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  1. They are going to need writers! Thanks for finding this Alley! And for sharing.
  2. No matter what happens, you are a winner among friends!
  3. "Don't rescue me. Just send a pack of seeds for vegetables, spade, shovel, some manure, a bottle of salad dressing, bowls, cutlery. Or you could rescue me ..."
  4. My favourite is, "Write down what would NOT happen next." This gives so much room to play, and play is the rocket fuel of creativity.
  5. Thanks Lynn, the trouble isn't with what to do after I've recorded. This thing is cutting off my levels as I record. I'm not given the option to have something to change. Aha! Prayers answered! Problem solved! Praise God. I had to change the "host" from MME to Windows WASPI Don't ask me what any of that means, but it worked. Thank you to my kind techie friend who typed in every key word he could think of and dug through 3 Google pages. It's people like him that keep the simpleminded like me in business.
  6. We are in the same boat! Thanks for reading, anyway! I could change this into a prayer request! Please pray for some generous techie person to donate their time to me.
  7. Thank you Lynn! I'll give it a try!
  8. Dear Techie Writer friends, I bought a new laptop and downloaded the latest version of Audacity. In the old version the levels were allowed to go up to 1. I rarely went there, but I know how to handle that problem. The new version is cutting my audio off at .5 as I record it! It isn't even giving me the option to go above that level. This screen shot is of raw, unmastered, unedited audio. What setting do I need to change in order to get back to where I was in the old version? Thank you for helping this frustrated, and non-geeky narrator!
  9. My latest book just came up for sale! The Wisdom of the Egyptians by Brian Brown. https://adbl.co/2LJLITN It is a treatise on the gods and development of religious belief in ancient Egypt. I was fascinated with the dim shadows (much adulterated and useless of course) of the One True God in their ideas and I remembered that God loved Egypt and used her for His purposes. I have heard non-believers say that the Hebrews just copied Egyptian ideas about spiritual things, but I think the Egyptians heard echos from the time before the Tower of Babel, that God renewed man's knowledge of Himself to Abraham and Moses without any help!
  10. I like the cover! Congratulations on your success!
  11. As long as I can share the experience, and it encourages others, then i can fight the feeling of self aggrandizement. Sunshine is very talented and deserves our attention too! Thank you all for your kind words. You know what it has taken for me to get this far, and I have further to go! (Like publishing something of my own!) In the best of company!
  12. Thank you! I'm all tingles about it. Does this excitement get old?
  13. The author of The Creation Project, which I produced as an audiobook, has featured me in her blog this month. I hope you enjoy it half as much as I did in giving the answers! http://sunshinerodgersblog.simplesite.com/433966156
  14. I use it. It is beyond powerful and flexible. Highly recommended, and not too expensive either!
  15. The Bible is the true word of God. Amen! What we write is a reflection of that glory, like the moon reflects the sun. I don't think that makes us evil or wrong, as long as we acknowledge our true Source and deny any glory that might come from our work.
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