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  1. Define, “Love”. Chapter 1 Clash THE PROFESSOR The odors of paint, ink, charcoal, and other media with which beauty could be created mixed in the air beneath the vaulted ceiling just as brilliantly for the nose as the colors did for the eye in the Alders University Art Building. Painted wire sculptures hung from steel rafters, swaying in the heat blasting to comfort the occupants against the Autumn chill; a painted sculpture peeking out of a frame greeted visitors at the entrance; and a maze of drywall partitions created alcoves in wh
  2. Hey! I love your name!:D

    1. Grace Roman

      Grace Roman

      Um, thanks.  Daffy makes you sound fun.  ?

  3. I was about to read Leoshine Part 2, but I would like to read Part 1 first. Is there a way to see a list of all of member's writings?

  4. I was going to return the favor and read some of your writing, but I guess I'm lost. How do I find a specific person's writing?

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