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    No wonder you believed all the messages about you saving the world.  You have the smarts, the brawn, the connections.  What would be more natural for someone of your talent, Charisma and good looks than to fulfill all the worlds needs, solve all its problems?
    After all that, you didn't get what you wanted.  Other people let you down with supplies, or they were late arriving for their great moment in your plan.  The grass didn't grow fast enough and the milk didn't spill in the right direction and all of a sudden the world didn't get saved. Now you're mad! Angry! Spitting exclamation marks like nails and bullets.
    There's a measure of guilt too. A cold, sinking feeling that someone might call up and ask why you didn't save the world.  Maybe there were eyes that saw you sneaking out at the last moment, or even if you didn't actually sneak out, you thought about it. That split second of hesitation might have been all it took for the bad guy to win.  It sure looks like the bad guy won.
    If you're willing, you can peek at the end of the book to see that the bad guy loses, big time.  If you're willing to look beyond the beauty, the brawn, the dizzying intellect, you might glimpse the thing that actually does save the world, and shoves the bad guy down, that one thing that you don't have, and can't have (without an intervention) .  Can you guess what it is?
  2. Nicola
    Take any science and you'll find, God made all the rules.  He set the weight of the atom, the speed of light, the distance of the earth from the sun.  The weakness of gravity and the strength of attraction are God's ways of giving us a frame to operate in.
    He counted out the spirals in the DNA, gave mitochondria their job. Split, multiply, and dispose, it's all in His filing cabinet.
    Human interaction is His side light in the rule making line.  It's not something He does with any eagerness.  The Torah seems to be given with a, 'Can't you behave?' kind of sigh.  One rule after another is plied and piled.  Humans have sometimes caught a fever of rule making. Oh, perhaps they say, it's what God does.  If we do it, we'll be like God!  I'm sure that's how the Pharisees created their list of over 2000 rules.
    Rules are made to be broken, some say. They don't generally come in on the winning side. Rebellion isn't what God is after when He breaks the rules.  Rules bring death, whether they are kept or broken.  He wants us to seek out something bigger than rules.
    The way He breaks rules reveals a world with more than 3 dimensions.  A resurrection body that eats, and carries wounds, and appears and disappears at will.  A moment in time where the veil is ripped and we peek at something that rips our tongues out.  Cells that heal, light that slows down long enough to carry nourishment.
    I adore the Rule Breaker, and I'm grateful to live beyond limits.
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