself. Thanks for the great news, EBraten! I will look into this!
  9. Let's call it my Leoshine Series. The first book turned into two books. The second book will probably multiply in like fashion. Thanks for asking! I hope you also look into this resource!
  10. Publishing Primer This is a week long course by Colleen McCubbin of Siretona Creative. I find her conversational style very engaging, and yes, she is working on my book right now. Does that make this an affiliate link?
  11. It's those characters. They rattle around between my ears, getting chased up trees by bears, trees that get cut down and burned. Bears with sharp teeth too. They don't let up until I write it down. And then another bear comes along. I could write 'til the cows come home (chased by bears, of course).
  12. I'll give an educator's view on the male reader dilemma. The development of the brain is gender specific. In very simple terms, a male brain develops math before language and the female brain develops language before math. We lump all our children into one classroom. Therefore, we have a large portion of our females who "hate math" because they were confronted with it before they developed the neurons to deal with it. We have a large portion of males who do not read for the same reason. @suspensewriter Please tell us how to write for the men! Do you have specific tools
  13. I'm so glad to hear this! Too many times it is the women doing this to each other that perpetuates the atrocity! Sounds like you are a literary antropologist too!
  14. I've solved it! I'm going to write the scene at the very beginning, which is now a prologue, where she is in the bath. She's going to celebrate being free of the bindings her father makes her wear. She'll think about her mother worrying that her body will be ruined for feeding babies and look down and think, not a chance. Then another girl her age (they'll talk about how they used to play together before Gorphaline went through the initiation) will come in with a baby on her back. This will be a servant who helps bind her up and who explains in a snarky way a bit about how different Leos
  15. Aw thanks! I've been called a literary anthropologist for the societies I create. I've also been asked to make a Wiki for Leoshine. I made it up. There is a naming convention with -ine being the suffix for all girls names. Ritual rape. Her older sister Giffshine went through it several times and didn't get pregnant so she is relegated to the heap except she is the ruler's daughter. People just kind of try to ignore how deranged she is. The next daughter, Hillashine, is pregnant now. If she gives birth to a live child she gets to marry the man. Wow
  16. No magic. Just bindings and psychological isolation. This is a good technique, thank you!
  17. Couldn't be stranger than fact, these days!
  18. Leoshine is human. She is the youngest of three sisters. The society has an initiation rite that is harmful. Her father has kept her young in order to save her from the initiation. He knows there is an invasion coming that will abolish the ritual. I need to portray her as 17 with some hints of immaturity. Right now it seems she is 13 with some hints of maturity.
  19. What are you doing to establish you character's age, Claire?
  20. Cover # 3 is the best yet. It is dark and brooding. Zee, that is a fantastic picture of the girl dissolving!
  21. I can see many people enjoying this blog and paying to subscribe. Also, the agricultural industry would be eager to advertise on your blog when you have a following. 4H clubs would be a great resource.
  22. I searched the forum and didn't find any posts related to Defining Character Age. I'm up against it with Leoshine. Her body is one age and her mind is another. She lives in a different society from ours so the usual clues that a westerner would recognise are not available. Here are a few articles I found in my quest to write myself out of this knotty challenge: An Age Old Question Habits and Traits Do you have any other resources or suggestions? I need all the help I can get!
  23. One reason I'm glad I'm in Canada: we don't have any conflict between pumpkins and tinsel.
  24. Cheering you on, Jacks Girl! May your mind pour out its genius with unlimited freedom.
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