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  1. I have some radical opinions of why Christian bookstores are folding, but I think they're too controversial. We'll just say they drove most of the committed Christians away by refusing to sell real Christian books, and turned instead to what they perceived as the future. The people that will buy a book inspired by two new wave physics, channeling God is not the people that buy the $299 Bible commentaries. The people that buy the book that encourages binge drinking alcohol and cursing is not the people that stick around to spend thousands over a lifetime in discipleship materials and books on prayer, That's all II'm going to say. Apologies for offending.
  2. You know, I think this could apply to you too!
  3. I have a whole list of Chassid names. If it's Lubavitch, I know most of those - they repeat a lot. You can get large lists of names from genealogical sites.
  4. I write a lot of the "you just messed with absolutely the wrong person" stories. Bible stories that inspire me... John chapter 9, the blind man. I love that one.
  5. Okay! ummm.... I have to actually sign up for it, right? Not like the mind reading classes?
  6. On the contrary, you're the best suited. What works for you works for others.
  7. I did four months of "theme of the day" on twitter. Most people had no idea how to use it so I finished the list and that was that.
  8. Then we agree! We shall share a hearty belly laugh and celebrate with chilled root beer in a frosty mug! Scoop of ice cream is optional!
  9. Yes, the CJB has the correctly spelled names. If that's all you use it for, great. Be advised that Stern admits in his notes that he plays fast and loose with his paraphrasing. That's all I'm going to say.
  10. There are 788,258 words in the Bible, 21,202 verses, 1189 chapters and 66 books in the Bible. To look up, count and write down all of the names in the Bible would take 74 hours non-stop. By that time one would die of dehydration. It's perfectly acceptable to ask for a list of names, to save time and lives.
  11. There's some good add on books for Logos Bible Software that lists all the names of the Bible... They (like all the other resources of Logos) all link directly to the passages. I do remember someone made an add on name dictionary for Scrivener with Biblical names... I downloaded that right away!
  12. There was no room to add "interdimensional exploration" on the card. Sorry @Johne!
  13. Awesome! I used Logaster to create my brand logos, and Zazzle to create my ego stuff.... I mean, my personalized items! So I've got business cards for the next writers convention. Hopefully, I'm speaking at the next one.
  14. Arthur!!! Is it you??? Welcome!!!
  15. Sweet! Now to write an Indie! "Indie Jones and the Temple of Doom!" wait... is it taken?
  16. Ya know, years ago a friend gave me a birthday card that says "there is a magical $100 bill in this card. If you open it quickly enough, you can get the bill before it vanishes!" And of course, the inside said "too slow - you lose!"
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