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  1. Please may we have your synopsis? Can you boil it down for the less rithmcal?
  2. That's a cool painting! Will you show us the finished work one day? When we write about sin, as long as we go double on God's grace we can't lose. Have you written little moments into the character's life where nothing can explain the goodness besides a God who loves the unlovable? Then your book will change lives no matter how depraved the character is and remains.
  3. Yes, I've heard this often. The more books out there, the more paths to your door. A traditional publisher is 20% interested in your queried manuscript and 80% interested in what other tricks you can perform.
  4. So why are quilters not on par with the other two types? We don’t stir the same controversy. We go with the flow and we follow a plan, it’s just a bigger plan than we are.
  5. Self Publishing Conference from the UK This one I have participated in and found useful!
  6. I'm a quilter. I'll write all kinds of scenes and then stitch them together, altering them to fit the plot that God knew they all fit into from the beginning.
  7. Thanks for the boost, Claire. Do you understand algorithm too?
  8. Apparently this man spends his life tracking the algorithm and devising how authors can use the constant changes. Sorry, I do not know how worthy his of our attention. I am not much into this, just thought one of you might be interested, and maybe even digest it for the rest of us!
  9. Derek Doepker and Adam Houge present… Just another resource
  10. Catherine Guinty doesn't like robots. It's her pet peeve that people try to pass their robots off as themselves. Too bad she's dating a guy who needs to do that to get by.
  11. I don't know. I didn't find any of those covers compelling, and the ones with bare chests were repelling. Am I just old fashioned?
  12. Thank you for the update! Strep is nasty and was obviously advanced in your case. We wish we were with you to take some burden off so you can rest. Oh, and if you have a dog, make sure it gets antibiotics too. Dogs are strep carriers. As soon as my dog died, my daughter stopped getting strep.
  13. http://thebookcoverdesigner.com/ Ella Rose Carlos has recommended these people to me. They did beautiful covers for her books.
  14. May I say I appreciate your gracious manner of teaching. The content is deep and worthy, and the teacher is easy to obey.
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