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  1. Is the offer still good? Interviews are a terrific way to be known in the wide world! I'll do one with you!
  2. Hello! You probably need to fly around in these airstreams a little longer. Keep talking, we'll hear you! Did you introduce yourself in the Meet and Greets?
  3. The Ardent Harvester Embrace the Harvest Sorry to zig the zag, but these came to me overnight.
  4. It's wonderful to see a title I've watched grow from the get go finally meet its fans. How is the launch going? What did you do on the big day?
  5. Thank you! I'm just scheduling a bunch of posts now! I hope the email sigh up works. Websites need never ending tending, don't they?
  6. The cover is going to be quite the deal, so yes! Thank you for asking! We must have a big party with lots of cookies! Here is an interview I did on Sunday with the artist who is painting the cover art. She shows a few of her concept drawings.
  7. Hello! You are all so kind. Truly, your kindness brings me to tears. This has been such a long process. The past months have been so hard. Yet I am sustained and strengthened by you. Thank you! You know I'm open to suggestions on how to make the website better, don't you? Always striving to be better!
  8. https://leoshine.micandpen.com/ I am soon to publish Book One, Leoshine, Princess Oracle. I have a website for me in general www.micandpen.com This one is a subdomain for now. Thanks to my Tech Lead for all the behind the scenes guru stuff!
  9. Yes, like Alley's banshee, the horse adds life and quirkiness.
  10. "Turn toward your reader" is another good saying. I find people don't trust their readers. The work of writing comes in knowing which detail to reveal, when, and which detail to leave out.
  11. My Leoshine Series was 700 000 ish words last year. That's six books. But the words are being trimmed every day. I hope I'll get to 80 000 per book.
  12. William, that is a wonderful idea! You will be built up by what you read and you will contribute good to the writers you read for! You should list the genres you are most interested in. When I have something, I'll be sure to send you a copy!
  13. Cookie? Did someone say cookie?
  14. Yes I got the day wrong. I'll still pray on Tuesday because that will be the day he starts feeling like a new man!
  15. This would help with the strain and carpal tunnel syndrome we writers get from our 500 000 word manuscripts!
  16. This is exciting! I'm happy he has the hope of this treatment and I will pray on Tuesday!
  17. I can hear it in my head already!
  18. Thank you for considering it! I am on the move these days and can't have paper copies. Also, if you do an audiobook, well, you will want a male narrator. People are creating ebooks and audiobooks from stolen work, so take advantage of these for your book before someone else does!
  19. I wish there was an ebook option. Do you have one somewhere other than Amazon?
  20. Oh! I do love the way you began your book! You have an easy going, conversational style to your narration! Congratulations. I want to read more.
  21. I am sorry for your head. Wrap it in holy cotton wool! Soft cushions and sweet scents.
  22. Wow! God is so detailed and His math is perfect. He wanted this message to be told! Thank you for being obedient and for encouraging us.
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