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  1. KDP defaults to Merriweather for ebooks. Didn't realize I could change it until it was to late. 


    I  like TNR at 12 for proofreading, easy to see.

    Garamond and one of the bookman are good too, don't know what is better for genre or cost.


    Good question though. 

  2. Not sure how to pray for you, but I'll give it a shot.


    Lord, I pray for @quietspirit, she is in need of wisdom in knowing how to deal with a health issue, peace to understand and strength to do what is needed. Please keep her and her son in you hands, protect and provide all these thing to them as you have in the past, are in the present and have promised to do in the future because you will never leave or forsake us. In full anticipation of your promise in Jesus name; Amen

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