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  1. Lester Carney


    A person approached by a lifeguard has a natural tendency to want to grab the lifeguard and hold on. This only increases the odds of drowning, and also puts the lifeguard in danger of drowning. Instead the drowning person needs to relax, give up on their own efforts, and put their trust in the rescuer. This way the lifeguard is able to do what he has been trained to do; he is able to grab the person and swim to safety. I want to stop thinking of holding on to Jesus. I don’t trust myself. My muscles weaken, my palms get clammy, my hands turn cold. I will lose hold. If I think I am strong, like Peter, I will find how weak I am, like Peter. Instead I want to think of Jesus holding on to me. If I give him permission to hold me, I will be held in his everlasting grip that will never let go. Today, tomorrow, every today, every tomorrow I want to give him permission to hold me. Then I must understand that, if I am willing for him to hold me, I must also be willing to go where he goes, willing to do what he does, and willing to become the hands and feet of Jesus to a world filled with others who are drowning in sin. Relax, give up on your own efforts, and put your trust in the Lifeguard, the Rescuer, the Savior. The journey can begin today. I’m ready. Will you join?
  2. The problem in the past was that there was right action without love. People fled, and are continuing to flee, such churches. The problem more often today is that there is "love" without right action. The two must go together. True divine love causes people to act, and, if their love is for God, is causes them to act according to God's will. An example, guys don't take their wives to the fashion show because they love the fashion show, but because she loves the fashion show. When love for Christ becomes my foundation, my life will be attractive to others. When anything else is my foundation, my life will eventually collapse.
  3. Some Christians teach their children to believe in Santa Claus, when they really should be teaching them to believe in Christ. The true meaning of Christmas is that Christ is the gift and the reason for giving. The gift God gives is love; children should be taught to understand that the gifts they receive are an expression of love. It's much better to understand the gifts come from parents who love than to believe they come from Santa Claus; I've never heard anyone suggest that Santa Claus loves them. I think we have also failed to teach how to receive gifts. Gifts should be received with thankfulness and humility. Rightly taught, Christmas and Santamas can go together; Jesus fits all occasions.
  4. I would suggest that, in your interest to understand him, you have probably become a great listener. So, if I think that God has a communication problem because I don't seem to understand what he is saying, perhaps it is I who am the problem, and I should become a great listener. Communication has two sides.
  5. The entire Bible is the Word of God; some parts are just newer than others. The New Testament writers taught salvation by faith in Jesus by using a correct understanding of Scripture; in their time that Scripture was only the Old Testament. Those who fail to study and understand the Old Testament will fail to understand the New Testament. The newer expounds more fully on the older, but doesn't replace the older.
  6. Take a Lincoln penny, put a piece of paper over it, rub with pencil lead, and the image of Lincoln will appear. And only the image of Lincoln. God puts a piece of paper over my life, rubs with pencil lead, and the image of Christ appears. And only the image of Christ. It's not a magic trick. It's a miracle.
  7. Better yet, send your BEST PLAYER to face your giants for you. That's when the miracles really happen.
  8. To one of the seven churches God says, "You have a reputation for being alive, but you are dead." A zombie. To another church he says, "You think you are rich, but you are poor, blind, and naked." To another group of people who Jesus pictured as coming to him at the second coming bragging about all the good deeds they have done he says, "Depart from me, you evil people. I never knew you." These are all cautions to those who think they can fool God with their imitation Christianity. But God knows the heart. He judges the heart, not the deeds. Some people get the wrong idea that deeds don't have anything to do with their Christianity. That is like a marriage lived in separate houses in separate towns. Why even bother to be married? If two are married, in heart, they will want to be together, in body. You could call this the obedience of love, but few think of obedience when they are doing what love prompts them to do. Love God in heart, and you will want to do his will in body.
  9. A "counselor" of my ex-wife once told me, "God doesn't want you to put him first. God's not selfish." Too few people realize that it is only by putting God first that I will ever be able to put another first above myself. I need God's in order to love someone else. God, others, then myself. Satan's formula is myself, others, and then God, if there is anything left over. Formula for failure. "
  10. Tag team. When I'm facing a giant, I need to tag out and let my PARTNER into the ring. Go get him, Jesus!
  11. Lester Carney

