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  1. We are a helpful bunch! What genre are you writing? I think this would influence how you do the dialect.
  2. Same chapter, different scene. A gap between paragraphs is enough to show the lapse of time, though to be really obvious, you could say, And a little later ... or After they noticed the bruised broccoli ...
  3. Thanks for the resource! I'm getting my toes wet with a Udemy course. But the learning is slow. It really is another world!
  4. And who will remain standing 10 years from now? The physical books have a better chance of being around 100 years from now!
  5. Sonya Huber: "Tell. Tell me everything." A thought provoking article.
  6. Ella Rose has been in and out of the forum here. She is very shy about social media. I narrated her book, The Long Lost Fantasy and it came on sale today. A Long Lost Fantasy Audiobook I have promo codes for anyone who would like to leave a review! Send me a message if you would like one. You don't have to have an Audible membership. A fairy tale within a fairy tale...Fawn is a teenage boy warrior for the reclusive Pearl Tribe living in the secluded swamplands. While hunting in the forest, Fawn discovers an infamous being of lore, a Rainmaker named Vixie, and a tragic turn of events ensues.In the dark of the night, soldiers from the Pearl Tribe turn up missing. Burdened with loss and guilt, it becomes Fawn's mission to find the kidnapped boys and put an end to the mysterious, elusive marauders.Is there a traitor in the clan, or are the Rainmakers to blame?When a dying knight appears at the swamplands with a dire warning, Fawn is thrust in the midst of a war of epic proportions. Blind faith takes center stage as Fawn fights to defend a legendary kingdom and its lost king, a mighty man who has been running from death...
  7. I am! Are you trying to be Canadian? You are apologising for nothing! I am not offended!
  8. I went to the Ladies Learning Code workshop last weekend. They handed out dots with their logo for covering cameras. Not microphones though. "What could I say that they would possibly want to know?" is not good enough anymore.
  9. Oooo, I'll look for it! Thanks for the reference!
  10. The Book of Books by James Brown I just came across this poem in the book I am narrating, This Way to Happiness by Claude Narramore Does anyone else know it? The Book of Books * There are books in the making And books in the store, There are books on the table, And books on the floor. The library and stockroom Have books piled up high, There are more to be written And more I must buy. * Historical novels, Biographies too; Each week brings a dozen Exhausting “Who’s Who,” There is fiction that’s truthful, And fiction that’s trash, There’s an ordinary volume And another mere hash. * There’s a new book of science And a book of the play, There’s the book of the year, And the book of the day. There are books to refer to And some to ignore, There are books that will thrill you And others will bore. * But the Book of the ages, Of balance and power Is the book called the Bible, The Book of the hour! Exhaustless its treasure, Eternal its store All the best of others you’ll find here— And more! JAMES BROWN
  11. Do you mean make a carousel page? Or do you mean make a page that has the link bold and up front? Thank you for spending this time with me! There is so much I don't know. For instance, what is an evergreen link?
  12. Should I hope to be on your book shelf? Would you make me a villain? 👺
  13. Yes, sidebar. Sure, I think I know what that is. I guess a picture would be lovely. The link is to my carousel of audiobooks on Books2Read.com . I don't have any other way of promoting them all at the same time.
  14. Don't be sorry! There is good stuff in what she says. Would I need a plug in to have a button that links to another website? Where would I get such a thing?
  15. I signed up. But she isn't talking to authors here, and some of her info is not applicable. For instance, we don't publish our home addresses, we need an email sign-up page front and centre (she does talk about a call to action), and we need to be more bloggy. We can't always sell our own books from our website. I look forward to learning more about Word-press. I am stuck when there are no buttons to do what I want. Each theme has different buttons for the same tasks. sigh.
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