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  1. My Australian friend uses them. I want world wide distribution and affordability. Thanks for the encouragement! I have a glorious painting that would look good on cups and scarves etc. Then there is the Tassanara font that looks amazing and can spread God's love. You'll have to recreate the mug twice and give her a copy. She probably feels very sad about losing it. That's the trouble I'm having. I'd love to have friendly recommendations from my family here.
  2. I am looking to sell promotional products for my book. Mugs, shirts, scarves, umbrellas. I know they are all out there. Does anyone have any recommendations for sites that provide this service? Thanks in advance. I know we've talked about this here in the past. The search engine doesn't kick anything out of the dust for me.
  3. Thanks for letting us know. If the pain continues, you'll have to go back to the doctor. It doesn't sound normal. We care and want to know!
  4. This is every writer's dream and ambition. Lame means not engaged. A book is lame when it tells me what I already know in a way I already know. (here, "Know" means "experience") I'm happy to learn what I know in a way I don't know, and visa versa. The double whammy turns me off.
  5. So true! I am deep into fluff right now. Many moving parts. I am grateful for a nimble team.
  6. That's probably why this thread is so long and wandering. We write because we get encouragement. Our ideas come in response to community. I have a theory that our wandering interactions answer the original question better than our direct answers. We show while we are telling.
  7. I find them here on the critique forum. I have made many wonderful writer friends who exchange manuscripts with me. Community is a powerful thing! I'm glad you are here, Rene. You will make friends too. Your writing will be valued and read and polished by interacting with these wonderful people.
  8. I see that as beautiful confirmation that God is writing this story and your are His obedient servant. You trust and He delivers and great art is the result. Well done thou good and faithful servant!
  9. Well done, Johne. It sounds like this snuck up on you. It just kind of bled out of you because it is so deep and natural to you. Congratulations and high five!
  10. Books I have read that inform my writing: Anything by John Buchan. I am not widely read, have not read many classics, and really don't like the formula of genre fiction. My favourite reads are unpublished works that need polishing. They break the rules and have not been thrashed into a box. Yes, some things in them need a little thrashing, but their bravado and freshness mean they are surprising. Their adventurous spirit is invigorating!
  11. We don't need capital letters when we know it is from you, Lynn. The effort you expend to communicate with us puts capital letters everywhere!
  12. I have experienced this. Thunder or snow on their own are awe-inspiring. Together they can stop the heart for a moment.
  13. Leoshine started with a dream. A man rode his horse down a gully and back up and he was deliriously happy. I set about explaining why he was happy. Go figure. The John Murphys started with the song, "I want to know what love is, and I want you to show me." The Algae Writers started with the little stream by my house. Fairies live there. There are trails in the scum in the ponds above the stream. How are the two connected? @suspensewriterYou have so many interesting ideas. Are you going to give us a few of your starting thoughts?
  14. We serve the God of AND. He does not have the limitations we have. He does not call us to the limitations we crave. Even our craving of limitations, coupled with our desire to be gods, is part of His AND. "You are limited AND you are invited into My limitlessness." He is so gentle and patient with us! Thank you, @Nyles JLfor this interesting topic. I rejoice that you accepted the Kingdom Call. Like Nelson Mandela, you put other peoples' limitations to your own benefit and now your potential is limitless!
  15. Thank you for trying one more time! I got your answers! You did an exemplary job of the bonus questions! And I even learned the name of your favourite movie! Well Done! And thank you for hosting a treasure! Everybody! head on over to Kiwigummy's website! See the treasure!
  16. I checked and it says "form active" Would you mind trying one more time?
  17. Oh no! You mean you put in all those answers and it crashed? I will complain to the higher authorities! And I'll send you the certificate for completing it!
  18. Hmmm, you sound like a writer to me!
  19. Genre is all about meeting expectations. What have you led the reader to expect? The best novels tie many wagging tails up with one action, one conclusion. I would encourage you to keep dreaming about your characters until they tell you they are done. Write down everything they say and do without worrying about craft. I think, if you haven't met reader expectations yet, keep dreaming.
  20. I think "Christian Fiction", in too many minds, is synonymous with romance. Or Amish. You put Leoshine in Sci Fi Fantasy because it is not set on earth. I didn't think about the fantasy part because I purposely stayed away from magic and magic creatures. I am not widely read, but what I have read from authors on this forum, I have enjoyed!
  21. https://medium.com/the-partnered-pen/no-longer-red-blue-a-writers-guide-to-understanding-the-three-kinds-of-u-s-politics-3c30628a02f9 I haven't read the article, but it seemed on topic by the title.
  22. You have every right to be proud of your dad! He did the country a great service, not only in building, but in giving you to the world.
  23. Thanks! We had a wonderful time! There will be more parties!
  24. Golly! I was hoping you'd splash the red ink, @Zee Well, if you can reassure me that it's readable, I'll be grateful.
  25. Oh Zee! the honour is mine! To be collaborating with you is bliss! Thank you for your best wishes. I feel the love!
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