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  1. Adeleishere

    Quoting Scripture In My Novel Rules

    At this point I’m probably going to pay someone to do the extra stuff so i do not mess it up. Haha.
  2. Adeleishere

    Quoting Scripture In My Novel Rules

    You are fine. It is good to know these things. I just thought that the publisher or agent or whoever asks for that stuff from you after you have been accepted. I did not know that I had to write all of that stuff myself. Is this stuff something they ask for after they accept you or is this stuff expected to be put in with your book proposal when you send it to agents? I just never saw it mentioned in the book proposal books i have purchased. Do they at least check over this extra stuff to make sure its correct? I truly thought that’s what an editor is for. What if I do not include the right copyright words? I feel like there is a lot of room for mistakes which i am good at unfortunately. Also endnotes make a lot more sense. I know what those are. I do not mind doing that. That makes a lot more sense.
  3. Adeleishere

    Quoting Scripture In My Novel Rules

    Thank you. I’m glad I’m not alone. :-)
  4. Adeleishere

    Quoting Scripture In My Novel Rules

    I just looked through a Karen Kingsbury book and found that she had her characters saying or thinking scripture and nowhere next to it or on the page or even in the back or front of the book was it cited or labeled.
  5. Adeleishere

    Quoting Scripture In My Novel Rules

    I feel like I’m out of my league big time. I just thought I had to write the book and when I give it to the agent, they help me and guide me to anything else I need to do. I didn’t know I had to write other pages besides the novel. Now I’m wondering what all I am missing. Ive googled and YouTubed some and found some answers but not the answer on whether I for sure have to cite it next to the exact scripture or if I can do so at the back of the book instead. Maybe I’m not wording my searches corrrectly because I really dont know what I’m looking for. It makes me feel discouraged. I dont want to mess It up and do it the wrong way.
  6. Adeleishere

    Quoting Scripture In My Novel Rules

    Thanks for the reply! Is this something an editor can do or will they require I do that? I’m just not sure how to properly do it and don’t want to look dumb by doing it the wrong way.
  7. Adeleishere

    Adele Is Here.

    Yes, I am here. It’s been a while. I posted last year then went into hiding to work on my first ever book and reconfigure the entire thing. I think ive improved but need guidance along this long and hard road. Just wanted to say hi and hope that everyone can welcome me and answer my questions. Ive hit the point of almost sending to agents but I know I still need some editing and i’m nervous I wont be able to find someone to help. Looking forward to becoming a more regular person on theses forums. Thanks for reading!
  8. Ive searched on the forums and did not find the answer to my exact question so I’m hoping someone can help me out. I have a bunch of scripture in my novel that my character says and some that is in her head. I know the rules about how many lines you can use and I saw a rule about having to have it always be in quotations and always be cited right after whatever lines you use. My question is what if they character is saying a verse? Do I randomly throw in where its from after the sentence? If my character is saying it in her head, do I have to do the same? I totally understand that there are rules and respect them, i just want to know the rules and make sure I’m doing it right. I also read something about never being italized but being able to put in the back of the book that italized was used for emphasis? See, my characters sometimes say a scripture in their head and I use italized, no quotations, for anything they say in their head as to differentiate they are doing so. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated as I want to make sure I do it the correct way. Thank you for reading.
  9. I am currently putting together book proposals for literary agents to hopefully get published but i am wondering what are the other options i should be looking at? Honestly I always assumed through a publisher was the only legitimate way to go. Now i am learning there is self publishing, e books and other ways. What should I be considering? Pros and cons and what you would recommend?

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