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  1. iStock Shutterstock Dreamstime Even pinterest
  2. Most have a limited selection of "free" photos. Not knowing what you're looking for that may help. My experience has been anything useful to me cost. But to be fair some of those were pretty inexpensive for a months access so you can get what you need (like $20.00).
  3. I think it's time I got a serious head/bust shot for my avatar.

    1. Sarah Daffy

      Sarah Daffy

      I like the different Z's.

    2. Alley


      I like the Z's, but I could understand wanting a head shot. We will be happy with Z's or smiling faces. 🙂

    3. suspensewriter
  4. Lord, so many members of CW are in need of your presence. It's easy to miss the individual request. I pray for all on CW to receive your grace, strength, power and peace. 


    I pray you will provide healing, comfort, finances, provisions, guidance. 


    I pray all will feel your unequaled love and safety, not just for today, but every day. 


    I take comfort in knowing that you love and care for each of us here on CW and others everywhere. That you will do all this and more to your glory. In Jesus name I ask, amen.

    1. KR LaLonde
    2. lynnmosher


      Amen, Z! Praying in agreement with you.

  5. Just thought, Z is the last letter of the alphabet. THE LAST. And out of all the letters, it may well be the least used.

    1. zx1ninja


      You mean like this? 😉


    2. Alley


      Yep! 😊 And wasn't it Zenda Princess Warrior, and Dragonball Z. (You can tell who was allowed to watch what since I'm only fairly sure.) 

    3. EClayRowe


      "X" has the dubious distinction of least used in English. Yet it begins important Greek words like Christos and charis.


      Z is the ultimate letter!

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  6. My goal is to be as the Lord wills me to be. My failures are all that keep me from my goal. My the Lord Jesus guide me to my goal and keep me from stumbling and be successful in standing at the foot of the Father next to him.

  7. I can't help, but maybe @DrRita can guide you with this?
  8. Enough said. 


    1. Alley


      Bad day? 

    2. zx1ninja


      More like a normal day.

    3. 777t


      Love it! ❤️ Prayers going up! God Bless...


  9. If you post a critique, you'll have to give it tag.
  10. Can topic tags (ie science fiction, historical, romance, poetry) be made mandatory?
  11. Woke up this morning, realized that I'm old. 😮


    I'm younger than Noah though and I don't have to build a big boat. 🙂


    That's a blessing. Thank you Lord! 🙏

    1. Alley


      Happy birthday, Z! Praying you have a good one! 

  12. Been reading something for a couple people, soon as I'm done I want to read some of the critique items here.

  13. I wouldn't know where to start.
  14. As we all are my friend, as we all are.
  15. His word is a lamp unto my feet. But my understanding and perception have been limited.
  16. Soon as I get out of this cave I've been in for a few days. Yesterday and today have been the best for about two weeks.
  17. I skipped to the end, but my answer is (to the tune of one foot in front of the other) one word in front of the other and soon I'm typing page after page.
  18. its just an increasing concern. nothing more
  19. I say combine them. It will be less work for @Rebecca, and who knows, maybe it will introduce someone to the light. My only concern is that CW would be polluted somehow, the christian focus is one of the reasons I stay here. Piracy is another, but there is only so much anyone can do to prevent that. Short of not sharing them at all, it will eventually happen.
  20. That make a lot of sense. I'm sure that would probably be the best choice especially for you, maintaining it.
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