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  1. If you both are going to do it by pm, that's fine - in the interests of accountability, I do ask that women do not pm me.
  2. I'm proud of that message. Took me forever to think of it.
  3. nicholasreicher.com/why you should share your titles... okay, so it's not a real article!
  4. Twitter tells you how many are following you, right on the front page.
  5. https://www.nicholasreicher.com/why-most-writers-get-rejected-by-publishers/
  6. https://www.nicholasreicher.com/why-self-published-authors-need-a-writers-platform/
  7. All authors - whether self published or traditionally - MUST HAVE a writer's platform. Publishers insist on it. An author without a following is an author that will not sell. It's even more necessary for Christian authors, since most Christian bookstores are now closed. Christian publishers will not sign anyone who does not have a social platform. Take some time to think of ways that you and your gifts can interest other people, whether authors or not. Channel these special ways into your writer's platform. Twitter, LinkedIn, and one other social media outlet. Find what works best for you.
  8. Sounds like you've got your tweets planned out! #booktitleoftheday
  9. Try using Asana to categorize your titles by genre and sub-genre
  10. here's a helpful hint -listen to any John MacArthur sermon. Wait for the Greek word. Type it into the morph search tool in Logos, but add G: first. Like his latest lemma craze of Ginomai or Doulos. So, g:ginomai or g:doulos The search engine will open the morphological search tool for the word in actual Koine Greek. Then take a screen capture of it and send it to all your friends. "I'm searching for morphological studies in Koine Greek lemmas in Logos! What are you doing?" "Eating ice cream." Well, Ice cream wins, but anything else people will think you're brilliant,
  11. Trust me when I say that there's so much to Logos, they actually have weekend-long seminars on how to use them! The other day I accidentally clicked on a title in a search result, and something new opened up - and I've been using Logos since the 90's!
  12. I appreciate all the support... if anyone needs an idea to get a book started... see, I can sit with Scrivener open and write 60 writing prompts an hour! That's why when I give one away, I don't need to write it. I've got so many ideas I could turn out 7 novels a year for 200 years.
  13. I'm not picking on PC Bible Study software, or its users. I'm just so used to Logos going through my library and giving me all the information I own on it without having to look it up. And instead of copying and pasting information, I just drag it to a notefile in Logos, or a sermon document. And when I create a sermon document, if any church hires me to pastor and they use Proclaim - why then, the sermon is ready to project. I'm not kidding when I say I can do in a week the kind of research that used to earn you the title "Scholar". Now I just have to work on the Gentleman part!
  14. I did the book thing back in the 90's. I own probably every Bible software out there, so now I almost never open my books.
  15. I wrote every one of the writing prompts, yes.
  16. If you want to see what verses are translated "Knowest", grab the little green wedge and drag it out slightly. Logos tells you. Great fun, and really informative.
  17. I actually do this kind of study all the time. I want to know how often the word is used in the Bible. I want to know how it's translated elsewhere in the King James. You all know basic words, like stop. Theres stopped, stopping, stopper, establish (variation of the lemma stop). So when I look up Ginosko (I know), I know there's know, knowledge, knew, knowing, and a variety of other words., such as known, discern, perceive, aware, understood, etc.
  18. okay, the videos are probably for someone like me who can read a little Greek. Easy way in Logos - right click on the word. Choose lemma. choose word study. stare at the colorful display in wonder as literally every possible rendering of the lemma is shown, and what verses it's in. Now drag it to a notefile that you'll never look at again, and go look up funny parrot videos on YouTube. That's my study method.
  19. The software isn't slow. The process is slow. I have to look at the text. switch tabs to read the commentary. Switch tabs to look ONLY at the lemma Greek - not the actual manuscript. then I have to right click to see the definition. No way to see how it's used throughout the Bible, so I have to grab an interlinear and manually look up the word page by page by page. I can do this in Logos in a minute or less. You do the work in PC Bible Study, Logos does the work for you. Yes, Logos takes about a day to learn to use. After that, it's lightning speed study.
  20. Tried the new version of PC Bible study. Here's what it was like... I compared it's abilities to Logos. Something like this. My report on the speed of Bible study using it... Oh, well.
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