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  1. Harmony Creek is a lovely name and perfectly innocuous. Perhaps your story will make the name so famous that people will be renaming their towns to reflect the peace and beauty of your fictional town!
  2. Dear God, Thank you for Your faithful servant, William. He has placed himself firmly in Your hands for healing. I praise You for the blessings of medication taken correctly and in good time. I praise You for the upcoming treatment by a knowledgeable practitioner who has proven their worth in the past. I praise You for the time between now and the coming treatment. Please give William wisdom and guidance on what to do in this time. Please bring Your other servants alongside him for comfort, prayer and support. Thank You for placing William in our community and giving us the privilege of praying for him. Amen
  3. Since we are a few months down the road from your initial rant, SW may we have an update? Do you have these programs working for you now?
  4. Oh God, You are Master and Physician in every circumstance. You love your children and provide in ways we cannot imagine. Please bless these Your children, with support from all around them. Bless them with peace and healing directly from Your hand. Amen
  5. I submitted to Monster Ivy. They turned me down. I follow them on Twitter and they seem legit. This was a good discussion to read from the side lines. May you be blessed with your submissions and decisions! God has it all well in hand. You can trust Him!
  6. Thanks for the update from your hospital bed! That's dedication. Please Lord, heal Your dedicated servant and bring peace to his family.
  7. Thanks Lynn! @BusinessofChrist would you kindly look at my problem? Thank you!
  8. I'm doing a major website overhaul. I want to change the password protected message in wordpress to include a subscribe form. I can do that, but it breaks the link and I can't find a way to resolve the two desires. Other than that, no, I have no other issues.
  9. I'm with you in trying to create less pushy heroes and heroines. I've had enough of the snarky, in you face MC who gets his/her way by mouthing off.
  10. Nope. I could feed a village for that amount. I have signed up with Siretona Creative for author coaching. They are editing my manuscript 140 000 words. 3 hours of coaching every week for six months, which right now is marketing advice and website production and will be more as the editor eats me alive. All for $1500 CD. I have just completed my first month and I say they are worth it.
  11. She might have a characteristic that could be her nickname. Pumpkin, Cookie, Babe, Fuzzy, Toobie. The sky's the limit!
  12. What country/kingdom are you writing in? The language will determine the moniker. Also her status. I look forward to knowing more about your story!
  13. Characters. If they become real to me, they live with me forever and change me through their experience.
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