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  1. Well! You sure set up the difficulties! I am a little confused by Zinnia being the king's daughter, the POV being the king's daughter, and yet he says he will fight to death for her friend. Did I miss something about the friend?
  2. @Sarah Daffy How do you pronounce Greye?
  3. I have lost all concept of "safe". I count comfortable, and joyful to be of greater worth.
  4. Ditto! Lord God, I praise You for putting Samantha in her friend's life. Strengthen both of them for this task. Please gather the community of believers together to fight against this wretchedness. Set them all free and glorify Your name among us! Amen
  5. Hey Samantha! Welcome back! I've faded in and out of the community, and I keep coming back. Kindness lives here like nowhere else!
  6. I'll read anything by you, Sam! I love your stories!
  7. Is it OR? Is it AND? Maybe a less frequent blog alternating with a newsletter? There is lots of room to play with variables. Yes, @lynnmosherHow is your arm? We would love an update!
  8. We have something special here, that's for sure. I am grateful for this community. Thank you Rebecca! Thank you Lynn! Thank you Johne! Thank you SuspenseWriter!
  9. It is coming out at the end of this month. Click on her name for more info. Yes, it will be an interesting read. She has had some adventures, I'm sure!
  10. She is a lovely, gentle, humble soul. I know her through Siretona Creative, the publishing company we both are using. Ruth Dueck worked in Japan for 42 years with OMF International. She’s been involved in 6 church plants working under the leadership of Japanese pastors in three of them. She came back to Canada in 2016 and worked with Diaspora Returnee Ministry to reach out to Japanese students who come to Winnipeg for study.
  11. Thinking of you, Lynn. Kid brothers are pesky. I hope the little sister doesn't show up. The whole pain family can move out NOW!
  12. Whoo Hoo! Customers already! Thank you for your support, Claire!
  13. My Australian friend uses them. I want world wide distribution and affordability. Thanks for the encouragement! I have a glorious painting that would look good on cups and scarves etc. Then there is the Tassanara font that looks amazing and can spread God's love. You'll have to recreate the mug twice and give her a copy. She probably feels very sad about losing it. That's the trouble I'm having. I'd love to have friendly recommendations from my family here.
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