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  1. This is all that popped into my mind. The premise is popular with readers and the work you do to get it in their hands is worth your effort! Yes, we are nice people! Stick around and you might get cookies or a cake! We do that to celebrate around here!
  2. Tassanara was developed specially for Leoshine by @Travis WilliamsYou can download the font to use in Word here: https://colossal-builder-3982.ck.page/41713cb58f You need the key, which is in the membership only part of my website. Several people from CW have a "treasure" of the Tassanara on their blogs! I am planning more treasure hunts as we get closer to launching Leoshine! Thank you! I have heard of that one! I don't write romance, though there is a love story within the adventure. Sorry about that. Yes, they have functio
  3. No, not tattoos. I am looking for a clear, readable font for the body of my book. The paragraphs and paragraphs that will fill each page. It must go with my Tassanara Font which will be the chapter title above the chapter title in Roman letters. I would love your suggestions! The genre is sci fi/fantasy. I have uploaded the cover so you can see what fonts we used there, and a bit of the Tassanara.
  4. With all honesty, which includes a generous measure of doubt. James could have written that faith is dead without doubt. God did not give us all the answers. Honest doubt is the seeking, knocking, and asking that Jesus prescribed. It is the way we get more of God, and we can never have all there is while we are down here. The wider world is suspicious of people who say they don't doubt. Let's be real and authentic. With that in your mind, put your pen on the paper and see what comes out!
  5. God is the ink and the paper and the One who gets the idea that gets onto the paper. But you are asking if He is a character, or if there is a reference to Him. Those of my characters who know Him, interact with God the way I do. I couldn't write anything else.
  6. I know stuff has to happen so I dream how. Then I dream up all the bits that have to happen so that the stuff that has to happen can happen. Some of us call this quilting.
  7. Did the story ricochet between your ears until you wrote it down? Did it seem to have a life of its own? That life form is worth honouring with study. Study your craft until the words do the story justice!
  8. My favourite is the Byronic hero. Crusty and questioning, yet soft-hearted to the weak and ready to die for the right. Thank you for this list, @Accord64
  9. Are you speaking specifically about Summertime? Do you know of people who have experience with them? I am speaking specifically about Siretona. They are author focused, and they teach us to turn toward our reader. Sounds like a plan! By then SuspenseWriter will have his company flourishing and you can join in! @suspensewriter Would you concentrate on certain genres?
  10. I've been thinking there are more "How to sell" than "How to write" courses out there. Perhaps that is just because of the season of book that I am in. I'm so glad to see a "How to write" course. If we do that right from the start, we'll not have to work as hard at the other end.
  11. When I read your first paragraph, I was thinking, "Point them to the plethora of resources out there already about marketing self-published books." The second paragraph lit off the fireworks. You are a valuable resource and if you are willing to put your wisdom and experience within reach, you will make your millions. Siretona puts the "Hybrid" label on their business. Also "boutique" and "a la carte." "Pay as you go" There is a British company called Summertime that does the same. I could see an author employing you for the States, them for Britain, and maybe Colleen fo
  12. Thank you very much! I will leave a review too. These are very important. I am excited to hear how the narrator interpreted your story!
  13. Stealth: WWII Novel I love planes! If I had lived at the time, I would have been a Spitfire Woman Instead I read about aviation history. A friend of mine, Robert Stermscheg is running an Indiegogo campaign to fund his novel. It is based on true events. Would you like to support him?
  14. Yes Please! Did you narrate for yourself?
  15. Exactly. This would be for sales directly from my website, not so much the distribution through a big player like Ingram Spark. We were looking at merchandise like t-shirts and mugs, and came across this company doing books in the same way. Thank you for your question, SW!
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