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  1. Nicholas Reicher

    Cumulative Sentences

    I have learned something new!
  2. Nicholas Reicher

    Good News For Bible Software - Logos 8

    Logos Basic is free. If you mean hard drive space, that I understand. https://www.logos.com/product/136022/basic
  3. Nicholas Reicher

    suggestion box Bible Discussions

    It's possible. If anyone is reform, they'll object to my soteriology. If anyone is charismatic, they'll be offended at my cessational stance. I'll keep it neutral as much as possible. That's the only way. And when things get out of hand, the moderators are good at stepping in.
  4. Nicholas Reicher

    Good News For Bible Software - Logos 8

    Try Logos Basic 7 for now. Logos Basic 8 should be out by March.
  5. Nicholas Reicher

    Workshops/conferences Jan-march

  6. Nicholas Reicher

    Cumulative Sentences

    Oh. Oh, oh oh... I'm slow today.
  7. Nicholas Reicher

    suggestion box Bible Discussions

    I mentioned the IFB position deliberately, so that people of other theological positions would know in advance. I'm traditional baptist, and anyone with a reformed perspective will find quite a few things they will disagree with me on.
  8. Nicholas Reicher

    Workshops/conferences Jan-march

    I'd give my standard joke and say Mt. Olympus, Mars... but I'm east coast, mid atlantic region.
  9. Nicholas Reicher

    Red Pill? Or Blue Pill?

    Are any of those antihistamines?
  10. Nicholas Reicher

    Coincidence Week Abounds

    Weird. I've been praying about some things, a few I'd prayed about and in a fit of despondency decided it was God saying "no". I'm good with "no", it's an answer I can live with. A Christian really shouldn't be comfortable saying, "No, Lord." When God says no, it means no, and we should bow the head to that. Okay, suddenly I'm getting answers! And it's not.... "No!" Prayed for an answer about fixing one undone thing in my life, and suddenly out of the blue I'm contacted by someone well known in that field and getting invitations! Prayed about something for God and suddenly, I'm getting emails about that, and something in the mail! Yikes! Everything's changing so fast!
  11. Nicholas Reicher

    Good News For Bible Software - Logos 8

    ...anyone else get it?
  12. Nicholas Reicher


    See? I have a mind like a sloth. I didn't get it until now.
  13. Nicholas Reicher

    Day-timers - What's Your Opinion?

    it's okay. I'm quickly mindmapping various options, at speeds that... well... a sloth could race past.
  14. Nicholas Reicher

    Cumulative Sentences

    I'm confused what a cumulative sentence is?
  15. Nicholas Reicher

    Writing & Publishing In The New Year - 2019

    Did I mention I'm going to seek an agent this year? Hold me to it! I'm getting out of my comfort zone this year!

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