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  1. Congratulations on publishing this honouring book! You have a great cover, and I'm sure the poems are touching and inspiring too. Since you've already done that work, I wouldn't look to do it again with a publisher. Now is the time for promotion. Contact every VA in your state and get them to share it with other states. Get on the radio programs. Do talks at local churches and even bases. Get it done in audiobook! People are taking to poetry in out loud!
  2. It is important to use these with a delicate paint brush. Described bodily sensations cause the reader's brain to experience them as if in his or her own body. If you have two characters, one angry and one afraid, and you lay on the pounding heart, heat filled head, shaking hands and grinding teeth too hard, your reader will suffer.
  3. Genre Guide Book By Karen Ball and Erin Taylor Young
  4. Ah, I'm not keeping up. You can take this one down if you like. This email says the Beta is going very well and they are looking for more people to break the system so they can fix it!
  5. I do multiple main characters. At least one of each gender. I have to work hard to not head-hop, and to limit the cast. There are just so many voices in my head!
  6. Beta Print with Draft2Digital Has anyone had experience with these people? I have had an account for a long time without having a book to publish. I do move closer every day though!
  7. Thank you Lynn! I got myself shut out of the forum for two days because of password trouble. That's how socially inept I am. 🙄
  8. Let me see. I'm fine. No sign of illness in my house. Lockdown is my normal lifestyle, except now I connect by phone rather than in coffee shops. I am writing. Any writing I do seems like a miracle to me no matter what is happening in the outside world. This Sunday is again going to be for prayer and fasting to ask God to relent in His Mercy. I see His hand in many small miracles.
  9. We do have one. Lynn, what did we call it? https://christianwriters.com/topic/17248-one-church-many-houses/
  10. I languish in obscurity. Nothing I post resonates with the audience. The #WritingCommunity is just a bunch of writers who follow each other to boost their numbers. Well, they are friendly folk and have interesting and amusing things to say, but I don't resonate with them.
  11. Go for it! Remember, they have a formula. Research the order they put the specific elements they require. I once took a workshop on devotion writing.
  12. I don't like any social media, except here. Even here I have social stuttering. There's a reason I chose work that required a closet. (Audiobook production).
  13. Thomas Umstadt Jr. is the best resource I know on this topic. He has the Christian Publishing show, the Novel Marketing show, the Creative Funding Show, and various other podcasts. https://stevelaube.com/057-why-platform-is-not-important-like-you-think/ This podcast was a real shot in the arm for me. (The key word is RESONANCE) My favourite platform is .....ChristianWriters.com! Lynn reassured me that it is considered platform to be part of a forum! I can be found on Twitter. I try to encourage people there. I haven't pulled my stories from Wattpad yet, but I can't support it anymore, even if there is a small Christian corner there. I have my website and just today put out my second newsletter!! I feature my writing, giving out a bit of it in the letter. I have a Subscribers Only page that features recordings by me of my own work. I also feature encouragement. So much is needed. I blog in spurts. (That sounds like a poem coming on. A Rap.)
  14. God is walking straight through the walls of the church. We are more like family than ever. And it is wonderful! Nothing like the good outdoors to breath life into a body. I saw Mr. And Mrs. Pilliated Woodpecker on my walk yesterday. Spring is springing even though it continues to snow here. How’s your snow, Carolina?
  15. Our definition of fun. The witty kind. The clean kind that builds people up and brings smiles all round. I still don’t know whether I’m in or not. Every day is a new adventure. It is on my radar, and I hope to be there.
  16. We promise to be good.
  17. I have never grown accustomed to one space. It is called a hyperactive thumb.
  18. You could also use the later stories as give aways on your website.
  19. Just don't get caught with flying body parts. Arg. this still trips me up.
  20. There's literally no use blogging on Ancient Egypt right now. At least, there doesn't feel like there is. But they knew about plagues! Draw in their expertise. In my Twitter feed, more people than ever are writing, "I need a good book tonight. Send me your book titles."
  21. Christians Unite Against COVID-19 A World Prayer Day has been called for Sunday March 22nd at 12 noon local time. All Christians are asked to pray at home from 12 noon to 1 p.m. and to cover the globe within 24 hours. Pray for: 1. Stopping the spread of the virus 2. Restoring the already infected 3. Peace for families who have lost loved ones 4. Restoring the world's economies 5. Wisdom for governments to deal with the outbreak. Never before has there been a reason to call ALL Christians around the world to a global day of prayer against a threat that affects the whole world. Please let everyone know. Let’s cover the world in prayer.
  22. Thank you for all you do for us! May you be blessed!
  23. You speak truth. Much good comes of pruning. It is rare that the whole world gets pruned at the same time, but that is when the greatest good happens. Hey! How about I make your words sound like honey in comparrison? My thought last night was that this contageon is like a forest fire. We need them. Places that delay them burn worse, hotter and longer and deeper into the humous, than places that burn regularly. Ouch. that is a nasty thought. That is long perspective thinking. Let me assure you that my heart is broken and I weep openly and every day for our world.
  24. That's lovely! I think it's stuck in my head now. Not a bad thing.🎹🤗
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