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  1. I hate when this happens. 


    1. Alley


      I do this often. 

    2. Sarah Daffy

      Sarah Daffy

      Me too. 

  2. Lord, please provide healing and guidance to @William D'Andrea for a rash that he has. We know You will do as You promised if we ask but only ask in Your son's name, amen.
  3. Reality 



  4. Dream job.



  5. thank you for always sharing this kind of information.
  6. Lord we praise You for keeping SW safe during the vehicle crash and not allowing serious injury. We pray that You continue Your healing and protection on him. We also pray the other driver/occupants in both vehicles are safe. Guide their care to return them home quickly. In Jesus name;Amen.
  7. zx1ninja


    Welcome to the flock.
  8. Not all people will be able to do all things. But all things can be done by the single person of God.

  9. Okay, like I said, we're not there yet, but they say it is feasible. The article names the guy at NASA and has links to the papers for the study. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sciencealert.com/how-feasible-is-a-warp-drive-here-s-the-science/amp
  10. Lord, your daughter is in need of your healing hand. Touch her Lord and guide her and the Doctors as they perform your work. In Jesus name.
  11. Now, NASA has confirmed the theory is viable. The problem is we can't generate the power needed to verify it, so therefore it's still an unknown.
  12. You are of course correct. That's why gravity, or something providing the effect of gravity is a must have. Otherwise the lakes with the oxygen creating plants would just be blobs floating around. Strong magnetic field would also provide protection from solar radiation. Parking the station in the magnetosphear of a planet might work well. Well, some or all of that might not be there as songbirds and crickets may not be a good thing for an enclosed biosphere. Might have green fields and a blue sky projection. Maybe even a bird and cricket sound track. Even controlled lightning to simulate day and night.
  13. Hadn't given AI much thought, but I think you're on to something there. I'll have to look into including it. Open the pod bay door HAL.
  14. Wasn't trying to. Just trying to provide a path for your story.
  15. What is the worth but folly from anyone but the Lord.

  16. You have to remember a couple things. 1) we are made in His likeness. 2) Jesus was the exact (perfect) representation of God in the flesh. I don't think Jesus was born more than once or in multiple places at the same time. Although God can do anything He wants. I think we should focus on the great commandment of Jesus to spread and teach the good news. The gospel to ALL who will listen.
  17. Yes, but that assumes mine will have mirrors. I'm currently seriously considering an O'Neil class with no mirrors and using artificial lighting. Or possibly artificial lighting conjunction with mirrors that can be deployed or closed as needed. For instance solar storms. No mirrors would allow for more surface use because then you don't need the windows. Think Babylon 5 and that's the direction I'm really considering. But I'm still looking at a lot of things.
  18. Yes and no. Remember that in space once an object has momentum it continues in that direction until acted upon. But that could be an indirect gravitational force or simple friction, no matter how small. I've pretty much decided on a O'Neil cylinder. The cylinder could be spun and maintained easily enough through the use of small reaction jets or a mechanical system of some type. But that still leaves the station as a whole. The next question then is do you want to give it the ability to move from planet to planet or just maintain station keeping or position. Station keeping will almost certainly be a must. Although if in the right position, say L5 in our Earth moon system. Not sure about the station moving between systems that would certainly take a VERY long time as it will probably not move that fast. But movement within the system, planet to planet might be something. The next question would be why?
  19. Found us you have. Welcome to the flock you are.
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