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  1. Money, money money! Mwahahahahaha!!!! I want it ALL!!!I want to own a home in the country, and buy the country too! I'll buy a different color car for every day of the week! Lionel trains, whole rooms of them!!!! Mwhahahahahaaha!!!!!
  2. I don't know. With my track record and word output, it may possibly be!!!
  3. I was going to give some advice, but hey - this line stopped me cold! Have fun!
  4. All the experts say not to have long strings of conversation in another language. Annoying, because I once wrote an entire Aramaic prayer out word for word, and I either had to take it out or translate it. Double rats. You're getting good advice here!
  5. Of course, now this brings into question the future of Wordsearch Bible software, my favorite before I switched to Logos.
  6. @Virginia Winterstorm I was about to write a lengthy response agreeing with you where I named names and etc... and I realized you're right. I won't go any further on that.
  7. Not really from my POV! As everyone can tell I almost obsess about writing about doctrine - I just might as well put all that work in a book. Shouldn't take me too long - most of the verse gathering has been done by Torrey, Nave (although I question many of his inclusions and conclusions) and the author of the TSK (which wasn't Torrey - he just endorsed it). Plus I've got a hardbound book from the 1800's that was the original Topical Bible, although the author never called it that. I appreciate the support everyone's given. Like LR said, there's very little from the IFB point of view that's actually published - almost all of the materials are self published, whether by Pensecola Bible Book Store, Way of Life publishing or Hyles-Anderson. Really, just one chapter per doctrinal study (Theology, Pneumatology, Christology, Anthropology, Hamartiology, Soteriology, Eschatology, Angelology, Ekklesiology and Bibliology), Bible references and discussion, and a good citation manager, consult some commentaries, and I'm good to go. And with Logos, I can look all that up really quickly.
  8. I'm thinking on a book on preaching, because I've developed systems where every Pastor will never have to worry about what they're going to preach. Also thinking about a book on doctrine - a systematic theology for Independent Baptists. What do you think? Am I too blunt for something like these? Or should I stick to fiction?
  9. I write these because they resonate with me. I write these because these are the story of my life. Always the one chosen to sit out sport games in school. The one voted least likely to succeed. The one beaten up over and over again by the school bully until I snap. I'm 5'7", Jewish, and formerly very thin. I couldn't join the military because I was so thin. And somehow over the years, I've discovered that I am indeed the very last guy people want to mess with - but they usually make that mistake far too late. But over the years, I've developed a quirky sense of humor, and now nobody really picks on me too much. People respect me because they begin to realize how many talents I have. And you know what? I'll bet every one of you can identify with everything I'm saying. I'll bet that every one of you were picked on or not trusted or not chosen or not part of the clique. So when I write these stories for me, like Avram in my Chassidic Jewish screenplay, that people feel like - "hey, that's my story. The person who says the wrong thing at the wrong time. The guy or woman who doesn't fit in, or says the wrong thing at the wrong time. So yeah, John 9 in many ways is me - the guy born blind but sees Jesus. And criticized by the people who aren't blind but can't see who Jesus is. And like that guy, I shoot off my mouth and get in trouble. Hopefully like that guy, Jesus sticks up for me.
  10. Yes. Trying to get past my rudimentary Japanese skills.
  11. Your welcome. I'm trying not to be decisive in saying that anyone who doesn't agree with me is a cursed heretic! So I keep my opinions out of it. Two of these factoids are designed to keep them from being passive reading, but actual exercises -What are your beliefs? Do they conform to the Bible? What are the options people believe out there? Those are the exercises in the last one and this one.
  12. I have that problem when going through my Pimsleur lessons! In the Japanese lesson the other day, the narrator asked, "How do you say Excuse me in Japanese?" My answer was "Entschuldigung Sie"!
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