    Limits On God

    When we put no limits on God, and put our faith in him, he puts no limits on us. What will we become? More tomorrow than we are today.
  12. Sometimes Christians are prone to only talk about the foundation---Jesus. All talk and no action. The only purpose of having a foundation is to build on it. Perhaps more correctly to allow our foundation to build on himself. God wants to produce a beautiful tree with my life that will produce much fruit. I need to found my life on him and permit him to build as he sees fit.
  13. Lester Carney

    Psalm 56: 3

    I will put my trust and faith in You, God, because You are not the cause of my fear; You are the solution to my fear.
  14. Hunter: Oh, hi. Come on in and sit down. Friend: I didn’t know you were a hunter. Hunter: Oh, yeah. Big time. I was just finishing cleaning my deer rifle. Friend: That’s a shotgun. Hunter: Oh, really. That’s good to know. I never knew the manufacturer. Like I said, I have my Shotgun deer rifle, I have my blaze orange clothing; the rest is in the closet. I even have orange socks and…well, never mind. I’ve got my hunting knife. It’s so sharp it will be like cutting through warm “budda.” I’ve even got my hunting beard. Well, kinda; it’s more like peach fuzz. I’ve been practicing my hunter lingo. I’m gonna get me a wabbit. Perhaps I need to practice that more. Oh, yes, and I have my lucky bullet. I’m not just any hunter. They call me “Mr. Hunter.” Friend. Wow, I’m impressed. When are you going hunting? Hunter: Did I tell you I put up my tree stand. Yep, I put it up several weeks ago. A lot of hunters wait too long. They are putting theirs up in broad daylight, and the deer are just standing around looking at them, nodding their heads and winking at each other. Somehow the deer know they are still safe, and it isn’t hunting season yet. Then those hunters go and sit in their stands for a whole week and don’t even see one deer. Duh! I put mine up weeks beforehand; that way the deer keep looking at it and don’t see anyone in it, and they forget about it. I have mine in a tree just a few yards from a broad deer path that goes down to a pond. There is a branch that partly hides me and also provides a perfect place to rest my gun. I have a perfect shot at a nice clear spot about 30 feet away. I know there is a ten-point buck in those woods. I can imagine him coming toward the pond to get a drink. He will take a few steps, then stop and look either side of him and sniff the air, then take a few more steps. Behind him will be some does and fawns. Eventually he will be right in the spot I’ve chosen; he’ll stop and sniff, look up into the tree---his eyes will get big---then…BAM, I GOT HIM. A lot of people are sentimental and go “boohoo” for the poor deer, but it’s not about killing deer; it’s about harvesting natural resources and putting food on the table. I read that on the internet. Friend: You believe everything you read on the internet? Hunter: What! You don’t? Friend: Okay…I don’t see any deer trophies around. Have you been hunting a long time, or is this your first year? Hunter: I have my deer horns. Friend: Antlers. Hunter: No, they’re mine. Aunt Ler has her own. Now if that buck is hesitant to use his usual deer path, all I have to do is rattle these horns, and it will short-circuit his brain. He will think another buck is sharpening his horns on his tree and trying to steal his does, and he will come along looking for that buck, and when he is right there… Friend: I know. BAM, YOU GOT HIM. Hunter: Eh, don’ you know. Friend: So, when’s that going to happen? Hunter: Did I tell you I have my lucky bullet? Friend: Well, Barney Fife, I think… Hunter: Hey, I only need one. I’m that good. Friend: I was just going to say that your .22 bullet doesn’t fit your deer “rifle.” Hunter: What does that have to do with anything? What’s your point? Friend: Well, it doesn’t seem to me that you are planning on going hunting at all. Hunter: Suffixes. Friend: What? Hunter: Suffixes. I’m a hunter, er, e-r, a suffix. Hunting, ing, i-n-g, a different suffix. Hunter. Hunting. Two different words. They don’t have anything to do with each other. I’m a hunter. But hunting? Do you know how cold it is out there? And you have to get up in the middle of the night and hike to your tree stand before the sun is up. Your hands and feet probably freeze before you get there. The tree stand probably has frozen dew on it. One slip and you fall and break your neck. Then, when you get to the top, you have to get in that little seat without falling and breaking your neck. Then, after hours of sitting, you finally get your deer, and your legs are numb and have fallen asleep, and when you try to climb down…. Friend: I know, you’ll probably fall and break your neck. Hunter: Yeah, you’re catching on. Then you have to take your knife and---what do they call it?---pare the deer, and that’s messy. Then you have to haul his fat carcass all the way to your car. That ten-pointer is pretty big. He may even be an eleven-pointer by now. And then when you get it home you have to hang it from a tree. And then what? I’m a vegetarian. What do I need with a dead deer? No way! I want my chosen sport to be fun, not full of a lot of work or rules. When can I hunt, what can I shoot, did I remember to buy a deer hunting permit, do I have the proper tags, or what brand of deer hunting rifle I have. No, not for me. I’m free to enjoy being a hunter. Friend: So you are not going hunting? Hunter: Never said I was. Friend: I understand now. You’re a hunter. You’re probably such a good hunter that you could go hunting even if you didn’t have your lucky bullet. Hunter: Well, now, thanks…wait a minute.,, Friend: I guess I’ll go and let you get back to whatever it is you were doing. Thanks for the lesson on suffixes. Hunter: No problem. If you like, next time I can give you a lesson on past, present, and future participles, maybe even past, present, and future perfect. Friend: I can’t wait. Hunter: Goodbye………………..Amateur. I’m a hunter. I have my rifle, I have my clothes, I have my lucky b…oh, no. Oh, there you are. Now don’t you go getting lost on me. Yeah, I’m a hunter.
  15. Lester Carney

