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  1. This is a monumental task! I pray you turn it into a blessing, with a new and sparkling brand!
  2. I am told that white space means rest for the eyes. Readers spend longer on a site when they don't feel their eyes cracking up.
  3. I would say the new music in your head is a change in the way your brain works. For the better! May I humbly recommend this book: This is your Brain on Music by Daniel J Levitin My favourite story from the book is when the author placed electrode sensors hooked up to amplifiers into an owl's brain, played Beethoven's 5th Symphony to the owl through earphones, and heard the symphony come out the speakers attached to the amplifiers! The owl's brain produced the sound! Absolutely astounding. So how do we deal with earworms (songs that won't go away). Keep the flow. Keep feeding your brain new music. Some songs will stick and need more prompts to leave. Enjoy each one, for music is the food of love.
  4. Oh! I like the idea of the character forgetting what she looks like, or not knowing because there is no mirror or water or shiny metal in her world!
  5. Thank you Jennifer! You speak good words to me!
  6. ACX is very, very slow these days. How long have you been waiting?
  7. Please may I have the link for preordering? I don't have Instagram. I love fireflies! Can't wait for the next episode in the adventure!
  8. @zx1ninja How is that audiobook coming along? That's the one I'm waiting for!
  9. For the genre, this is too academic. Maybe if you set the words on fire or had explosions behind them. I am still intrigued by the depth of field in the successful covers. These words might serve as the element that is near and far, and then the explosions and fire could dominate in the near field. Do you have a link to the generator of those mind maps?
  10. That's what I said. It's in the footnotes to this article.
  11. Audiobooks Rule! No, they are co-rulers. A reader will enjoy different experiences with the same story through the different media. I think there are different kinds of auditory products. Audiobooks have one narrator doing all the voices and no sound effects, casted audiobooks have a number of narrators doing various character voices. Radio dramas have all the bells and whistles! Get your books made into audiobooks! This is a warning from someone in the industry. Scammers are stealing books, pretending to be the author, putting them up on ACX for unsuspecting narrators to produce. Don't let this happen to you!
  12. I notice that the good covers have patterns and designs, not images. Most interesting to me, they have depth of field. Close and far elements that create a 3D effect.
  13. Keep up the good work. Emma Lombard has a running tally on her newsletter with this information for her book. Never give up!
  14. It sounds like the old argument about using italics to show a character's thought. Modern readers have limited attention spans and get distracted by old fashioned punctuation (like the double space after a sentence, exclamation points, paragraph indents). Therefore they come up with terms to describe the way they like to see the page. That bends my brain! And reminds me that the reader's experiences and personality affect how they receive and react and interact with my words. The reader's language is part of the refraction.
  15. That sounds cool! People tell me that they can't have sympathy for my characters if I don't describe them. I want the reader to slip beneath the protagonist's skin. It's a type of inclusive mental frame that gets rejected. Perhaps I need a note at the beginning, "I wrote this story about you."
  16. Thanks for giving us a glance at the desk of an editor/publisher, SW. This helps us when we write and submit. We do need unity on some doctrines, charity on some, and grace in everything. If you had the time to engage this author and refine the good points, you might do the world good service. You might be able to herd his beliefs into the right path, though what you wrote here doesn't give much encouragement for that.
  17. Do you know the phrase, "You can't make me, but I can be persuaded."? Be plain and honest with plenty of explanation. If the writer is genuine about learning the craft and publishing the best story, they will work with you, or tip you off the boat and look for another opinion. Either way is a win for you.
  18. Harmony Creek is a lovely name and perfectly innocuous. Perhaps your story will make the name so famous that people will be renaming their towns to reflect the peace and beauty of your fictional town!
  19. Dear God, Thank you for Your faithful servant, William. He has placed himself firmly in Your hands for healing. I praise You for the blessings of medication taken correctly and in good time. I praise You for the upcoming treatment by a knowledgeable practitioner who has proven their worth in the past. I praise You for the time between now and the coming treatment. Please give William wisdom and guidance on what to do in this time. Please bring Your other servants alongside him for comfort, prayer and support. Thank You for placing William in our community and giving us the privilege of praying for him. Amen
  20. Since we are a few months down the road from your initial rant, SW may we have an update? Do you have these programs working for you now?
  21. Oh God, You are Master and Physician in every circumstance. You love your children and provide in ways we cannot imagine. Please bless these Your children, with support from all around them. Bless them with peace and healing directly from Your hand. Amen
  22. I submitted to Monster Ivy. They turned me down. I follow them on Twitter and they seem legit. This was a good discussion to read from the side lines. May you be blessed with your submissions and decisions! God has it all well in hand. You can trust Him!
  23. Thanks for the update from your hospital bed! That's dedication. Please Lord, heal Your dedicated servant and bring peace to his family.
  24. Thanks Lynn! @BusinessofChrist would you kindly look at my problem? Thank you!
  25. I'm doing a major website overhaul. I want to change the password protected message in wordpress to include a subscribe form. I can do that, but it breaks the link and I can't find a way to resolve the two desires. Other than that, no, I have no other issues.
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