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  1. Changing time? Location? Sometimes these indicate the time for another chapter. Most of all, have you made a point? Arrived at the next level of intrigue? Big realisation? Then change the chapter.
  2. IndiePenned Short Story Competition Has anyone heard of these people? There doesn't seem to be an entry fee, though I might have missed it. Good luck to all who enter!
  3. Thank you for your story and question, @Mightyriver You have done my heart good. I was five years old and very ill with the measles. My father refused to take me to the doctor, discounting the severity of my illness. By God's grace his aunt convinced him that I would die without proper attention and I did get what I needed. In the weeks that followed I experienced an Overshadowing presence, like a dome of peace in my bed. I just lay there, too weak to move, and let God be. I AM with i am. In my thirties, I finally remembered and realised, that was Jesus, proving His love for me.
  4. This is a fabulous resource, Reid! Thank you for making it affordable!
  5. Ella Rose has created these two stunning portraits of her main characters in the Long Lost Fantasy. She is multi-talented!
  6. There are all kinds of tools to help you decide what to keep and what to toss. I think of Paul writing in a Roman prison. He had the greatest story ever told to get across and every word had to carry the weight of 20. It isn't the story that will change, if you do the reductions under professional guidance. The "User Interface" and "User Experience" will only improve when the writing is as tight as possible.
  7. Book marking this one! I'm particularly bad with the tabs and double space after full stops.
  8. Here's where I wish we could have different font colours in our manuscripts! Maybe you could get away with different fonts if it is a childrens' book?
  9. We're here for you with warm milk and gentle hugs!
  10. Have you heard of Monster Ivy Publishing ? They might fit your bill.
  11. I didn't know the name for this, but I do use these ways of describing inanimate objects. It has echos of anthropomorphism, by linking objects to emotions. Time is an ever fascinating concept to me. I just blogged about "time inuksuks." Basically, January 1 to January 1 is a twelvemonth. Coming back to the same date is like coming back to a road marker. The word "twelvemonth" gives dignity to the time that is passed.
  12. These are good questions! Crucifiction was a common form of execution in Roman times and they liked to document everything they did, so I'm sure there is " horse's mouth" info out there. I think the victim carried the beam part, was nailed to it at the site where the upright part was permanently embeded in the ground, then hoisted with ropes like the yardarm of a ship. But I don't know for sure.
  13. A stroke in the eye. I guess they can occur anywhere we have blood vessels. We praise God for medicine and the proper application of it! Thank you for the privilege of joining you on this journey of prayer!
  14. What? The Party? That’s almost as old as the bottom drawer idea. I’m really just sharing the good I have learned on this forum. But you know that! Maybe it’s the best idea, because it originated with you!
  15. Well Done! This is a huge milestone and I hope you have a party with those cookies Carolina sent. I’d put it in the bottom drawer for a month. Give yourself some perspective. Start the next story so you can have creative breaks between edits.
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