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  1. http://thebookcoverdesigner.com/ Ella Rose Carlos has recommended these people to me. They did beautiful covers for her books.
  2. May I say I appreciate your gracious manner of teaching. The content is deep and worthy, and the teacher is easy to obey.
  3. Wattpad is like an oriental bazaar. Humanity is rampant. Most of it is atrocious, but there are real gems in the corners. They have a Christian Corner and that is where I met Ella Rose Carlos. They boast that authors have been picked up by agents and publishers. They take a modicum of precautions to protect from piracy, but they can’t do much. I love reading raw material, the first fruits of an author’s imagination. They have stuff there that will never be published but is vastly interesting and entertaining to a weirdo like me.
  4. Good thing I’m going to live until I’m 120! Though the ideas keep coming. By then I’ll be hiring ghost writers! Ha ha. Pun not intended, but appreciated anyway!
  5. A professional woman answers a dating ad posted by a paraplegic. Between him and his robot double, she has her work cut out teaching them all what love looks like. A homeless drug dealer assumes responsibility for his newborn daughter. She brings him back into the love and support of his family. The queen of the fairies is ill and her husband and son are lost in the greater world trying to find a cure. Her successor must use all powers of diplomacy to get the natural world of muskrats and ducks to defeat the evil frog empire and win a cure and the return of the missing men. Leoshine's people kicked Arthur's people off their planet. Now he's back to save them from destruction, and her from moral degeneration, unless she saves him first. So many stories ... so little time.
  6. Yes, this is a trilogy, at least! Each with a separate arc leading up to the battle at the end. I still have the hard work of trimming each part, of mining those 500 000 words to mean something. I was thinking today how human limitations, universal human limitations create the frame work for our creativity. In any culture anywhere on the globe, a human telling a story requires certain elements and cannot go on longer than there is wood to burn in the community fire. The audience just can't attend longer than that.
  7. This reminds me of Asterix. Getafix, Dogmatix. The Romans ended in -us or -i. Notorious Gladioli, Vexatious Sinusitus, Eggandlettus. The Germans ended in another suffix, and the Britons another.
  8. I'm meeting with my writers group tomorrow and I'll share this with them! Thanks Lynn!
  9. I couldn't put it better! Let the Spirit lead your writing. Be the instrument as well as the imagination. It is in the amalgamation, the entwining of our mind with God's that the genius writing emerges. Lose your self a little, to find yourself.
  10. I feel your pain! The story spills and spills, and then has to fit into a box. I have 500 000 words. Much of it is verbosity. Some of it is unnecessary detail because I don’t trust my reader, or I expect them to read my mind about why I want them to know this. I just read from Thomas Umstadt Jr. at the Steve Laube Agency, that it’s hard to read the label when you are inside the bottle. That’s why I’m saving my pennies for a full substantial edit. It sounds like you have the right ideas, and you’ll definitely get help here! And I’ll glean help too, so thank you for asking!
  11. Have you tried typing random letters into the keyboard. (aegon qerip,) cleaning them up with some vowels. (aegon has plenty. Querip needed a u.) and adding your suffix? (Aegonza Queripza). qegbib. rinbartn bbybnijy. wnbwt’v pnoi ore This is the way new languages are born!
  12. Thanks Johne! That is a very positive response! Thank you also, Accord64. I was not as encouraging, but I'll pass this on to her.
  13. Publishing too early is a hazard of our career balancing beam. When we want to profit from all our mistakes, how do we do a do-over? What if you want to restart your career under a new name? What if you are female and want to take a male name, because you discovered that males are more respected in the genre you are writing in? What if you want to write more in a series and want to publish a previously self-published book under your new name? I am in touch with a writer who is asking these questions. She has been abused by Christian readers for writing outside "Christian conventions" though she is a believer, therefore she is shy to ask for herself, to join an on line Christian community. I still hope she'll see how friendly this particular community is!
  14. This is very good advise! If i was writing the script, i would definitely follow it.
  15. I found this in an article by Nick Wignall Psychologist. Our virtue in this feed is finishing what we start. We are concentrating on the small, concrete steps to finishing a manuscript and putting it in front of an audience. God bless us with perseverance and connections!
  16. Community. What a wonderful thing it is if it gives art substance! I've finished manuscripts. That part isn't difficult. All the business stuff stops me from the final push into the community: money to pay for all the bells and whistles, time to interact with the lovely people. Thanks to all you lovely people, at least I'm not short on savvy!
  17. Yes! What wonderful people they are! I have intimate acquaintance with their generosity, sweet-heartedness, and welcome. My first idea was to ask the proprietors of the local Mexican restaurant to help me. I was told this is a politically sensitive thing to do, that enough people have mocked their way of speech that it hurts when a gringo wants to imitate them. To that I reply that I will give more honour if they help me than if they don't!
  18. Are you thinking that a commandment of men is the same thing as an act of man's will? I think they are different. Drawing near to God dispite all my fallen nature's protest is to worship a higher Will than my own. Man's command in these passages you quote seems to me to concur with my fallen nature rather than my will to be near God. I rejoice that you seek God. Something in you, God Himself in you recognises and propels you toward the Light. Halleluliah! I praise God for you, for loving you into the high and exalted search for what is high and exalted. Difficulties? Strong resistance? A Fight with casualties? Yes. The Cross shows that no one will pay like Jesus paid, and we all complete what He suffered. Col 1:24 All the more reason and reward to draw near to Him who has the victory. As you can see, we continue to pray for you. God brings you to my mind throughout my days. He sees your suffering. He moved you to reach out to this community and I praise Him for the love you have found here!
  19. So what you’re saying is, you like the variation in accent and speech pattern, especially if they are subtle. Thank you for your encouragement!
  20. Amen and Amen! @Lucian Hodoboc , What do you believe about being ‘demonized?’ Is there a specific entity doing it?
  21. Thank you for replying, @Lucian Hodoboc Thank you for giving us a window into your life. This helps us pray specifically, and one thing we know, God is the God of details! You have worship music on this very site. Alley has posted a long list of gorgeous songs. Music is very powerful against a hard heart. It unlocks emotions that may be buried under the ones that feel like hardness. What kind of music do you normally listen to? And I would caution you not to want to feel like worshiping. Worship is an act of will that can lead to good feelings, but it doesn’t start there. Neither does it involve anything fancy. Lying on your bed and saying, “God, I am here and I want you to be here too.” is a really good start! How have you worshiped in the past, when your health was better?
  22. Thank you @Ragamuffin_John I’ll look that up! Do you think his attempts are reasonable? My sister sent a podcast of a Mexican American, which this character is (not living in Mexico, anyway). He had very gentle consanants, and otherwise his accent was American. This gave me comfot that I can be likewise gentle.
  23. How's it going today, Lucian? I'm still praying for you and hoping the darkness is lifting.
  24. I agree too! This is good advice for writing. Do you have George MacDonald novels in your shelf? The modern versions gentle the Scots down for us, but you still need a familiarity, which Nicholas does have! But I'm narrating. I have to be consistent with tone and presentation. I'm looking for aural examples of a Mexican accent that are not offensive to Mexicans and gentle to listen to throughout an 8 hour narration.
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