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  1. You are looking for young readers? How would they get in touch with you? I think I could find some for you.
  2. Thank you all! I praise God for you!
  3. I have a wonderful Christian writer friend in my city. Her name is Katie and she has this website: https://oralart.ca/ At present she is in hospital with excruciating pain. I cannot imagine being in such pain and not being able to shift to a more comfortable position, or having to wait for someone to bring her pain pills. She is captive in her own body. Yet her spirit is bright. She told me today that she only wants to know that her suffering has purpose, that it is not in vain. I would also ask you to pray that she gets the support she needs to live well and paint her beautiful pictures and write her unique blog posts. Thank you!
  4. On the serious side, there is the concept of the Deep North. Scandinavians and Siberians share it with Canadians. It changes the people who live in the frozen dark of the Arctic. Maybe it gives them an advantage in outer space. Maybe that is what Canadian Scifi could be under the pen of a writing genius.
  5. Canadian Scifi! That's hilarious! Hockey in outer space? Moose ruling the universe? Poutine eating monsters?
  6. Is that, 60% of books are selling at .99? Or 60% of books are priced at .99, selling or not?
  7. I feel your pain. I had a key drive with important information on it. $900 later the information was restored to me. That was about 20 years ago. I hope it is cheaper now. Even physical writing gets destroyed. I had a notebook that got soaked in mosquito repellent. Only the parts written in pencil survived!
  8. Thank you for the teaching! I can understand and hope to apply the MICE! Study humans. You'll never run out of material for plot or character!
  9. Get swept up by the emotion of the story. Sometimes it comes so fast I leave words out in order to get it all down before the muse leaves. I get excited by what comes out the end of my pen. It's like a high. I can't wait to see what's next. The joy of pantsting, I guess.
  10. You people here inspire me! Keep on writing! John Buchan, Jeffrey Farnol, Ralph Connor, Ridgewell Cullum. They all wrote before 1950. Camilla Hayes and Graeme Connell are members of my local group. They are in their seventies and stirring up the dust, writing about controversial subjects.
  11. Well done! Those are powerful images and your rhythm is compelling. I also look forward to the rest!
  12. I never get tired of watching that cake! Thank you Alley!
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