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  1. Nicola

    Library Of Christian Scifi And Fantasy

    Oooo! Fantastic! A bloody crime scene of historic facts smothered in fairies! Well Done!
  2. This is beautiful Alley! What a sweet idea you have here. Thank you so much for blessing me, and all of us here!
  3. Nicola

    Library Of Christian Scifi And Fantasy

    Yes! Ella Rose, put your book there! I've never tried to put a book up so I can't help you, but keep trying. I have followed Speculative Faith for years and they seem to be nice people. Alley! Yours is Historical Fiction. You'll have to put some fairies in to blend in with that crowd!
  4. Nicola

    Library Of Christian Scifi And Fantasy

    They have been building it for many years. It is a treasure trove! Do you see all the swords on the covers? There's a theme here ...
  5. Library of Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Are we aware of this Lorehaven Library? They say they have over 900 titles! Who says Christian SciFi and Fantasy are not widely read?
  6. Paul, I suggest you find out what kind of groups meet at each church. A men's breakfast might like a 20 minute talk. A Youth Group might like a discussion based talk. A retreat might like a series of 30 minute talks with activities built in.
  7. Nicola

    Plotter Or Pantser

    Awesome title! Your approach sounds like it supports you well. Of course we look forward to reading it!
  8. My story, Leoshine changed for the better when I removed the POV from the villain. I think you are on the right track.
  9. Nicola

    Plotter Or Pantser

    I'm a quilter. I'll write everything down and arrange later, filling in gaps as I go along. I know everything that's going to happen before I start, but not how it's going to happen.
  10. Nicola

    Many Pov

    What is unique about each POV? What is one character seeing that the others are not? How often are characters together experiencing the same events? Can multiple characters be condensed into one? These are all refining questions. Novels are artful amalgamations of real life. They never portray what would actually happen to a real person.
  11. Writer's Guide to War Someone was asking about battles and warriors. I hope this is helpful
  12. Nicola

    When It's Ok To Begin With A Dream

    That will be quite a book! Let me know when you finish it, publish it, and I can buy it! Ditto!
  13. Nicola

    Mystery Writer's Webinar

    That's cool. What did you learn, in a nut shell?
  14. Nicola

    Mystery Writer's Webinar

    I get the feeling we don't have many mystery writers among us. We deal in a different kind of mystery, don't we?
  15. Nicola

    For Those Of Us Who Didn't Go To College

    BE the dictionary! What a calling! Thank you for this inspiration, Carolina!

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