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  1. Good idea. If we're that advanced we may have nanotechnology too.
  2. To continue, So what do we do with all the waste that’s created? Remember this must be a zero waste society. Every thing must be recycled and reused if possible for a reasonable return. If it costs more to recycle than say, 40% of what the recycled product provides then perhaps the creating source needs to be reevaluated. We already have a decent handle on a lot of recycling, people just don’t do it. Easy things like paper, plastic, glass, metals. Organic waste, food, will need to be composted for soil enrichment if it can’t be fed to the animals. Then there’s electronic waste. That’s a little different, but still, we have an idea of how to do it. Construction waste will also have to be minimized as it will cut down on the cost and effort to get the materials in the first place. Next we need air pressure. Without proper air pressure we still die. To low and the fluids in our bodies boil. Too high and we’re crushed. I suspect that while critical, pressure will, to an extent be generated by oxygen creation. The more that’s generated the more pressure we’ll have. But remember pure oxygen environment is not necessarily the best choice. Since we’ll likely be mining water from comets and other sources, the excess can be split by electrolysis to create hydrogen fuel for power production and oxygen. Adding to the biosphere process and assisting in maintaining proper pressure and breathable air. Do we add other gasses to create pressure? I’m not sure, I’m not versed enough to even do a general discussion about that. For example nitrogen for the plants, but a few other gasses might be needed for the biosphere. I’d be more concerned about poisonous gasses. Those would just be bad.
  3. So true.


  4. Decent premise, Decent special effects, rife with problems
  5. All true. I don't think I could have done that. But you never really know what you'll do until the time comes and it's real. As for the ship. Yea, things like cascading failures, should have woken up a command crew member. One of the most blatant to me was him in a space suite in the vent blast of the reactor with nothing but a door. Should have cooked him or at minimum cooked the suit leaving him in space. Or where the tree roots go? Lots more if you look. Martin is much better.
  6. I've used calibre a couple times. Worked well for me to make epub and mobi files
  7. Sounds interesting. It has a lot of impossibilities. But it's still a good movie.
  8. I thought they were good, but wasn't really sure. Thanks
  9. watched that movie a few times. See something new in those scenes nearly every time.
  10. I don't think I'm ready for that. Besides, it'd take a lot of food coloring. 😁 Gives a whole new vision for "when pigs fly" and "the cow flew over the moon" don't it? 😃 Besides, I never thought about just how many there would be. It'd probably be very few making a meat or protein replacement necessary. But bacon, I don't think there's a good bacon flavor replacement.
  11. So. Now that we have air to breathe, let’s mess that up and start living there. We’ll generate some carbon dioxide, some of which the plants will use and store the rest in the ground and water they live in. Humans are there, we like meat, so we’ll have food animals. We’ll probably have pets too, but we’re still getting started. Since most food animals eat, for the most part, plants that means we need to grow their food. Growing plants generate more oxygen, so that seems like a good thing. But remember it’s all about balance. There’s issues with animals, all of them, cattle in particular. They generate a lot of methane gas. This is not a good thing for our biosphere. While this isn’t the only issue, how can it be dealt with. With zero waste as a primary goal, the needs of the biosphere must come first. If they don’t the balance will be off, the biosphere will fail. Well, no two ways about it, we’d have to collect, store and dispose of it. If we don’t our biosphere will fail and failure means death. That’s not good. But let’s not waste it either. Recycling will be mandatory in our biosphere with zero wast the goal. It can be used as fuel or perhaps something else. But a way to do it without affecting our biosphere must be developed. We’ll have animal (including humans) solid and liquid waste, plant waste, and space station waste from the power systems for a start. We’ll call that technology waste for now. There’s still a lot to consider here.
  12. Maybe a retail seller like Barnes and Noble
  13. Oh, I don't think so. It has gotten quiet though.
  14. You know, I have no clue if my ending is good or not. For either published story.
  15. Plot twist, send him back to the other gal and she kills him out of jealousy. 😁
  16. welcome to the flock.
  17. Perhaps 


    1. zx1ninja


      Might be a good start to a book.

    2. Alley


       MURDERER!!! 😱 🪓  ☠️ (xD)

  18. Welcome to the flock.
  19. Well, it's going to cost him in more ways than one. Even if he actually intended to distribute the copies he purchased. How many books do you need for a signing anyway? I would seriously question 400. That said, if (big IF) he's telling the truth (which I personally doubt) and that was his intention, it should have been done through the publisher. That would show distribution (shipping) to those he claimed they were for and payment collection. Unless he was giving them away and then they shouldn't count anyway. Still, I have serious doubts as to the value of taking that kind of action for any reason.
  20. Happens a lot.


    1. Alley


      🤣 I think my mouth didn't get this memo! 🤣 

  21. It's just good to have you back with us. Take care of yourself and get better.
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