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  1. I had help! Everyone has worked so hard to bring the Treasure Hunt and party to life! Truly, this is lifegiving to me. Creativity and collaboration!
  2. I am holding a zoom party to celebrate International Women's Day, the success of my crowd funding program, and to launch the Internet Hunt! Two of our own, @kiwigummyand @Zeeare hosting "treausure" for the hunt! I am very, very excited to invite you to the party! @Travis Williamsa new member here, will tell us how he created the Tassanara Typeface that the treasures are made from! Colleen McCubbin, Chief Creative Officer of Siretona Creative, will speak about being a strong woman in this world. I'm going to show a short video from Anna Pederson who is painting original art for my cover.
  3. 24 600 words. I could flesh it out a little. You sound interested.
  4. I'm just finishing a crowd funding campaign. That raised awareness. I did a showcase with a Mat-leave support group! Tomorrow I'm having a zoom party to detail progress toward publishing. At the party, I'm launching an internet treasure hunt with the ultra cool Tassanara Typeface created for me by @TravisWilliams. I've joined Third Culture Kid facebook groups since they are my audience.
  5. Yes, that is finished. Not edited.
  6. Robot haters against users. It's a society that is replacing humans with androids. The love interests are on opposing sides of the question.
  7. I view politics as the interaction of humans. Anytime you get two of them in the same space, you have politics - tribalism, dictatorship, or democracy. I think, SW, you are asking about large scale, group interaction. One "tribe" brushing up to another. I have a theory that humans are innately tribal, it comes from being innately relational (which comes from God). Tribalism is not bad until we decide resources are scarce, and our tribe is better than another and "deserves" the lions' share of the resources. My John Murphys story is the most political thing I've written so far. There
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evelyn_Glennie https://vocal.media/beat/how-deaf-people-perceive-music I hope this helps.
  9. I still need two bloggers to host treasure! I have two from the States, five from Canada and one from Australia. Where do you live? Could you extend the hunt further around the globe?
  10. All this proves that writers enjoy each other's company. We are not lonely as long as we are laughing together.
  11. Dito. The characters know what they want and how to get me to write it down.
  12. Is this a good reason for a writer to incorporate? I already own a company, and authoring is part of that mix. The company absorbs profit and loss and smooths things over.
  13. A writer is never really finished. No such thing as a final draft. Just putting a story out there means every person who reads it puts their ideas into it to realise it for themselves. Seize the rewrite! Be on the cutting edge of discovery and exploration! Love and nurture the new idea!
  14. So true. I have enjoyed reading this thread, this deviation off the original topic. Thank you for being curious, SW!
  15. Oh, zx, you nailed it! Thank you for giving us this perfect description.
  16. Amen Are you feeling better, @Ky_Girl?
  17. Yes! You can add a message before and after, if you'd like. I'll send you the official version of this when I have all the links lined up. Thank you so much for your support!
  18. Hey Mario! Pleased to meet you! I hope you make your way into the other parts of this forum. I read your blog and I think you are a light in the darkness for your age group! You are fighting hard to do the right thing, to work and earn your way to independence. You'll find the encouragement you need here.
  19. I've got six out of the ten bloggers I need! They come from Canada, the US, and Australia! Who would like to join us? One blogger offered a copy of her book as a prize. You would get world wide exposure for your work! I also developed this blog post template for you to use: Welcome to our Famous Canadian Women Internet Treasure Hunt! We're so glad you're here to play! You are doing well! You have signed up at Leoshine's and got the key to cracking the code. (If you still need to do that, we'll hold your place here while you do!) You have found real tr
  20. This forum is populated with fantastic Sci Fi writers! Yourself included!
  21. Ride the storm. May there be clear skies and sunshine on the other side. God brings good out of the stormiest weather.
  22. If you do Out of the Silent Planet, will you do the whole series? Yes, that one gets my vote too. Are you going to feature non-famous works too? Undiscovered authors?
  23. Leoshine is a girl who grows up at the end of one age and becomes a woman in the new. She starts as a princess, goes through slavery and becomes queen. She is given to the invading leader for base uses and he educates her mind. It's about rebellion and trying to fit in. The male characters have their own battles to fight. Avram, the leader, is a genius. He has a servant, Resham who takes care of the mundane for him. Resham is divided against himself. Does that help? I'm excited that you are joining our hunt as a blogger! I'll send details soon!
  24. I am holding a zoom party on March 7th at 7pm EST to celebrate the end of my crowd funding campaign. I'm going to have a guest speaker, an activity, and a little talk about my book. The activity would be an Internet Treasure Hunt. Please would you consider being one of ten different authors who write a blog post on you website on Saturday March 6th about secret codes (you can say what you like)? I will provide a picture of the name of a famous Canadian woman in the Aeolian script (specially developed by Travis Williams for Leoshine, Princess Oracle). You would post the
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