    Holy Cow

    The people had recently received the 10 Commandments, spoken by God himself. “You shall have no other gods before me.” “You shall not make any graven images.” All the way to “You shall not covet.” Ten simple, easy to understand laws to help them better love God and love man. The people had responded that they would do everything that God had said. Moses had then been called up on the mountain, and he had been gone for weeks and weeks (40 days in Bible terminology). The people became impatient. They didn’t know what had happened to Moses. Perhaps he had left them and wasn’t coming back. Perhaps he was dead. They went to the brother of Moses, Aaron, and asked him to make a god to lead them. Aaron asked for their ear rings, and he melted the rings and formed a calf. This wasn’t quite a god. In Egypt, a calf or cow or bull was not a god, but was the seat of a god. The calf would not have been worshiped, but they would have worshiped the figure seated on the calf. Aaron didn’t go so far as to make what he thought was a god; he only make the seat for a god. But it was a significant compromise anyway. He tried to move the people’s thoughts back to God by building an altar in front of the calf and telling the people that tomorrow they would hold a festival to worship God. But the people could not see past the calf, and they worshiped, not God, but…a chair. Holy Cow! They forgot how God had lead them during the past several months. They forgot the way he had protected them from the ten plagues in Egypt. They forgot how he had made a way through the Red Sea, so they could leave the Egyptian army behind them. They forgot how he had miraculously fed and watered them—how miraculously he was feeding and watering them every day. They forgot the 10 Commandments. They forgot their promises to God. They forgot God. In forgetting God they became stupid and started inventing their own gods. When we lose sight of God, what will hold us true to him is the memory of what he has done in the past for us. He certainly died on the cross for you and me. He was certainly raised from the dead to give us the hope of an eternal future. He certainly has sent the Holy Spirit to comfort us and guide us through life. He certainly is preparing a place in heaven for each of his children. He certainly loves you and me. Let us continue to focus on God’s blessings so that we can avoid becoming stupid and worshiping something of our own invention.
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