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  1. Or purchase a good binder and print it out on your printer. If it just for yourself that might do. Saved my bacon doing that.
  2. welcome to the flock
  3. Welcome to the flock
  4. Deep? I dunno, just makes sense to me. Especialy when you consider the Bible tells us about Lazarus and the handful of others Jesus raised from the dead. They had nothing to say about the experience probably because they had no knowledge or sensation of it. You would think that if they did, it would be recorded somewhere because that would be the story of a lifetime. What's deep is thinking if they're with the Lord now, they're waiting for you, their family and friends to come, hoping they know Jesus too. Which is correct? Don't know. Could be one or the other, both or neither. That's for the Lord.
  5. zx1ninja


    Welcome to the flock
  6. The Bible frequently refers to death as asleep. There are also frequent references to being with the Lord. The Lord also says, as if in an instant (I think when he was talking to the theif). If death is like being asleep, then you'll have no knowledge or sensations of anything and it will be as if in an instant that your transformed when you awake however long after death. Kind of like surgery, they put you under and the next thing you know you're in recovery thinking what the heck happened. If you go directly to be with the Lord you bypass all this and your with Him in an instant.
  7. Welcome to the flock
  8. Do you believe that when you die you'll be asleep until the Lords return or go directly to be awake with the Lord.
  9. Welcome back to the flock
  10. Wasn't trying to debate whether it is human caused or not. Only if you thought it was happening.
  11. Seriously though, time travel as we understand it now is a one way trip. You can use the immense gravity of a black hole to slow down the passage of your time, but not actually go back in time. By slowing down the passage of your time, you are traveling into the future at a different rate, slower, than the ones at home and when you return home, you will have traveled forward in time relative to time home. For you say four days would have passed when at home fours years would have passed. Thus traveling into the future.
  12. If would be quicker to get answers if Al would stop beating Ziggy's HID on the side. Or gushy brings Sam home.
  13. Welcome to the flock.
  14. We've all got much worse things that that to worry about. Don't sweat it, I'm not going to.
  15. Him and Asa don't get along in book 4 by the way.
  16. It'll be more like Bonzod Globganklet.
  17. Well, perhaps you missed it, but I already said it would be to protect innocents and may be a catalyst character. I personally wouldn't kill a character without purpose. The question though was does it matter if the character is human, alien or Android? I don't think it does as long as the purpose is there and it's meaningful. Not just oh good, I don't have to write that name again.
  18. Welcome to the flock
  19. I haven't decided on human/alien/android yet. Depending on each level of interaction and/or number of elements you are probably correct.
  20. Don't know yet, does it matter? Both, if possible/likely. Sorry, can't help with that one. 😃
  21. Maybe sucked out a hole in the ship, safety door slams shut and then they're hit by a laser blast and explode in site of the window of the safety door.
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