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  1. Well then, (as he puts the wrench down and picks up a partially soiled rag to begin wiping off his hands with it). I didn't understand the question then. Ethan Hunt or Lora Croft, doesn't matter. Action with a decent story line, a few car chases and the occasional blown up things is all I need. 😁😎 I think you'll find however, that in the Bible the majority of stories have male MC with few female MC. Just the way it was in that time of society, (Don't take this wrong, it's not from me, it's historical fact.) Women didn't count in society then even though they did as much, if not more work.
  2. I have 6 drafts with male 1 published with males 1 flash fiction with male 1 published with Android and male ancillary 1 flash fiction with wood Why wouldn't I read it? Would I if it were female, yes. Unless it's a romance story, then it doesn't matter, I won't even open the cover.
  3. Welcome back to the flock
  4. I'm not to sure about time travel. Too many things can happen just being where you weren't. Unless you can only travel within the time you have lived, no more. @Accord64 scenarios just touch the tip of the ice berg of possibilities. A headache is coming 😫 just thinking about it.
  5. Seriously though, that's one I need to work on.
  6. I use a tarp, 10x20, everybody holds it above their head as they're walking away from the sun/light. 😆
  7. Welcome to the flock. You will find helpful, encouraging people here.
  8. Interesting answers. Of course we all know that we don't get to make that choice. Because the Lord is in control.
  9. Don't forget to roll your eyes and rub your head.
  10. All children should outlive their parents.
  11. I pray he finds his way.
  12. Might be important in a closed society. Statistically for married couples, the men die before the women. Also the partner typically dies within a short time of that. I joke with my wife that it's because the women work the men to death and then can't survive without them. But if you had a choice, who would you prefer to pass on first and why? For myself, my wife because she sometimes needs a lot of help, understanding and guidance. While I would be lonely and miss her, I'd rather suffer that than think what she might go through without me to help her.
  13. Me on a normal day. 


    1. Alley


      You? Weird, I thought I was looking in a mirror. 😋 

  14. Got this from Facebook, don't recall who. Still worth sharing. Sometimes this is very hard to remember. 


  15. Sorry I'm late to the party, but I brought ice cream 🍦.
  16. Lord, one of Your children is in need of Your healing touch. Give him strength to endure as you guide him and the Doctors. Keep him safely in Your hands. In Jesus name, amen.
  17. Does this mean he's better than a Timex?
  18. Good movie and they did a good job on it.
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