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  1. I wish you could go to a cafe, or something, just for a little while. No matter what, we know you will be with us in spirit! @suspensewriter? Any news on your attendance?
  2. Whoo Hoooo! This party is rockin'! I am excited to meet you all!
  3. Oh! That will be wonderful to have you with us! Remember to sign up for the zoom link!
  4. That would be 6pm your time! You can have supper with us.
  5. Priscilla! That's wonderful! My sister-in-law was Canada's ambassador to Ghana for three years! I know that the continent of Africa has more variety in culture than all the leopard spots in the world, but I hope we can all celebrate together. I would love it if you spoke to the party about what you are writing and about Ghanaian culture! OOOOOH People! This party just got a whole lot better! See you there!
  6. May 8th! At 1 pm EDT Can you come?
  7. https://www.amazon.ca/Abundant-Rain-Journal-Devotional-Writers/dp/151528820X/ref=sr_1_1 I came across this resource. We could all use another journal, right?
  8. Never too busy to party! Hop on someone else's?
  9. Oh the jangled nerves! You will pick her up from the airport? Put her straight into a hot bath!
  10. Wherever you're from, Wherever you're living now, You are welcome at the Table. You are invited to a Zoom Party celebrating all things African, and the Leoshine Series! When @Claire Tuckerasked how she could help put Leoshine on the map, I immediately leaped on the idea of a party. We just can't have enough parties! May 8th at 7 pm SaST, 11 am MDT, 12 pm CDT, 1 pm EDT 2 pm ADT (Did we cover most of the possibilities?) Sign up at https://leoshine.micandpen.com/members-only/ to register for the zoom link, which will be sent out about 24 hours before the party. We are
  11. You are an inspiration, Zee! I want to be like you when I grow up.
  12. Breathe! Truly, I have seen the benefits of breathing. HIS story depends on breathing too! You'll figure it out.
  13. I will pray for a bubble of protection around them and joyful first meeting between daddy and daughter, and his wife too! Please let us know when all is well.
  14. @Wesley Southern Are you writing YA? How would you like your character to be? Since you are a writer, you can make your own perfection!
  15. Get into audio. Yup. Double your income stream because readers will buy both. They get two different experiences and are doubly blessed!
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