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  1. Ok, 80's jokes aside. I'd hoped to finish my Nano novel by the 15th, so I could do my second novel. Alas, with my 12 hour work days, I can't get the 3000 word count consistently, so that's not happening.
  2. Thank you everyone. Things easing up a bit. Was finally able to get several hours of sleep.
  3. I think the major point you're arguing recently was brought up by an agent who was here for a little while - although his words weren't well received, I listened because he was trying to teach us. The traditional publishing route presents credibility, because someone's vetting. Self publishing has none. I can self publish without any regard to structure, TYppos, speling, unresolved plot threads, etc, Traditional publishing means an agent has read your query letter, and possibly a 30 page leave-behind. you've escaped the usual amateur mistakes, and moved on to acceptance. Then the agent sends it to the publisher, who does a more thorough vetting process. It's even more strict nowadays, because the publishers don't have editors sitting around waiting to coach writers through the process. You've got to be pretty much publish ready right at the beginning of the process. The internet is awash in bad writing advice, but if you know what to look for the information is out there to learn. While almost every writer wants traditional publishing, our fragile egos shatter when we're told our mistake ridden manuscripts aren't publish ready. We all have tantrums. The people you want to work with listen to the instructions and fix them. The others don't. This is the reason the self publish world is in trouble - no vetting. Nobody to say, "Did you learn anything about structure? About rising tension, about subplot and subtext?" No proofreaders, no typesetters, often amateurish cover art, and little or no promotion and advertising. Traditional publishing has been saying for ten years writers need a platform, and need to help promote their novels. It's time we listened and added that to skill sets. It's SO tempting to self publish, because I could have seven novels on the market by December - but I refuse to let go of a novel before its done. Although I think I could pitch a book on self editing for writers pretty successfully!
  4. thank you all for praying. The last 76 hours have been horrible.
  5. Oooh, let's not go there before someone with MacDonald heritage brings up Colloden, the dinner incident, Bonnie Prince Charlie etc. That war would be EASY to get started now! Oh, wow - I've been writing too much Scottish lately. Look at the construction o that sentence! Och.
  6. If it wasn't NaNo, I'd have tried, but I gave up. And your point that it's not a common accent to hear is well taken. If I lived in the UK, more people would have gotten it. So it would be effort wasted in the US. I'm sure I'll get bonus points for even bringing up Owain Lawgoth, Cymru, Llewellyn, the reprisals, etc.
  7. You might be right - the speaker I knew spoke some Welsh, was rabidly pro-welsh, and named his son Davith Llewellyn - how much more Welsh can ya get? And it's also nearly impossible for an American to write English with a Welsh accent! I do wonders with Sco'ish and Irish accents in dialog, but nae can ge' the Welsh accent! (slippping back into the Scottish Brogue) Man, writing this novel makes me want ta put on a Kilt and paint my face wi' Woad!
  8. Oh, sure, Scotty was Scottish - but Jimmy Doohan's accent was in no way Scottish. It was an Irish accent with glottal stops to sound Scottish. Quick demonstration Demonstration - the first actor is Irish (malcolm wallace, played by Sean Lawlor) The second actor is Scottish (John Wallace - can't remember who played) Listen to "Go home boy" versus "Gae ahaeme, william!" Irish versus Scottish. Irish lilts, Scottish blocks (easy way to remember). Temporary expert because I'm not just Jewish, I'm also a MacLeod- and my current novel has entire scenes written with a Gaelic-Scottish-English phrasing
  9. Someone Welsh check me on this - I haven't spoken to a native Welshman since 2006. Keem-Ree
  10. The date of King Henry IV's coronation is Oct. 13. He's the first king to be sworn in on a stolen rock (the stone of destiny) Scotland is really cold - parts of the Highlands are on the same longitude as Alaska The Scottish Clans of MacDonald and Campbell still mistrust each other, and still argue. Wales is spelled Cymru, but pronounced cymri. King Henry invented his claim to the throne, and forced his cousin to abdicate the throne. King Richard II may have been starved to death from the time of his abdication until death. The throat plate in medieval armor is called a Gorget. The best British knights found excuses to go to Germany and learn swordfighting Scots wear the Kilt because a lot of the Highlands are criss crossed with streams and rivers. The Highlanders augmented their kilts with a small knife called a Sgian Dubh, and it was a truly nasty weapon Scottish claymores have two edges, and were so dense in structure that the British Knights best defense was to drop his shield and concentrate on sword fighting. If you write long passages of dialogue in Scottish accent, it sticks for HOURS. Scotty's accent in Star Trek really was Irish.
  11. There's a large number of articles on writers digest about fear. https://www.writersdigest.com/guest-columns/writing-through-fear https://www.writersdigest.com/editor-blogs/there-are-no-rules/conquer-your-writing-fears https://www.writersdigest.com/online-editor/3-quiet-fears-that-stop-writers-from-writing https://www.writersdigest.com/whats-new/10-ways-to-harness-fear-and-fuel-your-writing https://www.writersdigest.com/mfa-confidential-blog/transforming-fear-and-breaking-through-the-writing-wall These I found right away - hopefully, this gets through the mental barriers fear produces. Fear is real. Fear can be life controlling. Even if you turn yourself into the kind of person action movies are made of, you still can be paralyzed by fear. I'm not done on the fear subject, and hopefully I can start helping people.
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