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    welcome to the flock
  2. I tried this, but it failed. My friends gave vauge answers. But maybe my questions weren't good. I'm going to suggest very specific questions that require a specific answer. I also have a couple teachers, again my suggestion is exactly what you propose. One thing that hasn't been mentioned yet, plagiarism. Which sadly happens when you have strangers beta read, and that takes you straight back to the friends and relatives problem. Sadly for myself I found that I didn't get the real answers that I needed until I paid an editor to do a critique. It was brutal until I realized it was what I needed. I've learned a lot from this group, just got reminded of a couple things in this thread. I'd encourage you to ask questions or search the forum. A lot of this has been asked before. But ask anyway, sometimes things change. But if your not finding it, don't understand or aren't clear you need to ask. All these people have helped me and you've gotten some good advice here. This is a good group and they're not afraid to help with honest answers.
  3. 😐 Nothings wrong with it, was a suggestion. That's all.
  4. Going to have to start writing this stuff down. 🤔
  5. Maybe it's a protagonist catalyst character for the true protagonist.
  6. My experience with friends or relatives as beta readers is not good. If they read the whole thing they won't tell you what you really want to know. You can do it, but keep your expectations low.
  7. There is no right or wrong answer.
  8. Thinking it saves the others. Sacrifice
  9. Why does it have to live? Might be an android.
  10. Well, since it's sci-fi. Was thinking sick, shot with phaser like gun fighting, dies in space using his ship to block attack on a innocent ship. But right now it's all conjecture.
  11. Was wondering what the most popular way to kill a character is. Thinking shot.
  12. Random thought. Why do we have nails, we can't use them for much like a cat, bird, lizard etc

  13. I have been corrected. Point taken. No, and not much blowing things up either. So back to topic. YES, I would probably read it if I read that genre.
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