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  1. I pray you get more traffic than you can imagine.
  2. Father, @Miss Bad Wolf needs Your guidance and protection. We ask that you provide another place to stay that will not make it more difficult to care for her mother and return to work. Also wisdom for the dr to help with headaches. In Your sons name, amen
  3. Going to stick with the Z, the others just don't feel right to me.

    1. Alley


      We have missed seeing your Z around. 😄 

  4. Edward's Folly is now available from Audible. You can get the book in three formats. Ebook, paper back and Audible. Use the link below to get a copy in your preferred format. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B087ZTQYLQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_t1_FH22Fb15YW7G6 As always, thank you for your support.
  5. My daughter got my turkey ready to cook. Just the right size for one.
  6. Saw this and thought I'd share it. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/arts/charlie-brown-specials-to-air-on-tv-after-all-in-pbs-deal?from=samsung_news_daily_card&utm_medium=samsung_news_daily_card&utm_source=flipboard
  7. Lord please continue to keep @Quiet Spirit and her family in Your hands through this major surgery. Guide the doctors and all involved so the healing can proceed as you have planned. In Jesus name.
  8. We give praise Lord for Your guidance to the doctors and medication used to help @RockyMtn Gal child. We ask that you provide Your healing hand on him that he may not need to deal with this affliction long. We also ask that You provide healing, strength, provision and peace for the family and @RockyMtn Gal as she also needs Your help. We ask this in Jesus name with full knowledge and expectation You will provide all in Your time and will.
  9. It's the seldom erected and rarely seen Thanksgiving tree!
  10. That is so true it's frightening.
  11. Oh, I'm not the only, or best one at it. But thanks for the vote.
  12. Both my thumbs are full, had to use all my fingers and they still don't hold much.
  13. I'd ask, but I think you've already done it.
  14. Hannah Linder was awesome to work with and I received a great cover. The price was VERY reasonable.
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