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  1. Hey! I love your name!:D

    1. Grace Roman

      Grace Roman

      Um, thanks.  Daffy makes you sound fun.  😊

  2. Thanks. Ugh. I think I've given up on ever making enough money for editing, etc. Maybe I'll just post my stuff on here and let my Brothers and Sisters enjoy it.
  3. Has anyone come across "Wattpad"? Evidently, it allows people to post writing and get paid per read. I read some of the free stuff, and it was terrible writing, and with cussing... No such luck there is a Christian version? If not, some Christians should make one.
  4. Thank you everyone so much for your paryers! My doc said I should begin to see results inside of 3 months, and my nodes shrunk almost immediately! They are all now 1cm or less, and my spleen is back under my ribcage where it should be. My energy level is not back where it was, but he said that will take some time to return especially since I have lost some muscle mass. This part is bad news for my job since I have had to work mass amounts of overtime lately due to staffing issues. My bank account isn't complaining, but my body is struggling.
  5. They tell me Imbruvica has a 90% chance of giving me my body back. I hope so. Every area of my life is suffering including writing, and I'm sick and tired of sharing my body with these lymph nodes. Prayers are always appreciated.
  6. Oh, sorry. Tips and other resources for Christian authors.
  7. Tips and other resources for Christian authors. https://storyembers.org/what-is-story-embers/
  8. Please take a look at The Vampire Manasseh. I posted it a couple weeks ago.
  9. Hey, everyone! I know I haven't been on in a while. Nicola and I are working hard, Beta reading each other's work. I thought I would just check in and let everyone know I'm okay and I miss you all. Maybe I'll drop the beginning of another story I'm (sort of) working on... Love you.
  10. I followed you, so hopefully the system will alert me when you do. It hasn't been reliable with doing that.
  11. Alley, do you have any of your book submitted here for critique? I would love to read some!
  12. What you're referring to is Atom Punk, I think. It's in the article. I'm not familiar with what the "punk" part of those genres is, but I don't think it has anything to so with the Punk movement in the 80's, which was (as I'm told by followers and from watching SLC Punk) supposed to be a neo-hippie anti-establishment thing, which was completely unsuccessful and gave birth to what I call the "giving up" movements such as Goth, Emo, Grunge, etc. I attended a Christian school and was not allowed to "express myself" as such, but my mother was a hippie, protesting whatever she could get her hands on. I struggle between what I would think is my civic duty to voice my opinion and the Bible's mandate to "Do all things without complaining or grumbling", "turn the other cheek" and so on. My mother always said, "Sooner or later, you run out of cheeks." Well, I'd better not spoil too much more of future chapters of... (new title attempts - Drum roll please) What is Real? Realer. Is Love real? What Is Love, Really?
  13. https://pin.it/sozv52okzngya2 "12 Genres You've Never Heard Of"
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